Covid Safe Return to Orienteering (March 2020-October 2022) – An Archive

Orienteering Victoria’s Response to Covid-19

In March 2020, a global pandemic was declared in response to the coronavirus and the disease it caused, covid-19.  The Victorian government operated under a State of Emergency for 2 1/2 years, until October 12 2022 when pandemic orders were lifted.

Orienteering Victoria retains ongoing Covid Safe Measures for participants and organisers, as part of our Health and Safety plans, in order to reduce the transmission of covid-19 and other infectious diseases.  These measures are now part of our Organisers’ Toolkit, along with our other safety and emergency response measures.

The OV Return to Sport Plan is now archived.  The news items below have been retained, to serve as a record of the pandemic period, and the various lockdowns and restrictions which impacted our sport during this time.  The last lockdown in Victoria was lifted in November 2021, but government restrictions remained in place in various forms until October 2022.


News Archive January-December 2021

November 18 – Victoria Reaches Phase D of Road Map

From Friday November 19, there are no limits on the number of people who can participate in an orienteering event.  Orienteering Victoria will continue to operate under our covid safe plan, for as long as required, including QR code check in, stay safe measures, and getting tested and staying home if unwell.

October 24 – Further Easing of Restrictions for Victoria from October 29, at 80% and 90% Milestones

From Saturday October 30, sport competition can resume in metro Melbourne and regional Victoria, for groups of up to 30 people, and a cap of 500 people. There will be no travel limits in Victoria.  Masks are no longer required outdoors.

Park Street Summer Series competition will restart from November 8.

When Victoria reaches the 90% fully vaccinated milestone in late November, there will be no caps on the number of people participating in community sport.

October 18 – Melbourne Lockdown Ending on October 21, at 70% Milestone

From Friday October 22, sport training can resume in metro Melbourne, in separated groups of up to 15 people, and a venue cap of 50 people. There will be no travel limits in metro Melbourne, but travel into regional Victoria for sport training is not permitted.

At the same time, sport training in regional Victoria is permitted, in separated groups of up to 20 people, and a venue cap of 100 people. There are no travel limits in regional Victoria, but travel into metro Melbourne for sport training is not permitted.

Park Street training will commence from October 24.

September 19 – RoadMap for Victoria

Orienteering Victoria will follow the Victorian Government’s roadmap for returning to sport. A staged return is planned, in line with three vaccination milestones.  Restrictions for sport differ between Melbourne and regional Victoria, until the third milestone (80% full vaccination) is reached.

First milestone – 80% of adults have received a single vaccine dose (from 29 September)

  • Melbourne: travel radius widens to 15 km; exercise for an unlimited time, with up to five fully vaccinated people from two households
  • Regional Victoria: outdoor training for groups of no more than 10 at once. No travel limit but cannot enter metro Melbourne

Second milestone – 70% of adults are fully vaccinated (approx 26 October)

  • Melbourne: outdoor training for groups of no more than 10 at once, max 50. 25 km travel limit applies, and cannot enter regional Victoria
  • Regional Victoria: outdoor training for groups of no more than 20 at once, max 100. No travel limit but cannot enter metro Melbourne

Third milestone – 80% of adults are fully vaccinated (approx 5 November)

  • Melbourne and regional Victoria: outdoor sport resumes for groups of no more than 30 at once, max 500.  No travel limit, and travel allowed between Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Restrictions per the third milestone will remain in place until 80% of age 12+ are fully vaccinated (late November).

September 16 – slight easing of restrictions for Melbourne

From Saturday September 18, Melburnians have an additional reason to leave home – outdoor social interaction.  Up to five adults from two households, plus dependents, will, in addition to exercise, be able to meet and socialise outdoors if they are fully vaccinated.  Adults who are unvaccinated or have had only one dose will be able to meet up with one other person from a different household.

The amount of exercise or outdoor socialising allowed will double from two hours to four hours and you will be able to travel 10 kilometres from your home.

