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Summer Series: October till April (daylight savings) – southern and eastern suburbs.  Enquiries: Debbie, 0409 135 020 or email [email protected]

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The mild weather continued this week – with nearly 100 participants (as a girl guide group meeting at the hall next to where we started decided they would rather do street-o than another un-named activity).

All participants were challenged by a demanding course by first-time course-setter, Brady Mitchell, with some suggestions from David Knight. The Camberwell map features the barrier of the last remnant of the Outer Circle Railway line crossing from the northwest to the south east. The pattern of streets can also catch participants out with some limited options at points. The inbuilt challenges of the map were added to by a generous spreading of the controls and one or two clearly aimed at testing the fastest runners. Though all recognised the challenges, nevertheless the course received quite a bit of positive feedback online afterwards! Well done to the course-setter!

So how did those doing the 60 minute course do? Only one runner, Toby C., managed to collect all twenty controls in under an hour – an impressive feat – which apparently took over 13kms to do. Ricky T. was second, dropping just the distant 4 – also impressive. Steve M. was third with 61, followed by a group of four just one to three points behind Steve M. Well done to all! You can find their routes here.

Tim H. continued his string of good performances in the 45 minute group, collecting 57 points, followed by Ian D. with 49 and Bruce P. with 46, just two points ahead of Stephen D.

Among the power-walkers, Dave S. also did well, collecting 48 points, followed by Rosalind K. on 40, just one point ahead of Mark H. on 39.

If you would like to have a go at Brady’s Camberwell challenge, you can download the map here.

Next week we head a little northeast to Surrey Hills for the Mont Albert map – another map divided by a railway line and featuring lots of period homes!

May be an image of map and floor plan






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