Orienteering Victoria Award Winners

Services to Orienteering In Victoria Award Recipients

The Services award is selected annually by the OV Board. A shield engraved with the winners’ names is presented in recognition of outstanding service to Victorian orienteering, particularly over the preceding twelve months.

2004Blake Gordon
2005John & Jenny Sheahan
2006Chris & Tom Norwood
2007Peter Cusworth
2008Peter Creely
2009Jim Russell
2010Peter Searle
2011Neil Barr
2012Kathy Liley
2013Ian & Debbie Dodd
2014Ruth Goddard
2015Margi Freemantle & Ted van Geldermalsen
2016Ray Howe
2017Ian Dodd
2018Stephen Bird
2019Greg Tamblyn

An award for services to School Orienteering was also made in 2004 to Mandy Hennessy.

An award for services to Park Street promotion was also made in 2010 to Ray Howe.

Orienteering Victoria Life Members

Life Membership is the highest level of recognition for outstanding achievement and service to the operation and growth of our sport.

NumberNameYear Inducted
1Robert (Bob) Millet (dec.)1984
2Alex Tarr1984
3Tom Andrews1986
4Ian Baker1986
5Barry McCrae1990
6Peta Whitford1993
7Kathy Liley1994
8Peter Searle1994
9Blake Gordon1999
10Walter (Wally) Cavill (dec.)2001
11Tom Norwood (dec.)2004
12Ken Moore2004
13Laurie Niven2005New benefits rules apply
14Lindsay Thomas2006New benefits rules apply
15Blair Trewin2008New benefits rules apply
16John Sheahan2013New benefits rules apply
17Jenny Sheahan2013New benefits rules apply
18James (Jim) Russell2016New benefits rules apply
19Debra (Debbie) Dodd2017New benefits rules apply
20Ian Dodd2017New benefits rules apply
New benefits rules apply

Orienteering Victoria Presidents

1970 - 1972David Hogg
1972 - 1974John Lewis
1974 - 1975Lindsay Thomas
1975 - 1978Hal Dalheim (Snr)
1978 - 1980Lindsay Thomas
1980 - 1983Tom Norwood
1983 - 1986Barry McCrae
1986 - 1988Sue Healy
1988 - 1990Peter Searle
1990 - 1992Dick Barker
1992 - 1994Blake Gordon
1994 - 1995Peter Jackson (dec.)
1995 - 1998Hal Dalheim (Jnr)
1998 - 2003Laurie Niven
2003 - 2006Blair Trewin
2006 - 2010Ian Dodd
2010 - 2017Bruce Arthur
2017Mark Hennessy
2018 -Carl Dalheim

President’s Award

The President’s Award recognises an individual or group who, in the President’s opinion, has made a contribution during the last year that has not otherwise been noted.  It is usually announced at the OV AGM.

Year announcedYear for Recepient(s)
 2001 2000 Peter Creely
 2002 2001 Bruce Arthur; Tom Norwood
 2003 2002 David Hudson
 2004 2003 Mandy Hennessy; Ian Chennell
 2005 2004 Peter Creely; Stan Gurman
 2006 2005 Barry Hart; Geoff Hudson
 2007 2006 Dion Keech
 2008 2007 Barry Hart
 2009 2008 Warwick Williams
 2010 2009 The President’s Dream Team
 2011 2010 Ian Dodd
 2012 2011 Kathy Liley; Debbie Dodd

Australian Sports Medal

The Australian Sports Medal was awarded by the federal government  in 2000 (the year in which Sydney hosted the Olympic and Paralympic games).  It commemorates the efforts of Australians who have made our country a nation of sporting excellence.  The commemorative sports medal was introduced to acknowledge a range of Australians who, in different ways, contributed to the nation’s sporting success. These included former competitors, coaches, sports scientists, office holders, and people who maintain sporting facilities and services.

The following Victorian orienteers were awarded the medal:

 Kathy Liley

Hugh Cameron

Alex Tarr

Peta Whitford

 Barry McCrae

Event Management of the Year

The Event Management Award recognises the best organised event of the year, taking into consideration all factors other than the quality of the course setting.  It is selected by the State President.

YearClub/TeamEventLead Organiser(s)
2008Melbourne Forest Racers2008 Victorian Long ChampsNicola Dalheim
2009Bendigo Orienteers2009 Australian Long ChampsPeter Searle
2010Dandenong RangesWOC25Debbie Dodd
2011Orienteering Victoria2011 Oceania ChampionshipsDarren Meeking
2012Orienteering Victoria2012 Xmas 5 DaysWarwick Williams
2013Eureka OrienteersSprint Weekend BallaratBlake Gordon & Jenny Bourne
2014Bendigo OrienteersBendigo Night ChampionshipsChristopher (Toph) Naunton
2015Eureka Orienteers2015 Australian Championships CarnivalMark Valentine & Mark Hennessy
2016Orienteering VictoriaMelbourne Sprint WeekendMargi Freemantle & Ted van Geldermalsen
2017Melbourne Forest RacersVictorian RelaysNicola Dalheim and Natasha Key
2018Bendigo Orienteers2018 Victorian Middle ChampsAndrew Wallace
2019Orienteering Victoria2019 Oceania Championships (Long/Middle)Leigh Privett

Rockhopper Junior Award

The Rockhopper Junior Award comprises two awards of $250 for the best performing boy from M16, M18 or M20 and the best performing girl from W16, W18 or W20, as nominated by the Junior Squad Coach in consultation with the Coaching Committee.

