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Summer Series: October till April (daylight savings) – eastern suburbs.  Enquiries: Debbie, 0409 135 020 or email [email protected]

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Note: all Summer Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRunF for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

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White’s Corner was the map for this Wednesday’s Summer Series event, and the first qualifying event for the 2021 Street Orienteering Championships. White’s Corner refers to the last name of the store that operated on the corner of Doncaster and Williamsons Road up until 1969 when it was replaced by Doncaster Shoppingtown. For more on the site’s history (complete with other names that will be familiar to those who have run around Doncaster) see the interesting account by the Doncaster-Templestowe Historical Society here

Quite a few participants had gone out already but at 7 o’clock there was still a good number of potential qualifiers gathered for the required mass-start – blue cards (signifying their status) in hand. One experienced orienteer commented it was almost like old times again! At 7, they all headed off in different directions to tackle the challenging course set by Ted van Geldermalsen. The conditions (30 Celsius and lots of hills) adding to the challenge! The course included controls on every park on this section of the map, with multiple controls in Ruffey Park. It also made good use of the lack of connecting streets in parts, which would have added to the distance, time and effort to those participants who did not look ahead. For power walkers, the high point controls tended to be clustered across the middle of the map with three and two point controls placed as temptations a bit further afield.

There were a few different names competing on different courses as participants reallocated to the event they hoped to compete in in the Championships.

In B course, Mason A. was first back, just under two minutes ahead of Tim H., with Steven O’C in third place. Mason A. and Bruce P. came closest to the suggested route length of 7.5, both finishing just under 8kms.

About one third of the participants on Wednesday chose to run C-course. Ian D. was first back, followed by Hannah S., less than twenty seconds ahead of third placed James B. Andrew P. managed to get back in 5.45kms, less than the suggested 5.7kms. His route also looked like it was pretty economical on the hills too. Well done! Lincoln P., Reg S. and Andrew B. also managed to finish in around 5.7kms. You can see their paths  here.

Debbie D. was the first home of the D-course runners. Liam R. and Jeremy L. were second and third (separated by a second). Peter D., Murray H. and Debbie D. also managed to get back in around the recommended distance of 4.2kms, with Peter D. finding the shortest route of 4.16kms.

Matthew M. was first amongst the E-course runners, followed by Ella L. and Barry M.

Scattering the lower point controls on the map edges most likely contributed to the close scores among the leading power-walkers. Five out of the top seven power walkers collected all four and five-point controls, the difference coming down to which two and three point controls were added. Dave S. finished first, with one two-point control in addition to those collected by second placed Mel K. Ron F. finished, third, one point ahead of fourth placed Ros K. by collecting three three-pointers rather than two three pointers and a two-pointer. The next four participants all finished on 51 points – well done given the conditions!

Bruce A. was a clear first amongst those running A-course. Less than two minutes separated the next three runners though! Paul M. was next back, followed by Toby C. and Elizabeth D. Rick B. found the shortest course, by just a few metres, from Bruce A., both finishing around 9.5kms. The next group were all around 10kms.

How would have you gone in the round? If you are within 5kms (or can wait til after the lockdown) Ted’s course has been made available via MapLink. Click here to find Summer Series maps after each event.

Unfortunately, next week’s event has been cancelled due to the lockdown. If all goes well we will be able to get together again on a Wednesday at Cavill’s Corner on the 24th for the championship. Because almost all qualifying rounds have been cancelled the rules have changed so anyone meeting the eligibility requirements can register to participate (though you can still run a course on the night even if you aren’t running in the championships). To find out how to participate (there is a deadline for registering) visit here.

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