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Event Report – Janefield

The final event for the Thursday Summer Series was held on a new map: Janefield. This is a newish estate between Plenty Road and the Plenty Gorge, with RMIT to the south. The starting point was midway – so those doing anymore than a shorter course needed to go both north and south of the start and plan their course carefully so not to cover the same ground twice. The event was followed by dinner at a local Italian restaurant – to enable everyone who was able to to go to dinner (and quite a lot did!), there were no controls with either MapRun or an honesty system (crossing controls) being used.

Parking was also difficult due to a nearby school holding a social event – it meant as we left the starting point we were accompanied by the Macarena booming out from the school speakers.

Len Budge set an interesting course that took advantage of the streets and cut-throughs – at different points there were multiple ways to choose from and the right choice made quite a difference. There was quite a bit of discussion afterwards about the choices. It should be noted that as Len was away Schon Hudson helped out by staying back to collect cards.

For the A course, Bryan S. concluded adding to his recent run of first placings. Newcomer Byron S. came second followed by Warwick D. The two runners doing the B Course were Victoria G. and Geoff H. and they replicated their overall placings for the summer. Another big group competed in the C Course, with Sam F., Kylee W. and Russell B. taking the first three places. Ewen T., Louise L. and Jenelle T. took the first three places of those doing the D course. And once again there was strong competition among the power walkers – as the high points were scattered with quite a few at the map edges this was going to be challenging. Phil G. was first with an excellent 55. Geoff A. was second on 49, just two points ahead of Lauris S. on 47 who were four points ahead of Thursday regulars Angela W. and Marcelle S.

Thank you to the organisers (including Ewen Templeton, Geoff and Schon Hudson and Lauris Stirling) for organising the dinner and for running an enjoyable series – thanks also to the scorers, course-setters, control collectors and participants for another enjoyable Northern Summer Series.  Will look forward to seeing you again next summer.

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Discussion after the event at Norris Bank

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