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Event Report – Templestowe Valley

Russell’s course, which was mainly in Westerfolds Park, drew rave reviews from the large crowd, swelled by Scotch, Camberwell Grammar and Trinity students vying for the Schools Champs over the next few weeks. People loved the suspension bridge, the pockets of bushland, the open grassland, the small rough tracks, and the kangaroos! Starting at Finns Reserve took many to parts of Westerfolds they’ve never been to before.

The results saw some new names in the top five on most courses, with cross country and navigation skills playing a bigger role than usual. On A course, Michael rose to the occasion to score a victory, ahead of Andrew, Paul, Steven and Ian. Nice to see Colin back on a quick visit as well, and showing he can still cover the longer distances! Mason, Simon, Tim, Jay and Charlie were the fastest on B course, with some strong performances by students boding well for coming weeks. C course featured Martin, Chris, James, Oliver and Etienne in the top five; again the kids were mixing it well with the adults and providing some fierce competition. On D course, Tony, Phil, Ewen, Maya and Barry were first over the line. E course was well contested, with James, Matt, Campbell, Jordan and Justin leading the way. Mark scored 50 to win the PW division, ahead of David K on 47, Andrew on 46, and Rick, Ian G and Ian D all on 45.

With 6 scoring weeks left, you need to have done 7 events to be in the running. Overall, A1 took shape with three of the contenders reaching their 13th event; Peter H is on top, 5 points ahead of Ian, with Paul 3 points further back. Andrew could still cause a late upset. On A2 we have three runners on 12 events, but they won’t catch leader Steven. It could be a closer finish on A3 with Vic currently in front of Hugh and Helen. On B1, Bruce will be looking over his shoulder at Tim, Jay and Simon as they close in on 13 events. Peter D, Geoff and Ken lead B2 but there are only 4 points separating second and fourth. On B3 we are a few weeks away from knowing the situation. C1 will be determined by Martin’s scores over the next few weeks as he tries to catch Ian and Damian. C2 should see David, Ray and Andrew finish on top, but Denise could cause an upset. There’s a tie on C3 between Mark and Dale; we’re keeping an eye on Eric and Matthew.

D1 has Ewen and Murray in the lead; Pete and Margi are neck and neck for third, and Phil is emerging as a threat to all. On D2, Libby is likely to knock Pam out of third place. Helen is now the only contender with enough events on E course. On to Power Walkers … placings on PW1 are by no means settled, with Ros and Andrew in contention. On PW2, expect to see Len move to the top next week, and Ian and Peter G also likely to figure. PW3 looks settled with Ian S, Suzanne and Gwennyth in the top three spots. PW4 is much less clear cut with Henk just 3 points clear of Allan, and Di not far behind.

Next week’s event is the second Finals qualifier, at Canterbury Trails. Find out all about the Champs, including who has already qualified, HERE.

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