Park Street Season Passes and MultiPasses

Single entry for a Park Street event is $6 per adult and $4 per junior (u21), from 1 April 2024.


Season passes are a fantastic way to save money, and give you the convenience of a single payment at the start of a Summer or Winter season.  Savings made on season passes over 6 months add up to more than the cost of a yearly Club membership.

Each season pass is priced at 70% of the equivalent pay-as-you-go entry fee, and can only be used for the series for which it is purchased.  You can pay by credit card, bank transfer (click here to request payment details), or cash in the correct amount.  A Tap&Go terminal is available for card payments at events during weeks 1-3.  Cheques are not accepted.

Only financial members of orienteering clubs can purchase season passes.  2024 membership = $35 for adults, $6 for juniors + nominal club membership fee (varies from $0-10 depending on the club).

2024 Winter Series Season Pass Prices – April to September

  • Monday (26 weeks)          Adult $109.20, Junior $72.80         Save up to $47.00 – pay for 18 events; 8 events free!
  • Tuesday (7 weeks)**        Adult $29.40, Junior $19.60            Save up to $12.00 – pay for 5 events; 2 events free!
  • Wednesday (26 weeks)  Adult $109.20, Junior $72.80          Save up to $47.00 – pay for 18 events; 8 events free!
  • Saturday (23 weeks)       Adult $96.60, Junior $64.40            Save up to $41.00 – pay for 16 events; 7 events free!

** Weeks 5-11 of Tuesday Autumn Series (April-May 2024).  Weeks 1-4 (March 2024) are covered by Tuesday Summer Season passes.


You can also buy a MultiPass10.  At $60* for any 10 events, there is no discount, but you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using a MultiPass10 at any Park Street event of your choosing, in Melbourne, Geelong/Surfside, and the Mornington Peninsula.  We’ll send you a reminder and a link to renew your MultiPass10 securely on line.

While there is no expiry date for an active MultiPass10, they become inactivate after 2 years of non usage – eg if last usage was April 2022, the MultiPass10 can no longer be used after April 2024.  There is no refund for the unused portion of a MultiPass10, except under exceptional circumstances.

*Special arrangements will be in place for Multipasses purchased before, but used after April 1 2024.

Contact us to purchase a MultiPass10!

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