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Bored with running the same old block? Tired of trudging on the treadmill? Looking for a new way to give your brain and body a boost? Want to see new places and meet new faces? Searching for an outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy together?

Park and Street Orienteering provides the perfect combination of mental and physical exercise. You do not need a compass or any special map reading ability. However, it will test your thinking while giving you a great workout in a friendly, safe, outdoor environment.   Events are held all over Melbourne, all year round.

Our events welcome people of all ages and abilities, and accommodate everyone from the elite sports person to those looking for a good walk to help stay in shape.

Families and friends can participate in groups or individually.  Groups such as schools, scouts, sports or social clubs are very welcome - but please contact us at least a week prior to the event, so we can make sure enough maps are printed.

Printed programs covering all of Melbourne are available at most events. Further information is also available on this website: Want to learn more? Click here

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mmmm, a brand new map!  Not that we don't love all our old maps, but a new map always generates a mix of excitement and uncertainty.  You have to come to grips with its foibles, and suss out the tricks and traps.  This particular new map was in the inner east, and just under 100 of us gathered in the shadow of Glenferrie Oval (you could see the Hawks supporters salivating at the prospect of running on hallowed turf).  Course setter Barry did an excellent job to provide a good challenge in a small area.  I managed to make at least 3 errors, mostly to do with being on the wrong side of the railway line.

As expected on a small map, well over half the A course runners cleaned up the course,as did the first two B course runners.  Simon was first to return, followed by Alex, Bryan, Roman and Warwick.  Bruce and Peter were first back on B, with Jay taking third place by a one point margin to Christine. Tim won C course with 53 points, followed by Ewen and Peter.   Even the PWs got in on the act, with Tony and Steven both scoring the maximum 70 points, ahead of Geoff H, Ron, Geoff A, Mark and Lyn all scoring 60+.

Overall, Simon's second win for the series consolidated his lead on A1 over Ian and Bryan. Big changes on A2 where Simon took over the ever-changing lead, and Dave and Rachel moved into the placings. Ray retained the A3 lead from Mark and Ken moved into third. On A4, Margi, maintained her narrow lead over Dale, and Peter displaced Matthew for third. B1 saw Dennis and Bruce leapfrog over Peter.  C1 results remain unchanged again with Ewen ahead of Peter and Tim.  I'm still in front on C2 ahead of Pete, and Noel and John are tied for third.

Ron, Pat and Mark are still the leaders on PW1.  Bernie and Ian overhauled Geoff on PW2.  Gwennyth and Michael retained their lead on PW3, with Christine moving up to join them in the placings.  Merrill took over the PW4 lead from Erica, and Keith moved up to third.

See you next time at Cathies Corner in Wantirna, always a favourite.   
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Coonans Hill Sunday, 20 July 2014
Maribyrnong Valley EndurO, Sunday July 6 Sunday, 29 June 2014
Ashwood North Saturday, 28 June 2014
Heaney Park Wednesday, 25 June 2014
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