You don’t need a lot of gear to go orienteering.  Here are a few things that can help you achieve your best performance or make the journey a little more comfortable.

Bush events

  • Protective running clothes (usually including lightweight gaiters you can move quickly in, and shoes with “grippy” soles and good toe protection)
  • Sportident card (“stick”) – hire sticks will be available at all events
  • Compass – available for loan if you don’t have your own
  • Control sheet holder (Optional)
  • Watch or runners’ GPS (not handheld units) (Optional)

Park Street events

  • comfortable running clothes/shoes
  • watch/GPS/phone to tell how much time you have left
  • torch/head torch (for night events)
  • water bottle (post run or extra long events)

Sprint events

  • Normal running clothes or active wear
  • Sportident card (“stick”) – hire sticks will be available at all events
  • Compass – available for loan if you don’t have your own
  • Watch or runners’ GPS (not handheld units) (Optional)
  •  Control sheet holder (Optional)

Mountain bike events

  • Mountain bike
  • Helmet (compulsory)
  • Sportident card (“stick”) – hire sticks will be available at all events
  • Water bottles or hydration pack
  • MTB clothes, shoes, spares etc
  • Map board
  • Small compass

Where to find specialised equipment

Note that links to other sites are provided for the users’ convenience. Orienteering Victoria does not endorse these sites or the products advertised therein, and is not responsible for the information on these sites, the use made of this information, or for the consequences of you having accessed any link.

Sportident Cards

“SI sticks” (as we call them in Victoria) are used internationally and can be purchased from:

  • Australian Distributor: aussieogear (in NSW)
  • Local stockists: check with your club, or the OV rep, Ian Dodd
  • Manufacturer: Sportident (in Germany)

The various models range in price from $50 to around $100.

Once you have your new stick, remember to add it into your Eventor profile, and tell Ian Dodd so the OV Victorian Stick database can be updated.

Ian runs the DROC Shop, which has a small stock of Sportident and SI Air sticks, as well as fingerbands, compasses and headbands.  The DROC Shop can be found at most events.

Recycle your old stick?

Members with an older SI stick that still works, often ask what they should do with them.  Here are a few ideas for recycling an old (typically red) version 5 stick:

  • Keep it in the glovebox as a spare
  • Give it to the kids
  • Lend it to a friend/new club-member/novice
  • Sell it on ebay (you probably won’t get much for it)
  • Donate it to your club, or to OV for use as a spare hire stick
  • Use it for MTBO


There are many different compasses made by various manufacturers, with each model designed for a specific use.  Orienteering compasses are quite unique; whilst a general bushwalking compass can be used, best results come from using a model designed for the specific type of event you are competing in.

Compasses must be balanced for each region, so they can’t always be used overseas, eg Australian compasses work in New Zealand, but not so well in Europe!

Our recommendations:

  • Borrow a compass for your first event or two – they can be loaned from Registration
  • Ask other orienteers what they use
  • Work out if you need a left or right handed model
  • Set your budget (a good orienteering compass will cost upwards of $100, but if you want a cheaper one to get started with, check out the DROC Shop)

Check out retailers of orienteering compasses:

The DROC Shop has a small range of cheaper compasses for sale ($15-$50), suitable for newcomers.  The DROC Shop can be found at most bush and sprint events, and also stocks fingerbands for thumb compasses and Sportident sticks.

MTB Map Boards, Bikes and Other Accessories

Orienteering Service of Australia and aussieogear both retail map boards that fit your mountain bike.

Melbourne Bicycles at 37 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill  (9489 5569) have a range of bikes and gear.  OVic members get 10% off bikes and 15% off accessories.

Protective Clothing, Shoes, and Control Description Holders

Buy from an online retailer such as aussieogear .

The DROC Shop has a special deal on Silva headbands, just $2 each; and limited stock of Pro-Tech gaiters for $22 a pair.

General Outdoor Equipment

The Wilderness Shop in Box Hill carries a range of outdoor clothes and equipment and offers OV members a 10% discount.

From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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