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Wednesday series events are held all year round.

Summer Series: October till April (daylight savings) – southern and eastern suburbs.  Enquiries: Debbie, 0409 135 020 or email

Autumn and Spring Series: April till October – eastern suburbs. Enquiries: David, 0434 320 845 or email

Wednesday Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

You will also need your smartphone to enter using OTrack. No Smartphone? Ask us to assist – we’ll get you moving!

Wednesday Evening Events

Summer Series October-March; Winter Series April-September

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Wednesday Evening Results

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A mild evening and central-east location resulted in over sixty participants. The Kerrimuir map has relatively mild contours but the street network is a more complex than usual set of grids. This requires the participant to carefully count the number of streets before turning to the next control and keep an eye on whether there is a direct link to the next control.

The course-setter this evening was Russell Bulman. Russell’s course made extensive use of the map to create a challenging long course – with a deliberate choice to make it hard for anyone to collect all of the controls requiring choices to be made. Going around required keeping an eye on which controls were near each other and consideration as to whether it was really worth going to, for example, the south east corner to collect six points or scoop up multiple low point controls closer to home.

For the 60 minute running course, Ricky T. returned with the highest score, 65, visiting 19 of the controls (but back late). Ricky was followed by Steven O’C. with 56 points and then Ian Dv. and Martin K., Ian returning 8 seconds earlier!

For the 45 minute running course, Matthew G. returned with one more point than Bruce P. to set the first two places. They were followed by Peter M. Well done to all for their scores on a long course!

The largest group this evening was the power-walkers. Andrew J. continued his excellent form to return with 57 points, followed by Dave S. with 53 points. Rosalind K. returned with 41 points to finish third.

If you would like to try Russell’s challenging course, you can download the course from here

As next week is the final event of the Autumn series it is worth looking at the placings as for most divisions there could be changes next week.

Beginning with division one of the power-walkers. While Andrew J. and Dave S. are clear first and second for overall placings, Mark H. and Lauris S. are currently tied for third place on 686 – big finish from either could result in taking third place.

Anything could happen next week with the second division of the power walkers as Noel McV. is just two points ahead of Kevin M., with Suzanne O’C. not far behind.

In the 45 minute course, first division, Matthew G. is just a few points ahead of Bruce P., but these placings are probably set. Tim H. is also pretty secure in third place. In second division, Debbie D. and Lincoln P. are also pretty safe in first and second. Third place is up for grabs with just two points separating Graham L. and Greg T.

Finally, in the first division of the 60 minute running course, Ricky T. is a clear first, but just one point separates Ian Dv. and Paul M. so will be watching this competition closely. For second division while the top three (Mandy B., Vic S. and Ken J.) are set, the order certainly isn’t. Mandy B. probably is safe in first, but another big night from Vic S. like this week could change this. Ken J. could also swap places with Vic S. with a good run as well.

If you can, come out to Bayswater this Wednesday to play your part in determining the final placings! Hope to see you there!

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