There is no change to restrictions on sport for regional Victorians.  Note that “regional Victorians” does not include those parts of regional Victoria subject to lockdown.

September 8 – regional Victoria (except Greater Shepparton) to ease restrictions from September 10

Under the new restrictions for most of regional Victoria, outdoor sport training can resume, but no competitions can take place.  Public gatherings are limited to no more than 10 people at once.

September 1 – Metro Melbourne lockdown in place until vaccine targets reached; regional Victoria announcement next week

All orienteering events remain cancelled until further notice.  Exercise restrictions are planned to ease from September 23, allowing a 10 km radius and a 3 hour time limit.  All Park Street events in Melbourne planned for September are cancelled.  Please refer to this news article for the status of these and other events.

We are constantly adding maps to our Anytime options.  There are hundreds of maps available, which you can download, print, and use for exercise.  Here’s where to find them

August 21 – regional Victoria joins lockdown until September 2

All orienteering events in Victoria are cancelled from August 21 until at least September 2.  Please follow rules for individual exercise, within the 5 km travel limit.

August 16 – Melbourne lockdown until September 2

All Park Street events in Melbourne are cancelled for the remainder of August.

All Vic Autumn-Spring Series bush events for August, will not go ahead as scheduled.

Please refer to this news article for the status of individual events.

August 11 – lockdown lifted for regional Victoria but extended in Melbourne

Orienteering events in regional Victoria can resume from August 10, while lockdown continues in greater Melbourne until at least August 19. There are no travel restrictions within regional Victoria at this time, but residents of greater Melbourne cannot attend while they are still locked down.  Groups are capped at 10 per separated group, with an overall cap of 300 outdoors.  Masks must be worn at all times except when running/jogging.  Click here for event status.

August 5 – Victoria enters 14 day lockdown

Victorian orienteering events between August 6 and 19 will not take place.

Please follow Victorian government directives during this lockdown, and only leave home for the five reasons.  Exercise is permitted for two hours per day, with one other person, within 5 km from your home.

Updates on specific events are here


We have hundreds of maps available, which you can download, print, and use for exercise.  Here’s where to find them

July 27 – Orienteering events to resume from July 28

All Victorian events can resume from July 28. There are no travel restrictions.  Groups are capped at 10 per group, with an overall cap of 300 outdoors.  Masks must be worn at all times except when running/jogging.  Click here for event status.

Click here for the OV Notice of Temporary Restrictions in place during this period.

July 15 – Victoria enters 5 day lockdown; extended to July 27

Victorian orienteering events between July 16 and July 27 are cancelled.

Please follow Victorian government directives during this lockdown, and only leave home for the five reasons.  Exercise is permitted for two hours per day, with one other person, within 5 km from your home.

Updates on specific events are here


We have hundreds of maps available, which you can download, print, and use for exercise.  Here’s where to find them

July 7 – No further changes to restrictions for community sport

The changes to Victorian restrictions announced today do not impact community sport.  The latest OV Notice of Temporary Restrictions, which limits group sizes at outdoor sport to 50 per group and 1000 per event, have been extended until July 21.  Apart from this restriction, orienteering events across Victoria will continue to operate under the OV Covid Safe Plan, with no additional measures required.

June 23 – More easing announced from Friday

From Friday June 25, the cap on outdoor gatherings increases again, to 50 per group. Outdoor community sport can have up to 1000 per venue. In practical terms, start windows for Park Street events revert to 30 minutes, ie 6.30pm-7.00pm on weeknights, and 1.30pm-2.00pm on Saturdays.  Additional measures to the OV Covid Safe Plan are no longer required.

June 16 – Restrictions eased further in Victoria

All orienteering competitions can resume from Friday June 18, on the following basis:

  • Melbourne: no more than 20 per group, venue cap 150. No travel limit in place. Masks must be carried outdoors, and worn if physical distance can’t be worn. No spectators, other than those required (ie volunteers, organisers, parents, carers)
  • Regional Victoria: no more than 50 per group, venue cap 1000. No travel limit in place.  Masks must be carried outdoors, and worn if physical distance can’t be worn. Spectators permitted.  Note: If Melburnians attend a regional event, then regional restrictions still apply

Orienteering Victoria has published a Notice of Temporary Restrictions, and is applying additional measures, to supplement our Covid Safe Plan.

