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Events are held all over Melbourne all year round, and in regional Victoria during Summer.  Come to as many events as you wish and “pay as you go” – no pre-registration required, and no need to sign up to a whole series or night.  Entry fee for adults $5 per event, Juniors (under 21) $3 per event.  You can choose whether to run or walk, individually or in a group.

Master Map of Park Street Event Locations

Staying Covid Safe

Park Street orienteering follows the Orienteering Victoria Covid Safe Plan.  Please read the current Park Street Participant Guidelines. Measures introduced include virtual controls, contactless/online payment, QR code check in, and online event entry using OTrack.

Please bring a Smartphone to check in using the Services Victoria QR code, to enter the event, and to use MapRun6.  No Smartphone? No worries – we’ll get you up and running (or walking) without one. Just ask for assistance at Registration.

When to arrive: While there is a covid safe plan in place, we allow participants to start any time within a 30 minute start window. If additional restrictions are in place that limit gatherings to 20 or less at one time, the start window may be extended to 60 minutes.  Check the current Park Street Participant Guidelines, which contain details of start times for each series.

What to bring

At the event: Each participant receives a map with 20-25 pre-marked control points. Controls are positioned on features such as light poles, fences, or trees.   You must return to the Finish within a set time, or after locating a designated number of controls. It’s up to you to decide which controls to go to.

When you arrive:  Look for ORIENTEERING parking signs, or park as directed.  Then head to the Registration table to check in and pay your entry fee.  We’ll help you choose a course, give you a preview of the map, and some simple instructions. When ready, head to the start, where the course setter will hand you a map.  On the “Go” signal, turn over your map and begin your course.

Courses: You may choose whether to run or walk. If you select a Running course, you can run, jog or walk. But if you select a Power Walking course, you MUST walk at all times.

After starting, use the map to navigate to the controls in any order. You can record your visit to the controls in either of two ways:

  • MapRun6 – use a smartphone app based on GPS locations.  With MapRun6, your phone or bluetooth-enabled watch will “beep” at each control point. It will record your time, distance and points.  When you finish, upload your result to the Leaderboard, where you can compare how you went with others on the same course.  Find out more about MapRun.

Tips: if using a phone, download MapRun6 from your app store.  If using a smartwatch, download MapRun6 to your phone, and MapRunG from the Garmin IQ store or similar.  We can provide instructions and assistance at the event.

  • Control cards – use a traditional card and pen to record the controls you visited. Record your start and finish time (HH:MM:SS) on the card before handing it in at the Finish.

The two course formats used are called SCATTER and SCORE.


  • Used for Summer Running courses
  • Locate a designated number of controls (eg 10 of 20) in any order. First to finish with the correct number of controls wins
  • Course lengths range from 3 kms to 10 kms
  • Choose any course you wish from the four or five options available


  • Used for Power Walking courses in Summer, and for all courses in Winter
  • Controls have values ranging from 2 to 5 points. Collect as many points as you can before a set finish time
  • Finish times vary from 45-60 minutes, depending on the course selected
  • Penalty points are deducted for being late, so you need to wear a watch

Finish: you must return to the Finish, and report to the Registration table so that we know you are safely back. Courses close 75 minutes after the last Start time; if you haven’t returned by then we will call the contact phone number you provided at check in.  If you miss the cutoff time, your result will be recorded as Did Not Finish (DNF).

Results: if using MapRun6, your result will appear as soon as you finish, on the MapRun leaderboard.  Official results and series standings will be published within 1-2 days. The winner on each course receives 100 points, second place receives 99 points, etc. Points are tallied each week to determine the overall placegetters at the end of each series.

Maps: show you where the controls are, where you can and can’t go, and details about the event. They are black and white, A4 sized, and at a scale of 1:10,000.  They are similar to, but more accurate than a Melway or Google map, and they show contours.  You do not need a compass.  Click here to see maps from the current series.

Groups:  Park Street orienteering is a great activity for schools, scouts, sporting teams or social clubs. We also welcome disability groups with carers. If you would like to bring a group, please contact us a week before the event so that we can ensure sufficient map numbers.

From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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