Follow these steps to enter and complete a Park Street event. 

Event Entry Instructions

First, add this page to your phone’s Home Screen. Then at each event:

  • Use the OTRACK ENTRY FORM to enter the event
  • Show your entry confirmation at Registration, and pay the required entry fee
  • Open MapRun, and select “Events Near Me” to find today’s event
  • When ready, collect your map and press “Go To Start”. The clock is now counting down!
  • Complete your course, and get your Finish beep. 
  • RETURN TO REGISTRATION to be recorded as a Finisher.
  • Check out when leaving, via the button on your OTRACK entry screen, or the link below
  • Check your result!

OTrack Entry Form

Fill in on arrival at Registration

Click here to enter today's Park Street event

OTrack Checkout

Make sure Registration knows you're back!

Click here to leave today's Park Street event

If you don’t have MapRun on your phone:

Install MapRun - Android

Go to the Google Playstore

Click here to install and register MapRun

Install MapRun - iPhone

Go to the Apple Store

Click here to install and register MapRun

Prefer to pre-pay by credit?  Use the secure payment link below to order a 10-event MultiPass:

Order a MultiPass

Secure Online Payment

Click here to pre-pay for 10 events

From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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