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Racing Royality

The St Albans Park – Whittington area is ideally suited to street orienteering. The non-standard street layout has multiple interlinking parks, assuring that close attention to navigational detail is required. Course setter Sofie vG, took full advantage of these features to leave all participants with the quandary of what to do ??

A check of distances covered by each runner confirmed that route choices were many and varied impacting on the desired outcomes. In A grade, Tony McR again demonstrated his superior pace and navigation to lead in Heath McL, Andrew T and Joel W. In B grade, Glenn M’s superior leg speed was more than enough to see him as the leader, while also getting an extra control !! I was next in, followed by Alf B, Don F and Frank E.Fiona F again had C grade to herself.John G made it a hat trick of wins in D grade, ahead of Heather L and the recovering Stuart McW. The hoots of joy from Linelle k while checking the MapRun results were justified when the official results were posted, confirming that she and Henk K’s 71 points were enough to finally dislodge Ben K (65 pts) from top spot. Fiona K and Leonie S (67 pts) could also celebrate with their score enough to take second place. This friendly family rivalry has been a fun feature of the series. Amongst the walkers it was good to see Carmel B find time in her busy schedule to return to StreetO, giving her the opportunity to catch up with regular Lynda McM. The temptation of extra points proved too much for Linden and John Y, with the score from that extra control being wiped out by the time penalty.


This Tuesday is the StreetO Championship. Qualifiers from the Geelong series will be Andrew T (A grade), myself by default (B grade), Jenny C and Don F (C grade). and Lynda McM in the walking. As previously explained, everyone is welcome to participate on the night, so please consider.

If you’ve enjoyed this series, please give consideration to what you can do to help for the next series. There are many roles, with differing skills sets required. Please talk to me about what you would like to do. We will also be asking everyone to complete a survey re: our smartphone app trial. I’ll issue another email relating to this during the week.

We now have just the Moorak Park, Newtown event this week to complete the series. Let’s make it a big one – start talking to your friends, neighbours, family, work mates, and complete strangers to come along and take advantage of the walk/run/navigation challenge that our activity offers !! As usual for our last event we will ask everyone to finish by 8:00pm (not 8:05pm) to allow time to collate results and announce series winners. Please bring a plate to share. Following this I’ll be heading down to Pako for a pizza and a beer – please feel free to join me !!


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