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Event Report – Cathies Creek

It was another warm Monday evening, after Melbourne’s famous up and down spring weather. The Cathies Creek map has mostly been used for Saturday afternoon events, but thanks to a nice new picnic shelter and general improvements to the park, we had a good new start location in the lower middle of the map.

With the creek itself being uncrossable except at road crossings, it provided the first of many route choice decisions set up by our course setter Pete. In fact, the choice of the first control was crucial – I ran off north in the vague direction of no 1, but quickly realised that if I didnt have a plan in place, disaster was a distinct possibility. I stopped for a full minute at the creek crossing, debating my options. There were so many! Brilliant job Pete, and in fact the results show a bit of a shakeup on some courses, where people got things a bit wrong.

Although Andrew H was the winner on A course, he admitted to choosing the wrong control (12) to drop. Second and third were Steven, with his best result this series, and Ian. On B, Jay took the maximum points this week, with Merv grabbing second and Bruce in third. On C course, Tony outsmarted Ian to take the win, with Carolyn finishing third. Young Douglas ran hard and smart on D course to return first, ahead of Murry and me. On PW, Dave had enough points that his 3 point penalty didnt affect the result; Andrew and Barry had a close one for second and third.

Overall, we have Andrew on a perfect score of 500 on A course, while Ian and Andrew continue to slug it out for second and third; Steven is coming into form as well. On B, Bruce had his first loss, putting Jay within 3 points, with Stuart in third. Ian’s lead on C was narrowed a tiny bit, but he is still well clear of Eric and Greg, with Tony the potential danger man. I’m still holding the D course lead from Noel, but the wins have been spread around, and I havent been able to finish in front of Murray, who has scored 99 points for four weeks in a row – he must be due for a win! Dave is the other perfect scorer, on PW, while Barry’s consistent scoring has him well in second place ahead of Andrea; Garry has also been scoring well and is one to look out for.

See you next Monday at Knox Fields. Please note that parking will be limited at the Reserve; please park in nearby streets.

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