Eventor is the Australian orienteering event calendar and results database.  Use Eventor to find and enter events in any Australian state, and to join or renew your club and state association membership. Note: You do not need to use Eventor to enter most low-key event events (eg Park Street) as these are “enter on the day”.

How to Register

Before you can enter events or join a club, you’ll need to register on Eventor.

  1. Go to https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/events
  2. Click on Create User Account (top right, under the Orienteering Australia logo)
  3. Follow steps on screen to create an account and receive a login and password

How to Join or Renew your Membership

Once you have an Eventor login and password, you can join a club or renew your membership.  You can also opt to join as a Casual, which allows you to register and enter events, without being a member of a club or of Orienteering Victoria.

Membership is due January 1 each year. Joining any Victorian club automatically provides Orienteering Victoria membership.  You can join and renew for other family members at the same time. Every year you will receive a link to easily renew membership for yourself and your family, with a single payment.

  1. Log in.  From the black menu bar, click on My pages/My memberships. Existing members will see their member status.
  2. Click on Apply for Membership
  3. Select Year, then State, then Club.  Click Next at bottom of screen
  4. Select one option from each section. You’ll need to select a Club membership type, and an Orienteering Victoria membership type (ie online or posted magazine)
  5. Remember to join up other family members, so you can pay in one transaction.
  6. At the bottom of this page, check/correct your personal details, and those of any extra members.  Click Next.
  7. Check the summary and what you have agreed to pay – if correct, Save to proceed to payment.
  8. Payment is via PayPal or POLI (bank transfer).

Need help? Contact your club, or the OV Membership Officer.

How to Enter an Event

Many events require pre-entry.  It’s quick and easy to enter events all over Australia! Simply log in, and use the Event Calendar to find the event/s you want to enter.  If there is a box on the right side of the screen, you can pre-enter that event.

  1. Click on the name of the event, to open the event screen, and read all the details.  Look for any special entry instructions on the right (usually a document attached or a link to a website).
  2. Click on the green Enter heading on the right, to open the Entry screen.
  3. Your name, club and Sportident number (if you have one) will be displayed.  Choose the Class (course or age group) you are entering, from the dropdown list. Eventor only shows the classes you are eligible to enter, and defaults to the longest one!
  4. You can enter other family members, before checking Customer Details. See instructions below.
  5. Click Next, and check the summary page – make sure you entered the correct class!
  6. Check the summary and what you have agreed to pay – if correct, Save to proceed to payment.
  7. Payment is via PayPal or POLI (bank transfer).
  8. If you have any problems, check the Event Details page and contact the organiser.

Entering multiple events – just tick all the boxes for the events you want to enter, then follow the steps above.

Entering Carnivals – it is important to read the organisers’ entry instructions FIRST.

Entering Another Person

To enter other people, eg family members, make sure that everyone you are entering has their own Eventor registration.

Everyone that you are entering must belong to the same organisation as you, ie

  • if you belong to a Club, you can only enter other members of the same Club.
  • if you are a Casual, you can only enter other Casuals.

Enter yourself first, as per the instructions above.  Then –

Before going to the payment section, click on one of the green links that appear near the top left of the entry box, underneath the  shopping cart information:

  • Enter, cancel or change entry for another member
  • Enter, cancel or change entries for multiple members

A dropdown list will appear.  Select the people you are entering, from the list. If they are not in the list, you cannot enter for them.

A new entry box will appear.  Fill it out with the class they are entering.

When all entries are completed, proceed to Payment.  You will pay for all entries in a single transaction.

Need Help?

Contact your club, or email the Eventor support team

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