 1998 Troy de Haas Kathryn Ewels
 2000 Matthew Schepisi Kathryn Ewels
 2004 Chris Naunton Jasmine Neve
 2005 Chris Naunton Jasmine Neve
 2006 Chris Naunton Jasmine Neve
 2007 Morten Neve Belinda Lawford
 2008 Bryan Keely Aislinn Prendergast
 2009 Max Neve Aislinn Prendergast
 2010 – Rebecca Sunley
 2011 Max Neve Mary Fleming
 2012 Todd Neve Lanita Steer
 2013 Matt Doyle Lanita Steer
 2014 Matt Doyle Lanita Steer
 2015 Matt Doyle Lanita Steer
 2016 Patrick Jaffe Lanita Steer
 2017 Aston Key Asha Steer
 2018 Aston Key Asha Steer
 2019 Aston Key Sophie Taverna


Rockhopper Club Trophy

The former Rockhopper Orienteers club donated a trophy known as the Rockhopper Trophy.  This trophy is awarded annually to the Champion Club affiliated to Orienteering Victoria.

 1996 Nillumbik Emus
 1997 Nillumbik Emus
 1998 Nillumbik Emus
 1999 Nillumbik Emus
 2000 Nillumbik Emus
 2001 Nillumbik Emus
 2002 Nillumbik Emus
 2003 Yarra Valley
 2004 Nillumbik Emus
 2005 Nillumbik Emus
 2006 Nillumbik Emus
 2007 Nillumbik Emus
 2008 Nillumbik Emus
 2009 Bendigo Orienteers
 2010 Bendigo Orienteers
 2011 Bayside Kangaroos
 2012 Bendigo Orienteers
 2013 Bendigo Orienteers
 2014 Bendigo Orienteers
 2015 Bendigo Orienteers
 2016 Melbourne Forest  Racers
 2017 Bendigo Orienteers
 2018 Melbourne Forest Racers
 2019 Melbourne Forest Racers



YearLong DistanceMiddle DistanceSprint DistancePark and Street
2017Darren Eenjes/Daryl Fleay, Mt KorongRoch Prendergast, Petticoat GullySarah Davies, YVGS Race 1Rick Bailes - Waverley Woods, Southern Summer Series
2018David Brownridge & Stephen Collins, TipperaryJim Russell, Yorkshire HillDion Keech, Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers HillGraham Wallis - Kingsclere, Monday Summer Series
2019Warren Key, Kangaroo CrossingPatrick Jaffe, NerrinaCallum White, Eltham CollegeMartine Barrott, Waterford Valley, Monday Summer Series

Course Setter of the Year Awards to 2016

Course Setter of the Year – Bush

 Year Winner(s) Map Event/Series
 2004 Peter Creely
 2005 Peter Searle
 2006 Peter Galvin Korong Spur Australian Middle Champs
 2007 Geoff Lawford Nerrina Eureka Challenge
 2008 Warren Key Chewton 2008 Victorian Long Champs
 2009 Warren Key Chewton 2009 Australian Middle Champs
 2010 John Chellew Sedgwick Bendigo local
 2011 Geoff Adams Deadman’s Flat Bayside Kangaroos Mayhem Weekend
 2012 Stephen Peacock Rowdy Flat Victorian Middle Distance Championships
 2013 Daryl Fleay Yorkshire Hill Australian Easter 3-Days
 2014 Geoff Lawford Glenluce South Eureka Challenge
 2015 Neil Barr Bird’s Reef State Series #6
 2016 Todd Neve and Sue Key

Darren Eenjes

Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins and Stephen Collins


Mt Korong

Kardinia College

 Victorian Long Distance Champs (Long)

Bendigo Rocks (Middle)

Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 (Sprint)


Course Setter of the Year – MTBO

 Year Winner(s) Map Event/Series
 2004 Keith Wade & Derek Morris
 2005 Ray Sheldon
 2006 Carolyn & Adrian Jackson Old Quartz Hill State MTBO Series
 2007 Toby Cooper Creswick Forest State MTBO Series
 2008 Geoff Armstrong Muckleford Diggings 2008 Long Champs
 2009 Keith Wade Woodend 2009 Champs


Course Setter of the Year – Park and Street

 Year Winner(s) Map/Event Series
 2005 Phil Torode Loughnans Park Quandry Enduro
 2006 Russell Bulman Research/St Helena Enduro
 2007 Phil Poulton Bundoora Northern Summer
 2008 Rebecca Lalor & Peter Hobbs Dandenong Creek Eastern Summer
 2009 Katherine Dent & Kristian Halbert Camelot Rise Eastern Summer
 2010 Tina Smith Mt Eagle Saturday Winter
 2011 Warwick Davis Kensington Banks Western Summer
 2012 Peter Beggs Footscray Western Summer
 2013 Sandy Burgoyne Cremorne Saturday
 2014 Judi Herkes Glengala Western Summer
 2015 Ted van Geldermalsen Port Melbourne Western Summer
 2016 Kristian Ruuska Waterford Valley Southern Summer

Coach of the Year Award

The Coach of the Year Award was instigated in 1994 to recognise the contributions of coaches to orienteering in Victoria.
1994Peta Whitford
1995Russell Blatchford & Tony Perrott
1998Carolyn Jackson
2001Peta Whitford
2011Steven Bird
2012Roch Prendergast
2013Junior Squad Coaching Crew

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