Thursday Wrap


Starting at Lower Plenty Oval in Montmorency Park always poses difficulties in early route choices.

Last weeks Victorian Championship brought back awful memories to those who competed in the Championships on this map some years ago.  Get it wrong and the climb is unmerciful and you will find yourself on the wrong side of the creek and miles from home.  All the finishers gathered to discuss how they had tried to find the downhill course but no one seems to have succeeded.  There were some surprise results as the crafty found some clever ways around. In A, Ted, Russell and Stephen C found a way but the series leader, Steve O, ran a shorter course this evening. In B Tony had a fine win over Damien and Kath but has not done enough events to trouble Damien’s clear lead in the series. As mentioned, in C, ring in Steve O took the points from Helen with Phil third. This means the series to will go to the wire with Phil and Andrew only points apart. D course was won by Sonia with Barry taking second in his first hit out for some time and Tyson third however Ewin has the series win well in hand. PW was a replay of the season long tussle between Dave and Len and Victoria third. The two boys will need to fight it out next week for the series victory.


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