Park Street Season Tickets

Season tickets are a fantastic way to save money, and give you the convenience of a single payment at the start of a Summer or Winter season.  You can pay by cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Summer Series 2018/19 – season tickets cost just $75 per series – that’s up to 26 events for the price of 15 – you save $55 per series!  Season tickets can be purchased at any of the four Melbourne series during the first three weeks.

Winter Series 2018 – season tickets cost $30 for a 10-week series (Tuesdays), $60 for a 20-week series (Saturdays), and $90 for a 30-week series (Mondays, Wednesdays).  Each season ticket is the equivalent of 12 events in any one series.

Only financial members of Orienteering clubs can purchase season tickets.  Orienteering Victoria 2018 membership = $35 for adults, $6 for juniors – plus nominal club membership fee (varies from $0-10 depending on the club).

Pay by cash, make cheques payable to Dandenong Ranges Orienteering Club, or ask about bank transfer. Tickets on sale at events during weeks 1-3.

Season tickets are only available to orienteering club members

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