Wednesday Wrap

Our second inner urban map for the week saw a new configuration of the Glenferrie map, which this time snuck across onto the western section of Hawthorn East.  The course layout was such that venturing across Glenferrie Road was better points value, as course setter Phil had spread the controls fairly thinly on the western half. There was a lot of detail to be read, especially around the railway line.

This was reflected in the A course scores, with only 5 competitors earning a full 70 points. Fastest back was Peter H, followed by Andrew B, Bryan, Ian, and Paul.  Everyone else had decisions to make about what to drop.

On B, Tim scored 60 points for a comfortable win, ahead of Jay, Bruce, David and Phil. Special mention to Eleanor, who flew in from warm, sunny London in the morning, ran in borrowed gear after her luggage went who knows where, and still managed 6th!  Dave’s 57 points on PW was just enough to put him in front of Mark, Roger, Barry and Geoff .

Your correspondent is away for a while, so Wednesday Wraps will resume at a later date.

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