DIY Orienteering – Map Library

Welcome to Orienteering Victoria’s digital map library; the perfect way to “DIY” any time you like, with a map and a virtual course, to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy while other options are unavailable.

You’ll find links to hundreds of previous maps with courses, from recent bush, park street, MBTO and sprint events and training sessions. Maps may be downloaded for printing, for individual exercise at any time of your choosing. There are no controls in place, and no record of usage, scoring etc.  There are no maps of schools or private property.

If exercising on your own, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

Exercise Safely, Stay Local and Keep Your Distance

MapLink and DIY are intended to allow you to exercise locally; if there is no MapLink near you, use a map from the  DIY Library instead – we have hundreds of all types across Melbourne, as well as links to other extensive map libraries – and we’re adding more every day, including for some regional centres like Ballarat.

Note that most parks remain open for individual exercise only, following social distancing rules. However, facilities such as BBQs, playgrounds, toilets, viewing platforms, picnic tables etc, are probably CLOSED.  Check the websites for Parks Victoria and your local council before using a park based map.

Follow a few simple rules to keep yourself and others safe and healthy:

  • If you’re feeling unwell, stay home
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home and as soon as you return
  • Drive straight to the start; no stopping to fill the tank or visit the supermarket
  • Exercise by yourself or with your partner or family member who lives with you
  • No carpooling or meetup arrangements
  • Avoid contact with others.  Stay at least 2 metres away
  • Avoid touching surfaces such as fences, gates etc. There is no need to touch the object where the control is
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Park Street - DROC Map Archive (new)

DROC Map Archive

Some of these maps are very old! They were correct at the time, but may not be an accurate representation now – use at own risk!

This archive has at least one copy of almost all DROC maps, with a focus on eastern, outer eastern and south eastern suburbs, as far out as Lilydale to the east, and Cranbourne to the southeast.

There are no associated Maprun events set up for these maps.

Park Street - Bayside Kangaroos Maprun Library

Bayside Kangaroos Maprun Library (Western and Surf Coast Series) – you can use the Maprun app to track your route and record your time

Park Street - more StreetO Maps

Enjoy some nostalgia! here’s a huge library of maps and courses going all the way back to 1995!

StreetO Maps

Where are the Park Street maps located?


For Ballarat based members, Roch has prepared some courses at Enfield as an option to keep you fit and healthy.
Three courses are available, or build your own course from the all controls map.
Tapes have been put out at the control sites so you have reassurance you have reached the correct feature.

Remember, if exercising on your own, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

Enfield Maps - Week One

The Start Point is HERE
The tracks on google are not that clear so it is best to get to the start point by turning into Clarkes Rd and then turning left on to Monmouth Rd.

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

All Controls – Week One

Enfield Maps - Week Two

Another 50 controls sites have been taped.
A couple of more courses have been set for you to practice on – or draw up your own course from the all controls map.

The Starting Point this week is HERE

Course 4

Course 5

All Controls – Week Two


Victorian clubs have made their permanent course maps available as a service to OV members.  Unlike other maps in this library, these maps have permanent markers in place.

Please complete the request form below to order a digital (pdf) permanent course map for printing.  For non members, you can order printed permanent course maps, or use Maprun.  Find out more here

Please send me a Permanent Course Map

This is a service for Orienteering Victoria members, available while COVID 19 restrictions are in place. NOTE: : While most parks are still open for individuals to use for exercise following social distancing rules, all bbqs, picnic shelters, toilets, campgrounds, playgrounds, viewing platforms etc are CLOSED in all Parks Victoria managed locations. You Yangs Regional Park is one of several parks that are completely CLOSED. Permanent course maps are now withheld for You Yangs. Check the Parks Victoria website for a list of current park restrictions and closures.

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From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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