Wednesday Wrap

Boronia Bay is crossed diagonally by the railway line, which forces careful planning. Course setter Allan was quite devious in placing controls so they looked close together, but when you analysed the route, they weren’t. In fact in some cases, quite the opposite – check out 17 and 8 on the map below! It was also easy to box yourself into a corner. Taking that little bit of extra time at the start no doubt paid off.

Nine runners on A course got 70 points, led home by Simon, Ian and Steven. On B, Tim was pushed more than usual by Bruce and Jay, but still emerged on top. Tony edged out Mandy and Mark to claim victory on PW.

This was the second last event in the Autumn Series, with still plenty to compete for in the final week. Steven will take out A1, but Paul, Bryan and Ian are all vying for the minor placings with just a handful of points separating them. Arthur and Rick won’t be challenged on A2, but Lauris is only two points clear of Damian, who is two points clear of David; Damian probably has the advantage with a big score to drop. Eric will take the honours on A3, but we have a tie between Ken and Hamish; again Ken has a lower score to drop.

Tim has a perfect score of 12 wins from 12 events contested on B1. Bruce will take second, with Jay unable to make up enough ground, but if Jay competes next week he will push the two Peters (D and M) out of the placings. Graham is the comfortable leader on B2; Pete is second and Greg third, but Philippa could sneak into the placings with a good run next Wednesday.

On the PW1 front, Dave will take first place, Mark second, and Len third. PW2 is also confirmed for Kay, Lyn and Liz. Ian, Philip and Allan will have the honours on PW3. It’s all far more interesting on PW4, where Barry has a tiny 2 point lead over Suzanne and Di, who are tied for second; Henk is only two points behind them, with a lower drop score – so it’s aanyone’s guess as to the outcome!

The final event for Autumn is at Canterbury Trails this week. Dinner and series presentations will be held the following Wednesday, July 4, in Doncaster. Dinner will be at Pacino’s Pizza and Pasta, at 708 Doncaster Road.

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Wednesday Autumn Series

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