It is expected that restrictions will ease further from Friday June 25.

June 9 – Lockdown lifted in Melbourne and restrictions eased in regional Victoria

Orienteering events across Victoria can resume from Friday June 11 until Thursday June 17, on the following basis:

  • Melbourne: training only, no more than 10 per group, venue cap 100. 25 km travel limit applies. No travel to regional Victoria. Masks must be worn outdoors except during strenuous exercise.
  • Regional Victoria: competition resumes, no more than 20 per group, venue cap 150. No travel limit, but no travel to metro Melbourne.

Orienteering Victoria has published a Notice of Temporary Restrictions, and is applying additional measures, to supplement our Covid Safe Plan.

It is expected that restrictions will ease further from Friday June 18.

Details of events and training sessions, including cancelled or rescheduled events, along with a list of options for Anytime orienteering, are here. This page will be kept updated regularly.

June 3 – Lockdown extended in Melbourne until June 10; regional Victoria open but with restrictions

All orienteering events in metropolitan Melbourne are CANCELLED from Thursday May 27 until at least Thursday June 10.  Events in regional Victoria can go ahead from June 4, as training events for adults, and competitive events for juniors.  Group size is limited to 10 per group, and 50 per event.  Residents of metro Melbourne CANNOT ATTEND.

Please follow Victorian government directives during this lockdown, and only leave home for the five reasons in metro Melbourne.  Exercise is permitted for two hours per day, with one other person, within 10 km from your home.

May 27 – 7 Day Lockdown in Victoria; All Events Cancelled until June 3

All orienteering events are CANCELLED or POSTPONED, from Thursday May 27 until the current Victorian lockdown ends.

Please follow Victorian government directives during this lockdown, and only leave home for the five reasons.  Exercise is permitted for two hours per day, with one other person, within 5 km from your home.


We have hundreds of maps available, which you can download, print, and use for exercise.  Here’s where to find them

May 28 2021 – OV’s Covid Safe Plans for Organisers and Participants Updated

The OV Covid Safe Plan and associated guidelines for participants have been updated to reflect the new requirements for using the Services Victoria QR codes for checking in.  Please read the latest OV Plans and Guidelines here

With the changeover, Park Street events have introduced OTrack for event entry.  From May 28, participants will use the Services Victoria QR code to check in for contact tracing. They’ll then fill in a short, simple entry form using OTrack, to provide their name and phone number to organisers. Find out more about OTrack.

April 23 2021 – No Scan, No Start

Victorian Government requirements for community sport mean that anyone who attends any Victorian orienteering event, must use a QR code to provide their name and contact phone number.  We are no longer allowed to use Eventor lists, spreadsheets, pen and paper etc.  This applies to kids as well (unless under 12 months old); and to non-competing attendees – volunteers, spectators, carers, parents shadowing children etc.  Organisers will provide a QR code poster at Registration; you’ll need to have a mobile phone with you when you check in.  If you don’t have a phone, the registration volunteers will assist you – just tell them you are unable to check yourself in and they will be able to do so on your behalf.  Please help us keep orienteering Covid safe and compliant, by making sure you scan on arrival. No Scan – No Start!

March 26 2021 – Victoria Eases Covid Safe Restrictions Further

From Friday March 26, gathering limits in public outdoor places increased to 200 people.  While rules for physical distancing, hand hygiene and record keeping remain, many measures designed to limit the number of people gathered, are no longer required As a result, Orienteering Victoria has a revised Covid Safe Plan, effective March 27 2021 until further notice.


News Archive November-December 2020

December 7 – Victoria begins Covid Safe Summer

Orienteering Victoria follows the Industry Restart Guidelines for Community Sport.

