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Autumn Series: April till June – western suburbs. Enquiries: Ken, 9337 5417 or email [email protected]

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Summer Series: October till March (daylight savings) – western suburbs.  Enquiries: Ken, 9337 5417 or email [email protected]

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Are we glad to be back orienteering again. To be able to venture out with a map and the course on your phone and try to complete the course in the shortest time or accumulate the maximum number of points, is magic. Our map for this week is Maidstone, which covers most of the West Footscray area. Ed set the courses on an area which doesn’t require contour lines, so leading us back into it without any energy sapping hills to highlight our lack of fitness.

There shouldn’t be too many errors in planning your course as you may have days to study the map, with the map open from Monday to Sunday, allowing us to participate when convenient to ourselves. I decided to compete on Tuesday morning in wintery conditions which was OK with a tail wind. We had previously started the season on the same map and start location; that was back in 2016. That evening in my introduction I said “welcome to Bulldog  territory” which was greeted by a big cheer. But this year there was no one to hear me, and the result in the Grand Final did not favour the locals. However, there were still plenty of light posts, parking sign poles, windows and walls decorated in the tricolours. Control 13 was at the end of Marcus Avenue and the ” Bontempelli”  attachment was still hanging from the street sign.

I can’t say too much about my course because there are still three days to go. You can’t have people using your tips! At least you may be at the top of the list for a few days and the get pipped at the end, if you start on Monday; different to a normal eventwhere that could last for three hours max.

Welcome back to park/street orienteering.

See you at Travancore next week.  Maps and Result for the Summer Anytime Series

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