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Monday series events are held all year round.

Summer Series: October till April (daylight savings) – southern and eastern suburbs.  Enquiries: Robert, 0483 801 052 or email

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Note: all Monday night events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

You will also need your smartphone to check in via QR code, and to enter using OTrack. No Smartphone? Ask us to assist – we’ll get you upa and running (or walking)!

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This week we returned north and returned to maps with more elevation. The Valley Reserve which gives its name to the map is a triangle shaped reserve part of the way down the hill from the Glen Waverly line to Scotchmans Creek. The way the land is developed around the Reserve, railway line and creek combine to segment the map into several parts with limited connections between them. For example. unusually, the Valley Reserve can only be accessed at a few points. This provides opportunities for a course-setter to lure participants into going further than they anticipate but the course-setter must also avoid setting a straightforward loop.

Keith Anker was the course-setter this evening and he set an enjoyable course. It provided more than usual opportunities to run within the  Reserve itself. Even though my route wasn’t optimal it was the nicer for doing so. Controls were placed in several segments – with a significant loop east of the Reserve, as well as clumps east and west of the creek and Reserve. So participants had multiple options.  For power-walkers there were several high point controls in the southwest clump and scattered across the eastern loop. Getting all of the high point controls was not going to be straightforward.

It was very competitive in D-Course this week with Opus G. being first back (as well as finding the shortest route), with Murray H. (who has also set a course on this map) less than a minute behind, and Graham L. about 40 seconds behind Murray.

It was a very tight finish for the power walkers, with just one point separating the top four place-getters.  Che W. came closest going around the map only dropping 11 of the high point controls, north of the railway line. Dave S., just one point back, largely kept east of the Reserve, scooping up controls, but dropping 17 and 15 of the high point controls.  Rosalind K., in third place, did get all of the high point controls, going around the map, but finished one point behind Dave S. Fourth placed Geoff A. also managed to get all of the high point controls, but was seventeen seconds late, finishing one point behind Rosalind.

Andrew H. was a clear first amongst the A-runners this evening, followed by Tim H. and Bryan A. There was a lot of variation in which controls were dropped. Some went for the two southwestern-most controls. Others dropped different combinations of 2, 7, 11 and 14. Bryan A. found the shortest course, dropping the two southwestern-most controls.

Ricky T. was a clear first amongst the B-course runners, other regular place-getters, Victoria G. and Stephen D. running well to finish second and third. Victoria G. found the shortest route for a second week in a row.

Jay K. was first back of those doing C-course. Less than twenty seconds separated the next three runners: Jacqui W, Frankie S. and Rhys E.

If you are looking for a weekend run, Keith’s course is certainly worth a go!

This Week’s Map  – available now.

Next week it is back south for another new map by Andrew Johnston – the Carrum Downs South map! Am looking forward to it.





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