MapLink and DIY Orienteering

Welcome to MapLink/DIY  – Orienteering Victoria’s digital map library; the perfect way to exercise outdoors with a map near you, any time you like, to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy while other options are unavailable.

You’ll find links to hundreds of maps of all types. Maps may be downloaded for printing, for use within current health restrictions, at any time of your choosing. There are no physical controls in place, and no maps of closed locations or private property where landowner permission has not been obtained. Many courses are also set up in MapRun. If exercising on your own, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

MAPLINK = New Park Street courses, set during 2020 and 2021.  Hundreds of maps all over Melbourne. Most are also set up in MapRun.

DIY = maps from previous events; includes Park Street pre-2020, Bush, Sprint/Urban/City Race, and MTBO.  Thousands of maps of all types to choose from!


MapLink nominated for a VicSport award!  MapLink is one of four Finalists, with the winner to be announced on October 6 2021.  Read more here

MapLink Library - Orienteer Anytime on Park Street Maps

Use Courses Set During 2020 and 2021, with MapRun

Click Here

MapLink has a huge library of Park Street maps with courses set during 2020 and 2021, to print and use any time you like, then share your routes and times, stories and photos.

  • Share your comments, routes, selfies etc on our MapLink Facebook page – be social but at a safe distance!
  • See where Maplink courses are: check the MASTER MAP in the MapLink Library.
  • Help Maplink grow – anyone is welcome to set a course on a map of their choice – see instructions below.

MapLink for Participants

How to use MapLink for training

Choose a map near home from the MapLink library.  There is no set time or day to complete MapLink courses, and they don’t expire. The Maplink Library has an index and a map to show/tell you which suburbs are covered.

  • Make sure to follow the current health restrictions for outdoor exercise
  • Download and print a map
  • Head to the start location any time
  • Decide on your course
  • Record your start and finish time, and which controls you visited

MapLink for Course Setters

How to Set a MapLink Course

Anyone – Any Map – Any Time!

  • Email [email protected]and tell us which map/s and/or suburb/s you would like to set a course on
  • Set as many courses on as many maps as you like; multiple people can set courses on the same map.  The more maps we have, the better!
  • If you don’t already have one, we will forward a base map in your preferred format – Ocad 8 or 9, jpg or pdf, along with some simple instructions
  • For consistency, all controls should be set in Score format (which is also easier to set). Locate 20 or 25 control circles and numbers, and a start triangle, on the map.
  • Use control locations of your choice but make sure they are in obvious locations.
  • Add a few simple extras as per the Maplink course setting guide below.
  • Send your completed map back to us for a quick check before publishing.
  • If you’d like to have your map set up for MapRun, let us know.  Follow the additional instructions in the guide, and we’ll put you in contact with the right person to assist.
  • All of this can be done from home – an easy, fun, and different activity!

Maplink Course Setting Guide

Virtual PAS Scoring

Virtual PAS Scoring – Entering your results

This is an honesty system – please enter correct results! You may enter a result for any Park Street course completed as exercise.


To enter your results, click on this anonymous link, which gives you Edit access to a Google Sheet.

Virtual PAS Scoring

Go to the next available row, and either select from the Dropdown menus or enter text/numbers.

Do not enter data into any Green (protected) cells.

First cell (column A): Select CLAIMED.  The line you are using will turn BLUE, and flag to anyone else currently using the sheet that your line is in use.

  • Date course completed:  enter the date you completed the course
  • Map: type in the name of the map you completed the course on
  • First name: type  in
  • Last name: type in
  • Course: select as applicable. Options are A, B, PW.
  • Start time: enter text in HH:MM:SS 24 hour format
  • End time: enter text in HH:MM:SS 24 hour format
  • Completed time: automatically calculated when Start and End times are entered
  • Number of controls: enter the number of controls you visited
  • Points: enter the number of controls for each points value, and any late penalty (be honest!)   Your total score will auto calculate

MapLink and MapRun

Many MapLink courses will also be set up in MapRun. Here’s how to use MapRun with MapLink:

MapRun6 Instructions 

Before you start

Charge your phone. You will get poor GPS accuracy when your phone tries to conserve a dwindling battery.

Download MapRun6 app from the App Store (iPhone) or PlayStore (Android)

MapRun6 replaces MapRunF, with simpler menus and better handling of the Mass Start.

