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After two wet Wednesdays the forecast for Wednesday was sunny but also warm – and Thursday even more so.  And the terrain was going to add to the challenge with the Birralee map covering both sides of the Koonung Valley with the gullies up its sides.  Nevertheless there was a good turnout of over 70 participants. And there were a lot of good efforts given the conditions.

Russell Bulman was the course-setter and the engaging course encouraged participants to visit each part of the map with multiple controls each side of the freeway, around the different crossings and on either side of the divide south of the freeway created by the park and roads stretching almost up to Belmore road. Power walkers as well would have been challenged as the five pointers were scattered across each part (though usually not at the edge).

Beginning with the A runners, first place went to Peter H., followed by someone who failed to put their name down! Steve O’C was third. Russell Bulman had suggested the distance was 10km and most of the nine runners who recorded on MapRun were around this. Stephen C. achieved the shortest run with just over 9km – done by hugging the freeway, dropping 11 and 4. Two other runners achieved distances of around 9.5km in quite different ways. Well done!

For B Course, Tim H. continued to be first back, followed by Bruce P. and Martin K. The suggested length was 8km and the leading runners all achieved just below this. Those that headed east (17-6-11) tended to do similar courses but those that headed west (6–17-18) did very different courses.

Almost one third of the participants did C course at Birralee and it was a very competitive group. Graham M. was first back, ahead of Sue C. and Tim J. The recommended distance was 6.2 and most of the participants ran something like this. Andrew B. notably completed the course in about 5.7km by choosing a very compact course in the eastern section of the map.

This was also probably the biggest D group we have had so far this series with ten runners. Carolyn J. was the first placegetter, followed by Deb S. and Graham L. Deb S. (with Peter Y.) also found the shortest routes among the map runners with 3.68km – a pair of great minds as both found the same solution. You can see what they (and other runners) did here

It was a very close competition among the power-walkers. Dave S. was first, just four points ahead of Ros K. who was just one point ahead of Geoff H. by going just a bit further and for a bit longer collecting all of the five pointers. Most power walkers picked up a good set of controls by doing around 5kms walking.

If you would like to do (or redo) the course under cooler conditions (though the contours are still there) the course has been made available via MapLink. Click here to find Summer Series maps after each event.

Next week we head further east to Ringwood and the Mullum Mullum map. With the relaxed restrictions we are shifting to two time slots (beginning 5.45 and 6.30)  with 50 spots in each. The 5.45 slot is nearly full but there are still plenty of spots for the 6.30 group (as at 7.51am Sunday the 22nd). Haven’t seen the map but am sure there will be a mixture of nice running along the Mullum Mullum creek but also a fair share of hills away from it too.  Sign up here

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