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Wednesday series events are held all year round.

Summer Series: October till April (daylight savings) – southern and eastern suburbs.  Enquiries: Debbie, 0409 135 020 or email

Autumn and Spring Series: April till October – eastern suburbs. Enquiries: David, 0434 320 845 or email

Wednesday Series events use the MapRun smartphone app.  Download MapRun6 for your phone, or MapRunG for your bluetooth-enabled watch.  Instructions available at the events. Traditional control cards may also be used.

You will also need your smartphone to enter using OTrack. No Smartphone? Ask us to assist – we’ll get you moving!

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EVENT WRAP:  WATTLE PARK – you can check out the map here

Despite continuing in the grip of Melbourne’s fickle spring weather, a big crowd came along to enjoy the always-popular Wattle Park.  With large chunks of the park fenced off for upgrades, and a pretty sparse placement of controls in the south western quarter, the course was more focused on the eastern half of the map, forcing everyone to cross busy Elgar Road, and down to Gardiners Creek.  Deakin University was also out of bounds (including the overhead bridge), so bridge crossings needed careful planning.  Courses were definitely on the long side, and there were plenty of hills to tackle, as the start/finish was almost on the highest point of the map.  Our thanks to the Golf Club cafe who allowed us access to their car park while the Chalet car park is largely out of action.

A Course – the shortest course that could be achieved this week was 9.5 km, with most of the runners heading into 10 km plus territory; only one control could be dropped, with the most popular choices being 20, 19, or 16.  Matthew G is in great form, winning the course by over 4 minutes with the fastest pace and the shortest distance – speed and smarts! Ian D and Thomas grabbed the placings, separated by just 3 seconds and covering the same distance, but choosing quite different controls to drop.  A great contest!

Overall leaders are Matthew, Ian and Steven O; watch out for Arthur and Bryan who both have strong averages after 8 weeks.

B Course – with a big tally of 17 controls to collect, the B course was particularly tough, with runners stretched into 8 km plus, and only a handful managing to come in with a sub 7.9 km distance. The very obvious 3 to drop were 20, 2 and 10, so it became a contest of joining up the remaining 17 controls. Ricky, Tim and Stephen managed it quickest.

Overall leaders are Tim, Victoria and Bruce P; watch out for Stephen D, another with a healthy average who will move up the rankings.

C Course – a big disparity in distances covered, ranging from 5.5 km up to 8.5 km! It seemed the best, and most popular plan was to disregard all 5 controls west of the start, and collect your 13 controls from the 15 remaining. Aeon claimed another win, just ahead of David N and Andrew P, who managed to hold off newcomer Luke.

Overall leaders on Division 1 are Andrew P, Greg and Aeon, but we’re keeping an eye on Elijah and David N. In Division 2, Eric, Mark B and Martine are on top, with Peter D well in contention.

D Course – great to see lots of competition on this course, with newcomers David, Shae and Katherine; and juniors Seth, Brigitte, Matthew H, Opus, Eofy and Marius, all tacking the 8-control course.  Whilst this course could be achieved in under 4 km, there was a considerable variation in lengths, up to 5 km plus; everyone crossed Elgar Road, as 20, 10, 2 and 6 were unfortunately too widely spread to be in contention. However this still left plenty of options and the optimal route was far from obvious.

Overall leaders are Robert, Eofy and Debbie.  Competition will come from Seth and Opus.

PW Course – another big and competitive group of Power Walkers came along, and with Dave in absentia, the door was opened for others.  Liz H was top scorer with 48 points on a not-particularly-points-friendly course; Merv was only a few seconds slower with the same point score, but a longer route. Barry G was third, on 43 points. While 18 and 17 were easy pickups close to the start, they did box you in.  Almost all of the PWs dropped control 20; the other two 5 pointers required considerable effort to reach, being on the perimeters (and being the ones most frequently dropped on A course). This accounted for a wider than usual difference in scores.

Overall leaders on Division 1 are Liz, Ros and Lauris, with Dave one event in arrears, and Mark H also challenging.  Division 2 is led by Greg T, Suzanne, and Pam, while the top scorers in Division 3 are Barry, the Newburys, and Lisa.

Next week’s event is at Tarralla, in Ringwood East – a new map to most people, as it has been used just once previously.

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