The Board generally meets on the third Thursday of each month.

These dates are subject to change. Please contact the Secretary if you have any enquiries or wish to attend.


Council meets in February, May (Budget), August and November (Planning).

To access papers from past and future meetings, please contact the Secretary.

2021 October Board Meeting

2021 September Board Meeting

2021 July Board Meeting

2021 June Board Meeting

2021 April Board Meeting

2021 March Board Meeting

2021 February Special Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes not produced. Meeting was to set February Council agenda.

2021 January Board Meeting

2020 December Board Meeting

2020 October Board Meeting Minutes

2020 September Board Meeting Minutes

2020 August Council Meeting

2020 August Special Board Meeting Minutes

2020 July Board Meeting Minutes

2020 Annual General Meeting

To be held via Zoom meeting commencing Friday, 22 May 2020 at 7:30 PM

Details for joining Zoom meeting


2019 AGM Minutes

Financial Report

2019 Yearbook

2020 May Board Meeting Minutes

2020 April Board Meeting Minutes

2020 March Board meeting minutes

2020 February Strategy Day Minutes

2019 December Board Meeting Minutes

2019 November Board Meeting Minutes

2019 Annual General Meeting

2019 February Council Meeting

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