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Autumn Series: April till June – western suburbs. Enquiries: Ken, 9337 5417 or email [email protected]

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Summer Series: October till March (daylight savings) – western suburbs.  Enquiries: Ken, 9337 5417 or email [email protected]

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Event Report – Whitten Oval

The placement of the “Welcome to Orienteering” sandwich board on the roundabout beside the E. J. Whitten statue set the theme for our event at the Whitten Oval. Those of us with a leaning towards the red white and blue wore our footy tops, socks, and scarves, but there was no sign of other colour combinations. The weather was a worry again, but the large blue, green and yellow blob on the BOM radar had drifted east in time for our event; in fact  there were clear skies and plenty of stars to observe. Our usual registration site at this venue was a sheltered alcove between the buildings which has now been fenced off, so we set up close by, out of the wind, in front of the gymnasium hall, but there was no shelter in case of rain.

Edward set the courses on his own stamping ground of West Footscray. He changed the usual layout of controls by having a group of four low pointers close in immediately west of the start.  The question was how many of these do I visit at the start or the end of my run/walk, while heading north and then west to accumulate a reasonable score. From the results it was evident that not many visited all, as only one person visited all five two points controls and quite a few only three. Those with plenty of stamina visited the controls in the far west, but most controls were in the central north area with some  to the west along Barkly Street. There were plenty of diners in the eating outlets along this road, but unfortunately they won’t be able to open next Tuesday because of the shut down.

We were happy with the turnout as most of our regulars attended, even though restrictions were threatened. However because of the seven day lock down, this will be the final event of the Autumn Series for 2021. I will start typing up the award certificates on the results as they stand now.

Results:  60 minute course: Steven O’C just pipped Fredrik by one point, and consolidated his spot at the top of the list. Pity he didn’t have a chance for a perfect 600 points total next week. Frog D obtained their best result of the series, and Stephen Ci and Andreas overstayed their time out there, resulting in plenty of penalty points.

45 minute course: Rachel won from Jim, whose one minute penalty was the difference. Janet held on to fourth place which kept her in third overall.

Power walkers course: Maria won, keeping her just in front of Sue for second place overall, and Tim had enough good results to keep top spot.

It’s a pity that next week’s event in Essendon will not eventuate due to the lock down, as there were interesting scores in the results which meant some placings could have changed on the night. Edward has set up a second division in both running courses, so there will be another six prize winners and certificates to hand out at the start of the summer series in October.

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May be an image of floor plan and text that says 'Control Locations are Light poles Tuesday Autumn Series Event 9 Please do not Touch the Light poles Event Date: 2021 All Courses Close at Course Setter: Edward Bucknall Start/Finish: Flag poles Corner cking Beaurepaire Whitten Oval Scale 1:10,000 InEmergency Call 000 N wod World Drienteering Day Score Courses to Choose from Course Return Time Power Walker min Run60 Run walk 60 min Run45 walk 45 min Hospital CP Controls Points 1-5 6-10 11-15 3 5 Lose points per after return time Barkly Street Phone ssistance: Kangaroos Orienteers Barkly treet 232 w Staying you within 3mo control point Even phone'

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