Mornington Peninsula Sunday Series

Be part of the Mornington Peninsula MapRun Challenge!

There’s one event each month, on Sundays.  Be ready for a mass start at 10am. Please bring a phone so you can use MapRun.

Using a supplied paper map with 25 control points marked, and the smartphone app MapRun, you will spend one hour navigating your way around a different Mornington Peninsula location.  Choose a course for Runners or Power Walkers.

There is no requirement to pre-enter.  Meet at the advertised Start location, register and pay your $5 entry fee.  Fire up MapRun on your phone, or MapRunG on your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Collect a map, and hit the start line!

Choose your own route to collect controls; the points values vary, so plan carefully to maximise your score – and don’t be late back, or you’ll lose those hard-won points!  MapRun will ‘beep” at each control, and will keep track of your score, time, distance, and pace. At the end, upload your result to the Leaderboard, see your result compared to others, and check the GPS tracks to see the best routes.

Want more info?  Contact Mel, 0427 180 082, or email


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