Permanent Courses


  • There are a number of permanent orienteering courses located throughout Melbourne.
  • These courses allow you to complete orienteering activities in your own time, and design your own course.
  • They are a great resource for coaching, training and fitness purposes.

Each course consists of permanent orienteering controls (wooden posts) placed throughout a park or forest, and a high quality map indicating their position. You can use your smartphone to record your time.

Permanent courses can be found at:

  • Brimbank Park – Tuckonie Orienteers
  • Cardinia Reservoir – Yarra Valley Orienteering Club
  • Creswick (digital only) – Eureka Orienteers
  • Darebin Parklands – Melbourne Forest Racers
  • Daylesford (digital only) – Eureka Orienteers
  • Westerfolds Park – Yarra Valley Orienteering Club
  • You Yangs Kurrajong area – Nillimbuk Emus
  • You Yangs Branding Yard area – Nillumbik Emus


Orienteering Victoria has a set of colour maps, with pre-designed Line courses, which you can use with MapRun for training.  These maps are freely available at this link.

Each venue has a choice of three courses – Long Hard (5-6 km); Short Hard (3-4 km); and Easy.  Print a map from the link above, scan the QR code, and use MapRun6 to record your time and route.  Some parks have physical markers (wooden posts), while other parks have no physical markers, but your phone will beep when you are at the correct location.

Venues are:

  • Brimbank Park (posts)
  • Cardinia Reservoir (posts)
  • Darebin Parklands (posts)
  • Jells Park (no posts)
  • Nortons Park (no posts)
  • Police Paddocks (no posts)
  • Royal Park (no posts)
  • Ruffey Lake Park (no posts)
  • Westerfolds Park (posts)
  • Woodlands Historic Park (no posts)

Permanent Course Maps for Orienteering Victoria Members

OV MEMBERS ONLY.  Complete and submit the request form at the bottom of the page.

If using MapRun, look for the Vic Permanent folder under Victoria, or select Events Near Me when at the event location.

Your membership status will be checked on receipt of a request form.

Permanent Course Maps for School Activity

If you would like to use a Permanent Course map for your school activity, please contact the Schools Officer to arrange access to a digital copy.

Maps are copyright and are supplied on condition that they are not published in any form, or otherwise made accessible to any other person, or for any purpose other than the specified activity.

Permanent Course Maps for the General Public

Digital permanent course maps can be ordered from the Orienteering Service of Australia online store.

You can use the smartphone app “MapRun” in conjunction with your map.  Go to Select Events, then look for the folder Vic Permanent, under Victoria.

If you wish to organise a public event using these courses, please ensure that you seek permission from both the orienteering club which owns the map, and the relevant land manager (usually Parks Victoria).  Clubs may charge for use of the map.

Click here for club contacts

MapLink - Anytime Orienteering

Thousands of virtual orienteering courses are available for use anytime. There are no physical markers, but you can print your own map, and use it to find virtual controls.

Find out more about MapLink, OV’s DIY Library


Orienteering Victoria members can request free access to Permanent Course maps

Request access to our Dropbox folder of maps

    Only current members of Victorian orienteering clubs can use this form to request free access to permanent course maps. Please select your club. Your membership status will be checked on receipt of the form.

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