Wednesday Wrap

Tunstall Junction

As Melbourne’s summer keeps on keeping on, we enjoyed another warm night with a very light sprinkle of rain. Course setter Ray gave us a range of options to start off with, and some generous points to get us under way. This map is one where you always feel fantastic for the first half of the course, as you sail effortlessly downhill to the freeway. Then there is a sharp reality check as you head for home … that feeling of supreme fitness and speed was short lived.  Of course if you go east-west instead of north-south, you have rolling hills either way. Ray’s course did not require a freeway crossing but still had plenty of distance, and more than enough climb.

It was quite a challenge to get the lot with only 5 managing the feat – Steven was quickest, followed by Bryan, Paul, Ron and Chris. Tim scored a phenomenal 68 points on B, showing a clean pair of heels to Jay, Bruce, Geoff and Peter M. It was closer on PW, with Len scoring 62 points, ahead of Dave, Mark, Andrew and Barry.

Overall, Steven has built up a big lead on A course, with Phil second and David third, but of course many competitors have not done all four events. On B course, Peter D leads the way with Peter M second and Bruce third. Len, Andrew and Helen are the top three power walkers at this stage.

See you next Wednesday at Blackburn.

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