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Enjoy an evening stroll or a more strenuous challenge.  Walk, jog or run – be as competitive or as casual as you like while getting to know your parklands and suburbs.

Courses for runners and walkers. Are you looking for new training options or just a fun way to exercise? Park Street Orienteering caters for all.

Monday series events are held all year round.

Summer Series: October to March – southern and eastern suburbs.  Enquiries: Robert, 0483 801 052 or email

Autumn and Spring Series: April to September – eastern suburbs. Enquiries: Michael, 0418 650 350 or email

All Monday night events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

You will also need your smartphone to enter using OTrack. No Smartphone? Ask us to assist – we’ll get you moving!


The Monday Summer Series starts on October 2, and continues until the end of March 2024.  The Park Street Championships will be held on Monday February 26, at High Hampton.

MapRun has a new page for results, which lets you filter by date and location, sort by name, or choose from a map – no more scrolling through hundreds of overseas events with weird place names you’ve never heard of!  The display is much cleaner too; and you can easily view multiple tracks at once, for easy comparison and analysis.  Head here:


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First time course setter Martin did a great job, setting a really challenging course that had everyone thinking hard.  With a plethora of possible first controls, and with so many high pointers seemingly within reach, it was really hard to make that all important first decision.  Once again, the area covered looked small, but it took 11 k to clean up the course.  Excellent job!

We were very pleased to welcome several newcomers, namely Daniel and Jaimie – and to welcome back a few that we haven’t seen for a while – Darian and Monica, Kim, Miranda and Kath, Phil and Prue, and Stephen and Margaret.

Run60 – with Martin on course setting duty, Thomas took maximum points, and was the only competitor to get 100 points. Arthur was next with 94 points, just pipping Ian on 92 points.

Run45 – another outstanding run by Tim, to score a huge 94 points in less than 45 minutes, dropping 3 of the 2-pointers.  Things were closer after that, with the next 5 runners all within 8 points of each other – Chris, Stephen, Mike, Andrew and Rhys.

PW65 – Dave was out in front once again, scoring 92 points, ahead of Eric on 81 and Ros on 78.

Overall scores have been compiled up to and including Surrey Dive, so here’s how things stand in the Battle for the Chocolate Blocks, where the best 7 scores of 12 count:

Run60 – Steven O is out in front, Ian D is second, and Frankie is third, but Martin’s win this week will put him right at the top of the board, and Andrew J will also move into contention after one more event.

Run45 – the current leaders are Peter D, Peter Y, and Debbie D; this will all change with Tim set to move into an unbeatable leadership position, and Chris T, in his first season, also set to move to a clear second; Peter M and Mike W are also in the mix, with two more events to complete.

PW65 – Eric D, Lauris and Suzanne are leading the way, but Dave just needs two more events to claim top spot; Liz, Ros and James are all still in contention as well.

The next Monday event is on September 18 at Templestowe Heights, starting from the Aquarena Car Park off Williamsons Road.

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