Thursday Event Report

Briar Hill

Well that was a hot evening! The Thursday series seems to be getting a run of hot evenings so far this year but looking at next week’s weather forecast we might just get lucky with cooler conditions. Based on a preview of the map on Facebook, people were expecting a lot of steep climbs, but the map proved to be not as steep as it looks. Russell also planned an excellent course that enabled competitors to minimise the climb and to contour around the hillside. Everyone was also guaranteed a nice flat run/walk back to the finish.┬áSeveral competitors scored in the unofficial “beat the course setters course length” competition, but not by a large margin and they were not necessarily the first ones in.

Winners tonight were Ted on A; Stuart on B; Steven (playing the burglar) on C; Ewen on D and Dave led the Power Walkers home. Overall Steven is still leading on A despite running down this week; Damian is looking comfortable leading B; Dennis is still in the lead on C but is likely to be overtaken by Andrew when he attends his 11th event, and Ewen and Len are looking comfortable in the lead on D and PW respectively.

Next week is at Merri Parklands South, in Northcote. See you there!


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