Accept the prompts for notifications and location when they pop up.

Enter your details into the MapRun app (NAME etc). All details are required, and only used for event administration. The email address will only be used for essential communications.

Head to your selected start location with your printed map.

Open the App and:

  • click EVENTS NEAR ME (it may take a minute or two to turn on your GPS and get a fix)
  • select your course out of the available MapRun events, ie Run60, Run45, PW
  • press GOTO START, and move to the centre of the Start Triangle to detect the Start which is the beginning of your Competition timing.
  • the map will be visible on your phone.

Your phone will record the controls that you visit with an audible beep, without any further action.

Occasionally your GPS is less accurate, and a particular control won’t be automatically registered. Just continue on till the Finish, when MapRun6 will stop tracking your route.  Ensure the Finish is registered, ie beeps, and turns green


If you have internet connectivity the results will automatically upload to the MapRun server.  If the phone is still asking you to upload Results, check your connection to the internet (Data Allowance), and upload results when you have internet connectivity.

You can then view all scores and/or My Results (tracking, splits, rate, distance, etc.)

MapRun results can also be found at

MapRun QuickStart is an easy way to create your own personal MapRun course.  Simply print a map, and replicate the course within the App (follow instructions at the link)

More about MapLink - FAQs

Do MapLink courses expire?

No. Once released, they remain available for use at any time.

Is there a set “competition” period?

No. You can use the virtual scoring system to self score, any time you like.

Are all MapLink courses also in MapRun?

Most MapLink courses are set up in Maprun.  You can check the MAPLINK INDEX to see which ones aren’t.

When and where are new MapLink courses released?

As soon as a MapLink course is ready, we’ll publish it in the MapLink library for everyone to use.

How do I know where the start is?

The start location will be noted in the list, and shown on the maps.

When should I do my course?

On any day or time that works for you.

Should I record my results?

Yes – not only does it gives all something to talk about, but it gives us valuable info into where and when you prefer to orienteer. The process is very quick and easy; and Saving is automatic.

Will MapLink include other types of orienteering such as MelbushO?

No – MapLink is being used to create new Park Street courses.

What other orienteering activities are there?

This is a great time to learn new skills like mapping or course setting, or try some virtual training.  Check the upcoming weekly O News bulletins for ideas.

Will MapLink continue once orienteering returns to normal?



Thousands of maps from previous events, all over Victoria

Click here


Choose from hundreds of previous bush, older park street (pre 2020), sprint/urban/City Race and MTBO maps, or maybe try out some Strava Art.  Find a course near you, and print the map. to go for a walk, run or ride close to home.

Got maps to add?  Please email [email protected], and we’ll let you know how you can contribute.

Can’t find a map?  Just ask! Email [email protected] and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Park Street - hundreds of maps from previous events 2007-2020

A huge selection of previous maps from all over Melbourne, dating from 2007 to early 2020.

Some later maps are also available in MapRun.

Choose from hundreds more earlier Park Street maps here

Park Street - DROC Map Archive

DROC Map Archive

Some of these maps are very old! They were correct at the time, but may not be an accurate representation now – use at own risk!

This archive has at least one copy of almost all DROC maps, with a focus on eastern, outer eastern and south eastern suburbs, as far out as Lilydale to the east, and Cranbourne to the southeast.

There are no associated MapRun events set up for these maps.

Park Street - Bayside Kangaroos Maprun Library

Bayside Kangaroos MapRun Library (Western and Surf Coast Series) – you can use the MapRun app to track your route and record your time

Park Street - older StreetO Maps

Enjoy some nostalgia! here’s a huge library of maps and courses going all the way back to 1995!

StreetO Maps

Sprint and Sprint Training Maps

DIY Sprint Maps – previous maps from Sprint Into Spring, Melbourne City Race 2019, and 2021, and training maps from Fredo, Mikkel and Patrick

Find Sprint maps here

Fredo's Strava Art maps in Melbourne

Bush Event and Training Maps, including Vic Autumn Series 2019 and MelBushO



For Ballarat based members, Roch has prepared some courses at Enfield as an option to keep you fit and healthy.
Three courses are available, or build your own course from the all controls map.
Tapes have been put out at the control sites so you have reassurance you have reached the correct feature.