From Monday December 7, group sizes at all Victorian orienteering events and activities increased to 100 per group, with a maximum of 1000 people per event. Spectators are now permitted. The outdoor density quotient of 2 sq m per person applies.  All events and activities operate under our OV Covid Safe Plan, which follows the principles of the CSP for community sport and recreation in Victoria.

Any orienteering activity that is considered a Public Event is classed as Tier 3, ie less than 1000 people, and low risk/low complexity.  Tier 3 events where the organiser has a Covid Safe Plan do not require a Covid Safe Event Checklist, or require registration under the Public Event Framework (as of December 11 2020).

Park Street Summer Series

Park Street Summer Series resumed on November 2.  All events in the various Summer Series use MapRun for contactless punching, rather than Sportident.  There are separate, specific CovidSafe Guidelines for Summer Series Participants, at the link below. You will also find preview maps, event maps, signup sheets (for events which require pre-entry) and more.  PARK STREET SUMMER SERIES

BikeO-75 Mountain Bike Series

The 2021 BikeO-75 Series will use MapRun for contactless punching.  CovidSafe Guidelines for BikeO-75 Participants will be followed for these events.  Pre-entry via Eventor is strongly preferred to entry on the day  BIKEO-75 SERIES

November 23 – Victoria takes Last Step on the road to Covid Normal

From Monday November 23, group sizes at all Victorian orienteering events and activities increase to 50 per group, with a cap of 500 total participants per event. Face coverings must be carried, and worn whenever physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The Return to Sport Plan has been renamed and is now the OV Covid Safe Plan.

Community sport is a Restricted activity and is subject to additional measures (identified in RED in the document), which will remain in place until Victoria moves to Covid-Normal (not before December 6 2020).

November 9 – metro Melbourne and regional Victoria aligned at Step 3

From Monday November 9, all orienteers can participate in any orienteering event or activity in Victoria, as travel restrictions within metropolitan Melbourne, and between metro Melbourne and regional Victoria, have been removed. Interstate and New Zealand orienteers are also welcome at any Victorian orienteering event.

Victoria moves to Step 4 of the Roadmap on November 23. At that point, the maximum group size at any one time increases to 50, with a total cap of 500 participants.  Online entry will still be required, but entry systems will be adjusted to accommodate larger groups.

News Archive September-October 2020

October 28 – Metro Melbourne Enters Step 3; Orienteering Resumes Across Victoria

From Wednesday October 28, community sport can resume in metro Melbourne. and orienteering events and activities will restart.  Group size will be capped at 10 participants per group, plus anyone required to facilitate the event or activity.  Until at least November 8, residents of metro Melbourne must not travel more than 25 km from where they live or work to attend an event; they must not travel into regional Victoria to attend an event, even if the event is less than 25 km from where they live or work. Regional Victorians must not attend events in metro Melbourne. All Victorian orienteering events will be conducted under the OV Return to Sport Plan as at October 28.

The Melbourne Park Street Summer Series resumes on Monday November 2.  More information

Click here to read the Summer Series Participant Guidelines, and to enter events online.

October 18 – Move Towards Step 3 in Melbourne

From Monday October 19, you can exercise within 25 km of home or work, and there is no time limit for leaving home to exercise. You can meet in a group of up to 10 people from no more than 2 households, outdoors in a public place. Maintain 1.5m physical distance between group members, and stay at least 100m away from other groups. Click here to read the new restrictions for Melbourne

There are no changes to the rules for sport in regional Victoria.  Park Street events in Geelong will resume from October 23. More information

September 27 – Move to Step 2 in Melbourne

Metro Roadmap Second Step:  From Monday September 28, you can exercise within 5 km of your home OR workplace.  The curfew has been lifted so you can now exercise at any time, for up to 2 hours per day, in a single session or split into two sessions. Up to five people from no more than two households can exercise together, as long as no-one in the group travels further than 5 km to do so.

The earliest date for the Third Step in metro Melbourne, under which organised orienteering events can resume, has been brought forward to October 19.  Click here to read the draft Guidelines for participants, course setters and organisers.

