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The Geelong Series uses the MapRun smartphone app.  Download the app, and bring your iPhone or android (or borrow one from the organisers).  Instructions available at the events.

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With just the one timeslot (6:30 – 7:00pm) and no need to pre-register, it almost felt like the “good old days” at last Thursday’s Jen’s Place event. There is still the minor matter of doing the QR check in / check out, and the need to minimise close contact with others  and wear masks when proximity is unavoidable – in the big scheme of things these are  of no consequence.

Zoe F did an excellent job of course setting. All the experienced hands commented on the fact that there was no “easy” option when determining a course to follow. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the person that prepared the map for publication. 15 controls required for C grade should have been 13 !!! The fact that I’ve disappeared into the Mallee for a few days of sightseeing has nothing to do with the public inquiry that is probing into who is to blame for such a foolish error. I’ll be back when the heat is off …

Dom C continues to impress in A grade with another win, this time by the barest of margins of 3 seconds over Tony McR. Great to see these 2 go head to head. The youthful speed of Angus S was again enough to give him a winning margin over Aimee W with her significantly better navigation. C grade was a scorers nightmare due to the map error (13 v 15 controls ?!?). Given the high stakes involved (definitely not !!!!), we’ll let the scoring stand as is – Frank E with 13 controls in 1st place with Alan C and John G (both with 15 controls) filling the placings. An important point for all participants that needs to be stressed for future events – the hard copy map is the master. Stuart L took the home ground advantage to be first in D grade. With a slight improvement in her route choice, Jane S could have reversed this outcome.  The competition in the walking has hit a new peak with 3 participants on 71 points. Once again Sue T prevailed, while the extra control points that Lousie D  and Carmel B collected being wiped out by a time penalty. A tough choice to make.

We only have the 1 event left before our mid-series break. With the continuing gradual easing of covid rules, there’s no reason not to take advantage of what’s on offer !! Be sure to participate in the Balyang Sanctuary event from this Thursday 3rd of December. A blank map is attached to familiarise yourself with the area. Pay for your entry and start between 6:30 and 7:00pm, keep your distance as much as possible and wear a mask when you can’t. See you there.


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