New To Sprint Orienteering

Sprint orienteering is about thinking and racing hard simultaneously, focusing on quick decision making. These events mainly take place in urban areas such as campuses and parks. They are fairly simple to navigate at a walk or a slow jog, but the task is more demanding at high speed, especially when faced with constant changes of direction and route choice. If you run fast then make sure it’s in the right direction!

It will generally take 15-30 minutes to complete a course.   Courses are line format, where you must find all the controls in a set order, in the fastest possible time.  These events use the Sportident electronic timing system which enables you to compare the time it took to get to each control with others on your course.

The Sprint into Spring series  is the perfect way to get started in sprint orienteering, with events held in October and November each year, on Saturday afternoons. There are courses available for all age groups and ability levels.  Don’t forget to drop in at the ‘Newcomers Welcome’ desk for some one-on-one advice before you start your course.

At the event

On arrival head to the registration table.   If this is your first event, start with the ‘Newcomers’ table where we will help you choose a course.   After registering, you will go to the start, and follow the Starter’s instructions.  You will receive a map pre-marked with your course and a list of descriptions outlining the features the controls are located on.

After finishing your course, walk over to the finish table to have your time recorded in the event database and hand back any borrowed gear.  Your results will be displayed at the event, and posted on Eventor.  We encourage you to talk to others  at the event about what you did; orienteers are always happy to give advice and encouragement.

What to bring along

You don't need a lot of gear. Have a look at what is recommended.


From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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