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Autumn Series: April till June – western suburbs. Enquiries: Ken, 9337 5417 or email [email protected]

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Summer Series: October till March (daylight savings) – western suburbs.  Enquiries: Ken, 9337 5417 or email [email protected]

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Note: all Tuesday Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events.

You will also need your smartphone to check in via QR code.

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Event Report – Strathmore

This week’s event was held at Strathmore, the most northerly of the maps used in the series. This made it the furthest from Antarctica but it didn’t feel that way. We had set up the registration outside a closed dress shop in Napier Street, which offered no protection from the cold southerly wind. However, thanks to a suggestion from Warwick, we moved around the corner into Lloyd Street and settled outside the closed supermarket.

The courses were set by Steve G  who ensured that even the slowest of us could obtain a reasonable score by placing  a cluster of four high point controls close to the start/finish in the north west. They were also on the reasonably flat area of the map, but others were on the steep slope down towards Pascoe Vale Road. Most of these were along or north of Woodland Street, but two were down in the south east corner, by the railway line.  Control 19 south of the start was a popular visit, and I thought I would drop in on Peter B for a cup of tea on the way, as he lives only a few houses west, but it would have been futile as he was actually out on the course.


60 minute course: The first two competitors scored the maximum 100 points, with Fredrik just pipping Steven O. Others scored highly, but omitted one or two controls in what seemed a good contest. Don came in 4 minutes late which dropped him 4 places on the list.

45 minute course: Again the scores were high and even those at the tail of the field were scoring close to 50 points. Jeremy returned for his first event in this series and just missed top spot by 1 point. Peter B (who created the map) and Peter M both had their second run, and Kate G got her best result so far.

Power walkers course: The leaders are in a battle to the final event, so watch this space. Paul showed his consistency and we welcomed David.

Next week we visit Newport and start from the entrance to the Newport Library. Enter the car park from Derwent Street.  Melways 55 J4

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