Wednesday Wrap

Latest Wednesday report – Camberwell

Highlight of tonight’s event was the recognition of The Millennium Club’s newest Legend, Phil Torode, and Companion, David Knight – two of streeto’s true gentlemen, raconteurs, and canny course setters. And not bad runners either … I think I spotted some Camberwell Grammar students amongst the crowd, getting in early in their quest to win the Schools competition and get the jump on their rivals.

The course was brought to us by Murray, and it was quickly apparent that our brains were going to be in overdrive. Wisdom says it is always best to head into the apex of a triangle rather than the base, making south attractive – but there were so many choices of first control, and getting it right made small but significant differences from getting it wrong.

A course winners were Andrew, Bruce, Bryan, Peter and Paul – all regulars to the top five. On B we had some new names, with Liliia, Liam and Geoff all joining Tim and Nick at the top of the board. Fastest on C course were Richard, Mark, Blair, Steven and Roger; first to return on D course were Mason, Sophie, Carolyn, Matthew, and Bill. E course was won by Dennis, ahead of Pat and Melanie. Damian pipped Bruce by one point to win PW 60 to 59; Garry, Andrew and Ron rounded out the top five.

Overall, only seven scoring events are left, so you need to have four or more on the board. On A1, Paul still leads Geoff M and Colin; Peter has the form with a 99 average. Ian has a big lead on A2, with Helen and Vic now second and third, but look out for Rick and Martin who are tied for fourth and need only one more event to move into the placings. David has overhauled Ken and Hugh on A3. Tim, Steven and Nick are looking settled as the B1 leaders, while Ian has handed over the B2 lead to Peter D, and Bruce and James are tussling hard for third. Lauris still leads B3 but Stuart and Geoff are tied. On C1, Janine has edged ahead of Brett, with Ray retaining third; while on C2 Dennis is challenging Reg for third behind Andrew and Greg. Prue, Robert and Peter M still head C3. Carolyn has taken the lead on D1 from Ewen and Matt, while I’m still leading D2 from Pam and Henk. Pat leads E from Melanie.

No change on PW1 where Dave has secured the win, Ron is still second and Len still third; Damian may shake that up in a few weeks time. PW2 is very close with Helen one point ahead of Muriel, and Kay third; watch out for Garry in coming weeks. Noel has moved to the front on PW3 ahead of Gwennyth and Peter G. Mike, Suzanne and Schon are still the top scorers on PW4.

See you next Wednesday at Mullum Mullum, Ringwood.

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