Remember, if exercising on your own, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

Enfield Maps - Week One

The Start Point is HERE
The tracks on google are not that clear so it is best to get to the start point by turning into Clarkes Rd and then turning left on to Monmouth Rd.

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

All Controls – Week One

Enfield Maps - Week Two

Another 50 controls sites have been taped.
A couple of more courses have been set for you to practice on – or draw up your own course from the all controls map.

The Starting Point this week is HERE

Course 4

Course 5

All Controls – Week Two


Race around the world from home, using competition maps, question sheets, and Google Street View. Navigate your way through the streets and enjoy the sights of Barcelona, London, Liverpool and Melbourne.  New maps are added weekly.

Virtual City Race Maps and Questions


Victorian clubs have made their permanent course maps available as a service to OV members.  Unlike other maps in this library, these maps have permanent markers in place.

Please complete the request form below to order a digital (pdf) permanent course map for printing.  For non members, you can order printed permanent course maps, or use Maprun.  Find out more here

Please send me a Permanent Course Map

This is a service for current Orienteering Victoria members ONLY. It is made available while COVID 19 restrictions are in place. You will be given access to a Dropbox folder containing permanent course maps for Brimbank Park, Cardinia Reservoir Park, Darebin Parklands, Jells Park, Westerfolds Park, and You Yangs Regional Park.

    Only current members of Victorian orienteering clubs can use this form to request free access to permanent course maps. Please select your club.

NEWS ARCHIVE - New MapLinks for October; Summer Anytime Maps

New MapLinks since October:

  • Balwyn Central
  • Yarra Yarra (East Bentleigh)
  • Oakleigh Hughesdale
  • Oakleigh Central
  • Oakleigh South
  • Sorrento
  • Knox Fields


The following maps, planned for Summer Series, have been added to MapLink and MapRun for anytime use:

  • Bellfield
  • Hawthorn East
  • Kerrimuir
  • Maidstone
  • Penders Park
  • Old Williamstown
  • Wattle Park

Maps for all planned Summer Series events between Oct 19-31 will be added.  Summer Series events resume in Melbourne from November 2.

New MapLinks for September; Start Anywhere Update

New MapLinks since September 1:

  • Albert Park
  • Loughnans Hill (Ringwood North – controls on street signs)
  • Loughnans Hill Short (lots of controls in and around the bush reserves)
  • Beverley Hills (Doncaster East)
  • Belmore Parklands (Balwyn)
  • Kew East
  • TallyHo Top End (1:7500 scale, lots of controls in a compact area in Burwood East)
  • Woodridge (Eltham)
  • Trinity Triangle (Bulleen)
  • Heyington Heights (note Scotch College completely OOB)
  • Canterbury Trails
  • Tunstall North (Donvale)

Check the MapLink Index in the MapLink Library for start locations and MapRun status.

Now that exercise is allowed for up to 2 hours, MapRun options will revert to Run45, Run60, and PW65.  New courses added to MapRun will no longer be set up as Start Anywhere.

Covid 19 Road Map - September Announcements (updated September 27)

Orienteering will be able to restart when Victoria reaches Step 3 of the Road Map, albeit with group size limited to 10.  Planning is underway to start Park Street Summer Series from October 19, subject to government restrictions.  Find out more here

In the meantime, MapLink is still available for DIY exercise.  We have set up MapRun Start Anywhere for as many MapLink courses as we can, and will continue to do so.  New MapLink courses are more than welcome, to give people more options within their 5 km limits.

As of Monday September 28, in metro Melbourne you can now exercise for  up to 2 hours a day, in one or two sessions, and with either members of your household, or one other person who lives within your 5 km radius.  You may exercise within 5 km of your home or workplace (if you are a permitted worker), and there is no longer a curfew in place. Please note the updated rules for fitted face coverings, meaning you can no longer use a face shield, scarf or bandanna.

Regional Victoria has leaped ahead to Step 3, with organised events able to resume.  Check our Return to Sport page for news and updates.

MapRun Start Anywhere Brings MapLinks To Your Door

MapRun options – check out the latest news on MapRunF, which has some new options to create your own events, including “Start Anywhere” and “QuickStart”.

Here’s how to find and use MapLink courses with Start Anywhere, which lets you start and finish a course at any control of your choice – perfect for orienteering from home! In good news for those using MapRunG with their Garmin, Start Anywhere is fully supported and functioning.

