MapLink – Anytime Orienteering

Welcome to MapLink – Orienteering Victoria’s digital map library; the perfect way to exercise outdoors with a map near you, any time you like, to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy if you can’t come along to regular events

You’ll find links to over 1000 maps of all types. Maps may be downloaded for printing, at any time of your choosing. There are no physical controls in place, and no maps of closed locations or private property where landowner permission has not been obtained. Many courses are also set up in MapRun. If exercising on your own, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

MapLink was nominated for a 2020 VicSport Award, as our way of keeping orienteers connected with their sport, and each other, during the coronavirus pandemic.


The MapLink Library has several sections:

  • Recent Park Street maps from the current and previous Series – use with MapRun
  • Earlier Park Street maps
  • Anytime Park courses with MapRun – line courses on colour maps in Melbourne parks
  • Selection of bush, sprint, and mountain bike maps


Choose a map from the MapLink library.  There is no set time or day to complete MapLink courses, and they don’t expire.

  • Download and print a map, and decide on a course; there are usually several options ranging in length and difficulty
  • Head to the start location any time of your choosing
  • Complete the course
  • Record your time and distance, via MapRun, or other GPS device

Links to club and other map archives

Bayside Kangaroos MapRun Library (Western and Surf Coast Series)

StreetO Maps

Enjoy some nostalgia! here’s a huge library of maps and courses going all the way back to 1995!

Ballarat MapRun Library

Bendigo Park Street MapRun Challenge maps

Central Highlands MapRun Library

MapLink and MapRun


Most recent Park Street maps are available in MapRun.  Refer to the GUIDE TO USING MAPLINK AND MAPRUN, in the MapLink Library.

Before you start

  • Charge your phone. You will get poor GPS accuracy when your phone tries to conserve a dwindling battery.
  • Download latest MapRun app from the App Store (iPhone) or PlayStore (Android)
  • Register an account.  Please use your real name, and ensure that surname and first name are entered correctly, as these will appear in results
  • Accept the prompts for notifications and location when they pop up.
  • All details are only used for event administration. The email address will only be used for essential communications.

Head to your selected start location with your printed map

Open the App and:

  • click EVENTS NEAR ME (it may take a minute or two to turn on your GPS and get a fix)
  • select your course out of the available MapRun events. Note some locations have several different MapRun events set up; check carefully that the one you select matches the map you printed.
  • press GOTO START, and move to the centre of the Start Triangle.  Your phone will beep, and record that S1 has been punched. Competition timing has started, and the map will be visible on your phone.
  • Your phone will record the controls that you visit with an audible beep, without any further action.
  • At the Finish, make sure that F1 has been punched.  Competition timing will stop.


  • If you have internet connectivity the results will automatically upload to the MapRun server.  If the phone is still asking you to upload Results, check your connection to the internet (Data Allowance), and upload results when you have internet connectivity.
  • You can then view all scores and/or My Results (tracking, splits, rate, distance, etc.)
  • MapRun results can also be found at

MapRun QuickStart is an easy way to create your own personal MapRun course.  Simply print a map, and replicate the course within the App (follow instructions at the link)


Victorian clubs have made their permanent course maps available as a service to OV members.  Unlike other maps in this library, these maps have physical markers (wooden posts) in place.

Orienteering Victoria members can complete the request form below to order a digital (pdf) permanent course map for printing.  For non members, you can order a selection of permanent course maps for a small fee.  Find out more here

Please send me a Permanent Course Map

This is a service for current Orienteering Victoria members ONLY. You will be given access to a Dropbox folder containing permanent course maps for Brimbank Park, Cardinia Reservoir Park, Darebin Parklands, Westerfolds Park, and You Yangs Regional Park.

    Only current members of Victorian orienteering clubs can use this form to request free access to permanent course maps. Please select your club. Your membership status will be checked on receipt of the form.

From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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