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This was the first event of the summer season to be held on a really hot night – probably around 35 Celsius when we started. Whether it was the heat or summer holidays, numbers were a little down but we still had a good (and safe) event. Though it was hot, the Hampton Park map is relatively flat, which helped. And Andrew Johnston, emu on desk and wearing snazzy glasses, set a thoughtful event. His aim (which was fulfilled) was to set courses so there were no obvious blocks of controls to be dropped – runners would have to keep thinking. And his course also provided opportunities to use the network of parks to the west of the start.  Power walkers, likewise, were challenged by the placing of the higher point controls, to the south-east, and north-west.

The power walkers tended to head east, most then going south to collect the pair of five pointers before heading north again – some of the leading walkers did leave 17 (or even both) to the last – trusting their ability to manage their time and distance. Dave S. finished 17-3-19 to score an excellent 62 points. Lauris S. and Rosalind K. were just behind Dave on 54 and 51 points – good results given the conditions!

With different incentives, the A-runners mostly headed west to scoop up the bunch of controls to the west, though Steve O’C. followed a similar approach to the power-walkers (dropping the southernmost controls). After then their choices diverged, some dropping 4, others collecting it. Toby C. was first back and also found the shortest distance. Steven O’C was second back, with the second shortest distance as well! Bryan A. was third back with a similar time to Steve O’C.

The B-runners tended to first head east but the leading ones also tended to pick up more of the southern controls than the A runners. Victoria G. was first back, less than a minute ahead of Stephen D. with Alaster M. coming third. Stephen D. had a slightly shorter course than Victoria, with Alaster finding the third shortest course of those who completed their course on MapRun.

Once again, those doing the C-course made up nearly a third of the participants, all of whom used MapRun. Mark B. finished first, followed by Jacqui W. and Aeon G. The choices made by the runners varied quite a lot. Robert H. found the shortest course by a few hundred metres, followed by Jacqui W. and Wayne L. You can see the courses on MapRun here 

D course came down to a duel between the most regular participants, with Debbie D. finishing ahead of Peter Y.

Well done to everyone who participated under the conditions. But also well done to those who made the right call with respect to their ability to run under the conditions and stayed home!

If you would like to try Andrew’s course (under milder conditions) you can download the map from here.

Next week’s event is a new map that was affected by the haze last year – Tatterson. It features water, segmented streets and a tree maze!

There, though, are special instructions around parking because there is a Covid-19 testing station at the park. There is plenty of parking but to access it you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter Tatterson Park from Cheltenham Road.
  2. At the first roundabout, CONTINUE SOUTH/STRAIGHT AHEAD, ie stay left of the Leisure Centre.
  3. Follow the road as it turns sharp left, and head to the southeast corner of the basketball court.  That’s where you’ll find Registration.  Click here to see the Preview Map, which shows the OOB area.

The weather forecast (as of Sunday morning) is 24 and cloudy – so should be good for trying out the Tatterson map.


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