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Note: all Wednesday Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

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Despite the weather forecast it was another good turnout for the event at Ashwood South, curated by Michael Stilwell. Originally set by Graham Leary, Michael did all of the other duties of a course-setter – checking, printing, handing out maps (and warning participants about the very busy Waverley Road).

The map and course had a similar feel to the popular Notting Hill event – a convoluted network of streets west of the start, Waverley Road running west-east. Indeed the Notting Hill map is just east of Ashwood South and there are similarities (Power Avenue and Grenfell Road divide their respective maps in a similar way). It is possible the streets were placed at a similar time following the development of the Glen Waverley railway line – though both areas were only really developed after World War II.

Like the Notting Hill event the mass of controls were placed west of the starting point and then a set of high point controls were placed south of Waverley Road. This meant those beginning west had to leave enough (and not too much) time at the end to gather the high point controls south of Waverley Road. Unlike at Notting Hill there is a significant climb back to the starting point (reflected in the contour like streets south of Jordan Reserve).

The 60 minute score-run course was the largest single group this evening with 25 runners. Around a third of the runners were able to collect all of the controls. Paul M. was first back, under a minute ahead of Ian D. Steven O’C. finished third, less than ten seconds ahead of Steven M. Nearly all of these courses were close to 10km with Steve M. and Andrew J. finding marginally shorter routes of around 9.84kms.

There was also a good group of 20 runners undertaking the 45 minute score course. Ricky T. managed to collect the lot in 45 minutes. He was followed by Tim H. who dropped just one control and Andrius M. who also dropped just one control but was a bit late back.

Finally, in the power-walking course, Dave S. managed an excellent effort to collect all but three controls in 65 minutes – dropping the two isolated edge controls (1 and 8) and the internal 4 – scoring 63 points He was followed by Mark H. and Dave W. who also did very well.

If you would like to try this course the map can be found here.

Unfortunately we have gone back into lockdown – with a bit of luck we will be back together at Bellbird Dell in Vermont South on the 18th of August.

May be an image of map, floor plan and text that says 'ASHWOOD SOUTH Start at Jordan Reserve, Burton St, Chadstone Wednesday Spring Carnival Series, August 2021 assistance phone 0418 650 350 emergency 000 Course Michael Stillwell for Nillumbik Emus CONTROLS ARE LIGHT POLES EXCEPT: #1 TREE AT BUS STOP CONTROL VALUE Course 3 4 5 Finish Time 65 Run60 Run45 45 Mins Late penalty 3 points per minute or part thereof Courses close 10pm. you return after that time will DNF 20 safe by washing your hands, keeping your distance from others, staying home you Cycle path not illuminated 19 400 SCALE: IN 10,000 CONTOUR INTERVAL: 10 metres 1000'


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