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Geelong Summer Series: Thursday evenings in November-December and February-March.  Geelong Summer Fixture

Geelong Winter Series: Thursday evenings in June and July.

Enquiries: Jenny, 0458 358 194 or email

Geelong Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events.

You will also need your smartphone to enter using OTrack. No Smartphone? Ask us to assist – we’ll get you moving!

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Summer Series November to February; Winter Series June to July

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Lee’s Wrap – Week 6

The weather was perfect and we had a great turnout. It’s always good to see the regulars and some new faces each week. There was a greater spread between the groups this week which was nice to see.

Fiona F promised a flat/fast course and she delivered. She’d briefed that when she checked the course there was still some flooding around the lake but that it wasn’t out of bounds.

Provisional results as follows. I’m heading away tomorrow but have looked at the results on maprun. They’ve not been put through the results mincer by Lynda yet so are unverified. Didn’t hear of any missed controls and there were no mispunches so they should be right.

Run A

The 3 regulars fought it out again this week. Andrew T continues to dominate. Toby C continues to compete really well and Nic C continues to persevere, route choice this week was a bit longer than the others.

Run B

Youth and brains won the day in RunB. The G brothers (Johann 2 seconds ahead this time) chose the perfect route and finished a whole 1km ahead of Lee W, he may have been slowed down by wading through the flood as this was the shortest route (in his sub optimal route choice). Zoe was next and Eric (the local) did another ‘long’ version, I think he just likes running a long way and getting his money’s worth. Stuart McW did a great run to bring up the rear.

Run C

Jenny was back to run this week and took top spot. She was even stopped on course with people asking about Street O (I suggested she runs with flyers in future). Jacinta L was a close second with Don F taking third. Bill B rounded out the group. All RunCers were very close on their distances run.

Run D

Frankie S had a great run in RunD, I’d say a definite RunC candidate in future given his speed. Peter B came in second.


We had a reduced group of PWs this week but it was super close at the finish with the top 4 finishing on 56 points. John C managed to make a schoolboy error (his words) on his last control (he was on the wrong path so missed it), this cost him the top step. Sarah K was the quickest of the 4 (despite having a baby strapped to her!). Anne Z was only 3 seconds behind to take 2nd. Mark C chose the shortest route and was only a further 11 seconds behind to take 3rd. John C took the longest route (probably looking for the last control, see above!). Claire E and Nick L (both local Lara runners) had a great first walk to take the next spots (they had 8 minutes to spare so could have potentially got extra controls). Lisa P had a bit of a nightmare this week, dropping 18 points by being 5 minutes over time.

Past maps here

Results here

Park Street Summer Series 2022-23 – Google Drive

I’m somewhat off grid/no access to a PC for the next week or so, so email updates may be short/delayed. The results link above will have the up to date scores though.


Next event is at Eastern Gardens, it’s a great way to end the first half of the summer series. The course name is Bayside Bliss, but as course setter I did think a more appropriate name might be What a load of bollards. Get down there and enjoy some waterfront action.


Hope to see you there.


Lee (and the team)

Past maps here

Results here

Park Street Summer Series 2022-23 – Google Drive

Next week takes us to Coolabah Park, Coolabah Drive, Grovedale .

Hope to see you there.

Lee (and the team)


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