Please note the new rules for fitted face coverings – you may no longer use a face shield, bandanna or scarf. Your face covering must be fitted, and cover your nose and mouth. It must be worn at all times in public, except during exercise when puffing or out of breath. It must be carried while exercising if not being worn. You must put on a face covering immediately after exercising.

September 15 – Easing of Restrictions in Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Metro Roadmap First Step:  In metro Melbourne you can now exercise for up to 2 hours per day, in a single session or split into two sessions.  You must exercise within 5 km of where you live, and between the hours of 5am and 9pm.  You can exercise with your household, or with one other person, as long as both of you are within your 5 km radius.  For outdoor exercise, the other person does not need to be the same person each time.  No organised orienteering events or activities can take place during the First or Second Steps.

Regional Roadmap Second and Third Steps: from September  14-16, in regional Victoria, you can exercise outdoors with up to 5 people from a maximum of 2 households.  All five people must live in regional Victoria. There are no limits on the amount of time, or the distance that can be travelled within regional Victoria, for exercise.  No organised orienteering events or activities can take place during the First or Second Steps.

From September 17, organised orienteering activities and events can take place in regional Victoria, with restrictions on group size and other limits. The Return to Sport Plan will be updated to reflect these restrictions, and all events and activities must operate accordingly. Details as they apply to orienteering will be provided here when available.

September 6 – Return to Orienteering under Step 3 of Victoria’s Road Map

The Victorian Government has released its Road Map to Covid Normal, outlining a series of steps to reach this point.  At Step 3, community sport can resume, with group size limited to 10, and other restrictions. At Step 4, group size will lift to 50.  For metropolitan Melbourne, Step 3 is earmarked for October 26, and Step 4 for November 23.  For regional Victoria, there is currently no date for Step 3.  Case thresholds must be met for each Step.  Find out more about the Road Map.

Accordingly, orienteering events in Melbourne and regional Victoria remain postponed until Step 3 commences.  There will be an appropriate Return to Sport Plan in place for each of the steps in the road map.  Park Street Summer Series is aiming to restart from October 26.  Find out more about the restart of Summer Series.

News Archive July-August 2020

August 2 – Return to Orienteering suspended for all of Victoria

Stage 4 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne, and Stage 3 restrictions for regional Victoria, mean than all orienteering events and activities within Victoria are postponed or cancelled until at least September 13.  Please follow Victorian Government directives for exercise under these restrictions. In Melbourne, this means:

  • Exercise within 5 kms of where you live
  • Exercise for no more than 1 hour per day
  • Exercise with no more than 1 other person, regardless of whether they live with you or not
  • Do not exercise between 8pm and 5am (curfew)
  • Please continue to use Maplink and DIY to find maps close to home. Need help finding maps? Contact

Stage 3 restrictions – sport and recreation (regional Victoria)

Stage 4 restrictions – sport and recreation (metropolitan Melbourne)

Park Street Summer Series – our summer program is due to commence at the start of October.  Due to the uncertainty, the fixture has been prepared and made available online, for downloading and printing.  It will not be printed in bulk until we are confident that the majority of events will go ahead as planned.  We will hold as many events as conditions allow, and we’ll start as soon as we have the go-ahead to get underway.

We’ll need to be flexible and adaptable with dates, locations, and operating conditions;  we’ve set up a dedicated Summer Series page to make announcements and provide updates, as well as link to entry instructions and guidelines for participants.

Other events – most events planned for 2020 have been postponed or cancelled; some local club events may go ahead later in the year.  Look out for announcements via this website, Eventor, and the weekly O-News bulletin.

JULY 7 – Return to Orienteering on hold for metropolitan Melbourne

With a return to Stay Home (Stage 3) restrictions, all orienteering events and activities are suspended in metropolitan Melbourne until further notice.  Events in regional Victoria will continue, under the current Return to Sport plan and DHHS Directives.

