Victoria Map Embargoes

Orienteers, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competitions, are not allowed to enter an embargoed area for any purpose.

The following maps and areas are embargoed for upcoming championship events:

Creswick Diggings.
The area southeast of Creswick, bounded to the north and north east by the C291 Bungaree to Creswick Road and to the west, south and southeast by Slaty Creek.

Embargoed until 10 June 2019 (Queens Birthday weekend) for the Victorian Middle Distance Champs and associated events.

An exemption will apply for orienteers competing in the MTBO events at Creswick Forest on 19 May.

Chinaman Flat.
The area to the north of Linton, bounded to the north by Pittong – Snake Valley Rd, to the west and south by Linton – Mortchup Rd, and to the east by Linton – Carngham Rd.

Embargoed until 22 September 2019 for the Victorian Long Distance Champs.

Kangaroo Crossing.
The whole of the existing Kangaroo Crossing map as well as adjoining bush land to the east and north.  This includes bushland to the south of Woolshed Rd and bushland on either side of Masons Road.

Embargoed until 6 October 2019 for the Oceania Long Distance Champs.

The area extending for 3km north and northeast of Beechworth, between the C315 Beechworth – Wodonga Road and Greenwattle Road, including the mountain bike park.

Embargoed until 6 October 2019 for the Oceania Middle Distance Champs.

Barambogie South.
The existing Barambogie South map including areas bounded by Barambogie Road, East Triangle Rd, Mt Barambogie Rd and Settlers Track.

Embargoed until 6 October 2019 for the Oceania Champs.

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