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Note: all Wednesday Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

You will also need your smartphone to check in via QR code, and to enter using OTrack. No Smartphone? Ask us to assist – we’ll get you upa and running (or walking)!

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This week we headed east to Lilydale to tackle the very mixed terrain of Lillydale Lake. There is the park and more bushy segments around the lake and along the creek southwest of the lake. There is also some more complex urban terrain in the north. And south of the lake are some looping streets, with some cut-throughs and a good number of contour lines to make participants consider trading off elevation and distance. A colour map was also appreciated.

Sarah Love was the course-setter and she made use of all of the different types of terrain to set an enjoyable course. The controls immediately northwest of the start required thought about their sequencing and 19 was a potential trap for those doing the longer courses – it was probably better to leave if heading that way to begin with (but at least one runner didn’t…). A rectangle of controls at the west end of the lake similarly required thought. For power-walkers the high point controls were nicely scattered around the lake and across the southern suburban section – posing a challenge to get them all

As it turned out none of the power-walkers were able to collect all of the high point controls. First placed Dave S. came closest wih 18 being the only control dropped this evening. David W., who finished second, also dropped 16. Peter G. was third, one point ahead of Mark H. and two points ahead of Elizabeth H. and David C.

Ricky T. was again first back of those doing A course, followed by Paul M. and Rachel J. Ricky T. also found the shortest course. 18 off to the southwest was the most popular control to be dropped of the leading A runners.

Matthew G. finished first of those doing B-course. Bryan A. was next back, just one second ahead of Mitchell P. Matthew G. also found the shortest course.

For C-course, the placings were Alaster M., James L. and Rhys E. Eric D. once again, after a bit of a gap, found the shortest route.

Steven O’C. was first of those doing D. course, followed by Ray H. and David K. Steven O’C. also found the shortest route this evening.

This Week’s Map (with controls) – available 2 days after the event. If traffic deterred you from going east on a weekday, why not give it a go on the weekend?

Next week it is back to the south and west to the suburban streets of Glen Iris. Hope to see you there!

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