Park Street Season Tickets

Season tickets are a fantastic way to save money, and give you the convenience of a single payment at the start of a Summer or Winter season.  You can pay by cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Winter Series 2019 – season tickets cost $35 for a 10-week series (Tuesdays), $75 for a 22-week series (Saturdays), and $90 for a 26-week series (Mondays, Wednesdays).  Each season ticket is priced at 70% of the equivalent pay-as-you entry fee.

Only financial members of Orienteering clubs can purchase season tickets.  Orienteering Victoria 2019 membership = $35 for adults, $6 for juniors – plus nominal club membership fee (varies from $0-10 depending on the club).

Pay by cash, make cheques payable to Dandenong Ranges Orienteering Club, or ask about bank transfer. Tickets on sale at events during weeks 1-3.

Season tickets are only available to orienteering club members

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