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Season Passes will be available for the 2021 Winter Series, for Melbourne Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday Series.  We’ll sell Season Passes initially for April-June.   After these passes expire, there will be a second sales period to cover the remainder of the Winter season, with prices calculated depending on how many events are remaining.

The requirement to be a club member has been waived while a Covid safe plan is in place.

A Tap&Go terminal will be at events to sell Passes during weeks 1-3. Bank transfer is otherwise preferred. Cash is only accepted if other methods cannot be used, and only then if the correct amount is paid.  Cheques are no longer accepted.

Prices for first half:  Mon or Wed: $45 (13 weeks); Tues $35 (10 weeks); Sat $40 (11 weeks)

You can also buy a MultiPass 10.  At $50 for any 10 events, there is no discount, but you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using a MultiPass 10 at any event of your choosing.  We’ll send you a reminder and a link to renew your MultiPass 10 securely on line.

Contact us to purchase a MultiPass 10!

Find out more about Winter Passes in the Participant Guidelines, which you can find here

Normal arrangements:

Season tickets are a fantastic way to save money, and give you the convenience of a single payment at the start of a Summer or Winter season.  You can pay by cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Save up to $40 per series (more than the cost of a club membership).

Each season ticket is priced at 70% of the equivalent pay-as-you-go entry fee.

Only financial members of Orienteering clubs can purchase season tickets.  Orienteering Victoria 2021 membership = $35 for adults, $6 for juniors – plus nominal club membership fee (varies from $0-10 depending on the club).

Pay by credit card, cash, or ask about bank transfer. Tickets on sale at events during weeks 1-3.

Series Duration Season Ticket Price Saving
Monday Winter 26 weeks $90 $40
Tuesday Winter 10 weeks $35 $15
Wednesday Winter 26 weeks $90 $40
Saturday Winter 23 weeks $80 $35
Monday Summer 25 weeks $85 $40
Tuesday Summer 22 weeks $80 $30
Wednesday Summer 25 weeks $85 $40
Thursday Summer 23 weeks $80 $35

Season tickets are only available to orienteering club members

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