  • Maplink and DIY remain available for Melbourne based orienteers to use for exercise in their local area. Please use common sense and consideration, and do not spend unreasonable time travelling to, or undertaking, daily exercise.  There are hundreds of maps available all over Melbourne – use the ones near you.
  • MelBushO will not take place in 2020, but our program will be held over until 2021.
  • Brimbank Park Training, Sunday July 12 – POSTPONED.  A new date will be announced for later in the year.
  • Bendigo and other regional events can go ahead, but you cannot attend if you reside in metropolitan Melbourne.


There will be no formal Winter series in 2020.  We are aiming for a Summer Series restart at the beginning of October.  If organised sport is allowed to resume before then, we’ll hold informal “preseason” events, as we did during June.

If you purchased a Season Pass, we’ll roll it over and credit you for Summer Series.

News Archive May-June 2020


Great news –  orienteering is on the way back!  All Orienteering activity will be held in accordance with our RETURN TO SPORT PLAN

This plan has been prepared in accordance with the current Victorian Government easing of restrictions for sport and exercise, announced from June 22, and VicSport guidelines for community sport and recreation. The plan has been approved by Sport and Recreation Victoria, and applies from June 22 until further notice.  This plan will be updated in accordance with the next easing of restrictions.

Competition can resume for non contact sports, for groups of no more than 20 adult participants, plus organisers.  There is no limit on numbers for juniors aged 18 and under.

Important – the change to restrictions for indoor and outdoor gatherings announced on Saturday June 20 DO NOT AFFECT ORGANISED SPORT.  Orienteering events will continue as planned, with training activities and competitions from June 22 onwards.  Groups participating in sporting activity and competition remain capped at 20 adults and no limits on under-19s. Spectators must adhere to the new 10 person limit for public gatherings. No events will be held in or immediately adjacent to restricted postcodes, and no-one living in a restricted postcode should attend an orienteering event.

What’s starting when?


The Bendigo Saturday Series resumes on June 27 at Smiths Reef.  List of events

  • Three sessions, each limited to 20 adults – 12-1pm; 1-2pm; 2-3pm
  • A separate junior session with no limit on numbers
  • Pre-entry required; no entries or payments at the events. Enter on Eventor – entries open until sessions fill.
  • Choice of 5 courses

Return to Sport – orienteering activity resumes on Monday June 1!

Victorian government restrictions from June 1-21 allow non-competition outdoor sport for groups of no more than 20 participants. Orienteering Victoria will offer technical coaching and fitness sessions in line with current DHHS directives for community sport, until competitive community sport is able to resume.

Park Street Pre-Season Reboot sessions will commence three times a week, for groups of 20 participants.  Other small group coaching sessions are being planned as well. All activities must be outdoors, non-contact, and non-competitive.  Physical distancing and hand hygiene measures must be followed at all times.  Our approved Return to Sport plan provides comprehensive guidelines for organisers and participants about how to provide, and take part in, safe orienteering activities.

As Victorian Government restrictions ease further, we will offer larger events. Planning is well underway for bush events to resume as soon as possible, pending government announcements and confirmation of dates and permits.

Read the OV Return to Sport information here.

Find out more about the further easing of restrictions for sport and exercise here.

Exercise Safely, Stay Local and Keep Your Distance

Orienteering Victoria has put together some options for our members to exercise locally. To find out more visit the following pages:
DIY Library

When exercising remember to follow a few simple measures to keep yourself and others safe and healthy:

  • If you’re feeling unwell, stay home
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home and as soon as you return
  • Exercise and train informally with no more than 10 people
  • Avoid contact with others.  Stay at least 1.5 metres away
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth


11 May – Easing of Restrictions in Victoria, Step 1

The Department of Health and Human Services has released FAQs on the easing of restrictions, effective from 11.59pm on Tuesday 12 May, until at least 31 May.  Sport and exercise can resume if:

  • you can keep your distance (at least 1.5 metres apart), you are not doing your activities indoors and they are not competitive: and
  • you can do them with a maximum of 10 people.

