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Latest Monday Wrap – Hampton Park

It was off to Hampton Park, a nice map with plenty of small parks; a different start location gave us the chance to explore the bottom section. The mound we started from was practically the only contour feature! Ian constructed some crafty courses (and a speech to go with them), which were unforgiving if you got them wrong – my D course was 500 metres longer than the winner’s (so no advantage to be gained by being married to the course setter!) In general, the lack of vertical distance was made up for by plenty of horizontal distance.

Winners were Andrew, Helen and Ted on A course, Jay, Peter and Stuart on B course, Damian, Roger and Murray on C course, Steven, Robert and Pete on D course, and Bruce, David and Andrew on PW.

Overall, Andrew has attained a perfect score of 1100 on A1, and cannot be beaten from here. Steven is hanging on to his 3 point lead over Ian. Helen widened the gap even further on David and Geoff, while Rick and Mark remain locked in a tie. Jay made another move on B1 into second behind Lauris and ahead of Andrew, and is now only two events from claiming top spot. Stuart looks to have B2 well under control, with Dale second and Robert third in a reversal of their positions.

Damian is way out in front on C, with other early favourites losing the chance to make up enough events; Lauren and Andrea are not only bringing along that absolutely delicious pineapple each week, but they are sitting in second and third. On D course, I’m still just in front, with Pete now moving ahead of Beverley and snapping at my heels. No change on PW1 with Dave on a perfect score, Helen in second, and Garry and Barry still tied for third. As predicted, Muriel has raced to the lead on PW2, ahead of Chris and Ian. Keith moved into third behind Mike and Gwennyth on PW3.

See you next Monday at Tally Ho.

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