Victoria Map Embargoes

Orienteers, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competitions, are not allowed to enter an embargoed area for any purpose.

Kensington Map Embargoed

Embargoed Area: The existing total area of Kensington Sprint map.
Period: From the publication of this notice on 26 October 2020, until the completion of the Victorian Sprint Championships on Sunday December 13 2021.
NOTE: This embargo includes the embargo of all Park Street activity on this area.

Kangaroo Crossing Map Embargoed

Embargoed Area: The existing total area of Kangaroo Crossing map including all four wheel drive and mountain bike tracks.
Period: From the publication of this notice on 11 December 2019,until the completion of the 2021 Victorian Long Distance Championships on Sunday 12 September 2021.
Exclusions: Public roads suitable for low clearance 2 wheel drive vehicles. Orienteers officially involved in organising the Championships.
Enquiries: Russell Bulman, Yarra Valley Orienteers,  mobile: 0402 815 426; email: bulman12(at)

Granite Hills Park Map Embargoed For State Level event

Embargoed Area: The existing total area of Granite Hills map.
Period: From the publication of this notice on 28 July 2020, until Sunday November 04 2021.

Maryborough-Dunolly Areas Embargoed for Vic MTBO Championships

These Championships have been rescheduled to 17-18 April 2021.   This embargo is in place until after the three races in this event are conducted (or until further notice).  This does not preclude travel by car on through-roads.

The attached map outlines the areas – which may be slightly larger than the previous maps of  Tullaroop, Bristol Hill, Flat Creek – Maryborough, and Dunolly Forest.

If you have legitimate (eg work-related) reasons to be in these areas, please contact Kathy Liley.

Embargoed Until The Australian Championships 2022


  • The area south of Central Springs Road, east of the Midland Hwy, north of the Old Ballarat Road and west of the Ballan-Daylesford Road and including Victoria Park.
  • The area east of the Ballan-Daylesford Road, west of Lake Road (becomes Specimen Hill Road) and north of a line extending from Hogans Lane east to Specimen Hill Road (the Musk Vale map).


  • The area east of the Midland Highway and the Campbells Creek-Fryers Road, west of the Vaughan-Chewton Road and south of the Pyrenees Highway (the Wattle Gully map also known as the Spring Gully map), excluding the townships of Campbells Creek and Castlemaine.
  • The area east of the Midland Highway, south of Specimen Gully Road, west of Golden Point Road and north of the Pyrenees Highway (the Chewton Diggings map and the Kalimna Park map).


  • The area north of the Bridgewater-Maldon Road, east of the Maldon-Shelbourne Road, south of Nuggety Road and west and north of the Bendigo-Maldon Road, excluding Maldon township.


  • Kyneton Community Park, Kyneton Botanic Gardens, the part of the town south of Begg Street, Sacred Heart College, Kyneton Secondary College, Kyneton Primary School, Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School, other than for school purposes.


  • Sunbury College and Salesian College, other than for school purposes.

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