Competition Rules

All orienteering events are run under International Orienteering Federation, Orienteering Australia and local rules as applicable. Refer to Orienteering Australia Operations Manual Section 2, or local rules in OV’s Organisers’ Toolkit

In addition, all participants are subject to our Fair Play, Code of Conduct and Member Protection policies.

Our events are SmokeFree.

Pets (dogs) may be brought to some events; check with the organiser or organising club first.

Play By The Rules

Play by the Rules ( provides free advice, resources and online training to help make sport safe, fair and inclusive. This national initiative is supported by Federal, State and Territory Governments.

Victoria Child Safe Resources

Safe and enjoyable sport and recreation experiences are the right of every child. Keeping children and young people safe is a priority and everyone’s responsibility.

All documentation can now be sourced from HERE

Fair Play Code Sport and Recreation Victoria

Orienteering Victoria and affiliated clubs have adopted Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Fair Play Code.

Every person; spectator, player, club member, official, participant, administrator, coach, parent or member of the community involved with the sport, should work to ensure:

  • inclusion of every person regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation
  • inclusion of every person regardless of their race, culture or religion
  • opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in the sport and develop to their full potential
  • respect is shown towards others, the club and the broader community
  • a safe and inclusive environment for all
  • elimination of violent and abusive behaviour
  • protection from sexual harassment or intimidation

This Code applies to community sport, training and club sanctioned activities.

Member Protection

Orienteering Victoria has adopted the Orienteering Australia Member Protection Policy.

If you have any concerns about how orienteering activities are conducted, or about inappropriate behaviour at orienteering events or activities, contact the Member Protection Officer.

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