Sport and recreation FAQs

Further to that, VicSport has provided additional information and clarification on this page:

Orienteering in Victoria is able to resume training only under Step 1, but is planning for our return to sport under later steps, in line with DHHS directives. Read more about our Return to Sport plans here

News Archive March-April 2020

6 April – What are Victorians allowed to do?

The Department of Health and Human Services has updated the ‘Stay at home’ and ‘Restricted activities’ directions – frequently asked questions. The comprehensive guide on what you can do / cannot do can be found HERE.

31 March  – A message from Carl Dalheim, President Orienteering Victoria

Hi folks,
My experience from 37 years working with large corporations in Europe and Australia has taught me that an important message needs to be delivered once. To that end, OV is trying to bring options to our members but always based upon the correct assumption that every Victorian understands the message from the Premier and the Chief Health Officer. At the risk of contradicting myself by giving health advice – all Victorians should stay at home; and when exercising, do that locally.
At this stage I don’t anticipate sport to restart in Victoria for many months. From an Orienteering Victoria perspective we are managing this month to month, with the latest update being all events listed for April have been either postponed or cancelled. However it is recognised that the Eppalock 3-Day Weekend planned for Queens Birthday Weekend will be impacted. If OV is able to run an event at this time, it will be in a different format and location to that advertised.
There have been questions relating to the Orienteering Victoria finances and lack of income with events cancelled. I am working with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions on OV’s financials and the impact of COVID-19. All Sporting Associations including Orienteering Victoria have completed surveys that capture finances. I am optimistic of receiving financial support – however, the resignation of the Executive Officer has removed by far our largest expense. OV will go in to a period of stasis; and I believe we are in a sound position for the moment.
OV is open to advertising any content or activity you wish to lead that you believe is of value, as long as it is in the guidelines dictated by the Government and OA, and follows the OV policies inclusive of our Social Media policy. But, my personal recommendation is no visitors/visiting, stay home unless shopping or exercising locally and look after each other as many are losing their jobs.

31 March – Announcement of stage 3 restrictions in Victoria

Police Minister Lisa Neville
“Unless you are getting medical help, unless you are getting food and essential services, unless you are attending for work and education [where you cannot do that from home] and unless you are exercising you must stay home,”
A full list of the Victorian Government rules, including updates to the DHHS Directions, can be found HERE

22 March – OA Communication to all States

As you will be aware, there have been a number of further developments today. In particular, the Federal Government has advised against all non-essential domestic travel, and Victoria, NSW and ACT have advised of shutdowns of non-essential activities in their states (with other jurisdictions likely to follow in the near future).
Although, to our knowledge, no formal recommendations have yet been made with respect to outdoor sport, OA regrettably finds it necessary in light of today’s developments to recommend that State Associations suspend all remaining organised orienteering events. We are aware that some States have already done so.
We are aware that a number of State Associations are pursuing permanent/virtual course options to allow people to train individually during this period, and encourage the use of such options within the bounds of any restrictions which may be imposed (which may vary from region to region). Experience overseas is that attitudes have varied widely from place to place, with individual outdoor exercise in parks and forests encouraged in some countries and heavily restricted in others.
You may also have seen reports of Federal Government support to small businesses. On our reading of the media release (, we believe that State Associations (and OA) who employ staff and report taxes through the PAYG system should be eligible for this support. If we obtain any more specific information we will pass it on.
We have heard from most State Associations in favour of staging the AGM as a virtual meeting. Once the agreement of all States is received, we will formalise a time and date for the meeting.
Blair Trewin, President Orienteering Australia

22 March – Orienteering Victoria event cancellation notice

Following today’s announcement by the Premier of Victoria of plans to effectively shut down all non-essential services in the State, all orienteering events are CANCELLED until further notice, effective immediately.
More detailed government announcements will be made on Monday March 23 regarding the parameters  of the shutdown, and these will determine our next steps. Orienteering Victoria has contingency plans ready to go, that will permit orienteers to self train if that is allowable, and stay connected to our sport and to each other.
Watch this space.
Carl Dalheim, President, Orienteering Victoria

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