Using MapRunF Start Anywhere Feature With MapLink Courses

 A ‘new’ whizz bang challenge – Run45/Walk45 StartAnywhere coming to a course near you soon.

Make sure you have MapRunF 4.8.8 or later loaded on your phone.

We’ve loaded 70 MapLink courses with MapRunF’s “Start Anywhere” feature.  If you live on one of these maps, you can start a course from the control closest to your home or designated starting point, and stay within Stage 4 restrictions.

Two ways to find Start Anywhere maps:

In MapRunF or MapRunG, use “Events Near Me” and look for map names containing “StartAnywhere”

OR In MapRunF/G, use “Select Event”, then go to Victoria / Melbourne Park-Street O / StartAnywhere

All maps in this folder have the function enabled.

Then go to the MapLink Library

Download and print the corresponding map

Check the MapLink Index, which tells you which maps have Start Anywhere enabled – several maps have more than one MapLink course so you need to make sure you choose the correct one

How does it work?

Each map with Start Anywhere enabled, has two courses – Run45 or Walk45. This is to give you time to get to and from your selected start/finish, from home, within the allowed 1 hour for daily exercise.

Choose a control to start from.  When ready, press Go To Start.  The first control you visit becomes the Start/Finish – it is not scored. To compensate, the actual Start triangle on your map becomes a control worth 1 more point than the highest value control on your course – eg on a 20 control course, S1 is worth 6 points (as long as you go to it).  When you finish, return to the control you started at.  Everything else will operate as normal.

Note:  The HITMO function for reporting “missing” controls does not work with Start Anywhere.

In great news for those using MapRunG, Start Anywhere is fully supported and working.

What if there is no course near my home?

We can find or create one for you!  Send a request to [email protected].  Western courses can be requested via [email protected]

New MapLinks for August

New MapLinks since August 1: Wattle View (Boronia), Yarraman, Cremorne (2 versions), Blackburn Lake, Yarran Dheran (two different courses), Greenslopes (Dandenong North), Airport Amble (Tullamarine), Smiths Dell West (Hawthorn), Park Orchards (mostly off road).

August 2 - Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne

Stage 4 restrictions mean new rules for local exercise.  You must stay within 5 km of where you live. You must exercise for no more than 1 hour per day, and with no more than one other person. You must be at home between 8pm and 5am.

Use this link to find out what’s 5 km from your home

Need help finding maps close to home? Email us at [email protected], and we’ll assist.

July 7 - Stage 3 Restrictions in Melbourne

MapLink and DIY will remain active and available until further notice, following Stage 3 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne. If you reside in the Melbourne metropolitan area, you must follow the Stay Home restrictions as of July 8.  You may exercise individually, with household members or with 1 other person outside your household, and you may not leave the defined metropolitan area to do so.

Please use common sense and consideration when exercising, and stay close to home.  Do not spend an unreasonable amount of time travelling to, or undertaking daily exercise.  Choose maps that allow you to exercise in your local area.  Wear a face covering in public spaces when not running. More about Stage 3 restrictions

New MapLinks for July

New Park Street MapLink courses added in July:

Quamby Quandary (Ringwood North); Glen Iris; Kerrimuir; Fab Fitzroy; Balwyn North; Bulleen Ups&Downs; Mill Park Lakes; Blackburn South (two versions); Tunstall Junction (Nunawading); Middle Mullum; Donvale Pines Dilemma; Mitcham; Bellbird Dell (Forest Hill); Lower Mullum Mystery, Templestowe Heights, Notting Hill, MitchelHill (Oakleigh East), Wheelers Hill, Burnley Maze, Blackburn North, Bennettswood, Glenhuntly Gallop

Congratulations to Michael Hubbert, whose Lower Mullum Mystery course was the 100th MapLink!

There are now over 100 new maps in the MapLink Library, including all the courses set for Preseason and Winter Restart events (June/July) – but we need even more – especially in the northern and southern suburbs, and also to fill a few gaps in the outer east. Our aim is to have as many maps as possible so that everyone can stay in their local area while exercising, while Stage 3 (Stay Home) restrictions are in force.

600 Maps Added to DIY Library

Find a map near you, for local exercise.  This week we’ve added nearly 500 previous Park Street maps to the DIY Library – midweek and Saturday events from 2007 to 2020 – making it easier than ever to find a map in your neighbourhood.

From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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