Orienteering Victoria operates a variety of school orienteering programs and provides teaching resources such as lesson plans, maps and permanent orienteering courses.

Sporting Schools

Orienteering Victoria provides Sporting Schools programs in schools throughout Victoria.

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External Programs

Orienteering Victoria provides excursion and incursion activities as well as professional development and corporate programs.

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Schools Competitions and Championships

Schools competitions involve students competing against each other in local parks and forests.

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Orienteering at your school

Orienteering is a fun and unique sport. There are many motivations for introducing your students to orienteering. Orienteering is a sport that provides an alternative to traditional team sports, and has the potential to attract students who do not find them appealing. Orienteering adds diversity to the H&PE or outdoor education program.

In the school situation there will be some students who will never have a competitive attitude. The basic aim in orienteering is completing the course. This is a challenge which can offer every student success and a sense of achievement without having to be a winner.

You can find the Victorian Education and Training documentation on orienteering excursions here.

Opportunities and services available

Mapping Services

The map is our competition arena. You will need a detailed orienteering map of your school grounds to complete orienteering activities.

The map is a useful tool that can be used in a variety of teaching contexts and subject areas: maths, geography, science, outdoor ed. and H&PE.

Maps are produced to international standard where possible.

Mapping usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks to complete and will involve the mapper visiting the campus a number of times to complete fieldwork. All mappers have a current Working with Children Check and will liaise with you to arrange appropriate times to be on site.

Fees range from $350 – $800 depending on your campus size and complexity as well as travel. Most small primary campuses will be $350. Contact the OV schools officer for a quote.


Accredited orienteering coaches are available to deliver orienteering programs for your school, either as part of the sporting schools initiative or as an external program. See above links for more detail or contact the OV Schools Officer.

Lesson Plans

Lession plans, as well as orientation and professional development with these resources, are available by contacting the OV Schools Officer. The lesson plans document includes:

  • 4 core lessons
  • Supplementary lesson ideas
  • Achievement Standards and reporting comments
  • A guide to equipment, resources and suggested software
  • Example maps
  • A list of further resources and opportunities

Permanent Courses

Victorian Orienteering clubs maintain permanent orienteering courses throughout the state. These are typically made up of numbered wooden posts with a pin-punch attached. Maps and more information on how to use these courses are available here.

Permanent Courses are an excellent resource for organising your own excursions.

Professional Development: Level 0 Coaching Accreditation

Orienteering Victoria provides Level 0 and Level 1 ASC Coaching Accreditations. Typically these are large seminars involving 5-20 teaching staff. The Level 0 course usually runs for 2 hours and the Level 1 course is a half day activity involving a forest practicum. These courses can count toward your annual professional development requirements.

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