MelBushO events are the perfect way to get started in bush orienteering without travelling far from Melbourne.  Events are held from April to August, on Sunday mornings.  You can choose your own start time between 10am and 11.30am, and opt for any of the four courses – Long Hard, Short Hard, Moderate, or Easy.  No pre-entry is required – just come along on the day and enter at Registration.  We provide coaching, course advice, and loan of a compass and an electronic timing device (SI stick).

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2018 Series - Information for Newcomers

Start time: Starts are from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.
There is no need to pre-register, just come along on the day.

Entry fees: Adult $10 or junior $5. Family maximum $25.
Map provided. Compass and SportIdent electronic timing card available for loan.

Who is MelBushO suitable for: Any person of any age who can walk or run for at least 2 km.

What to bring along: Long pants, shoes with some grip, money for entry fee, water.

What will be provided at the event: A map showing the course. SportIdent electronic timing sticks and compasses are available for loan.

What is a SportIdent stick: This is an e-stick which you carry on your finger and use to register that you have visited a control.

What is an orienteering course: It comprises a series of controls marked on your map that make a loop from the start to the finish. You must travel from one control to the next in numberical order until you have completed your course.

What is an orienteering control: An orange & white flag with a numbered control unit which is positioned at a particular place on the map.

Which course to try: If you have not done any bush orienteering, try a course with easy navigation. These courses have tracks, fences or creeks to follow.

Who does moderate navigation: Anyone who would like a bit more of a challenge than the easy course. The features will be obvious and you may need to be able to read contours to tell whether you are going up or down.

Who does hard navigation: More experienced orienteers who can read contours and understand the map information.

Can I do more than one course: You can do more than one course for no extra charge. It is better to try something easy and then progress to a harder course.

Can I get some help: There will be helpers to provide instruction and to start you on  your course.  They can also talk through your course after you have finished.

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Event 1: April 8 2018 Cardinia Reservoir, Emerald

With temperatures reaching a sizzling 30 degrees, fitness was the key to success at Cardinia Reservoir, as all courses tackled a considerable number of contours.  It also paid to avoid the green, and to look for tracks and clearings, to speed up progress; the red line was not always the fastest option.  Great to see so many newcomers enjoying the experience of navigating with a map to find controls.

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Event 2: April 29 2018 Hawkstowe, Plenty Gorge

Just under 200 people enjoyed a fabulous day at Hawkstowe Park.  The picnic area was a picture with all the autumn foliage on show.  Most courses took competitors into the complex Morang Wetlands, a new part of the map. Great use was made of small gaps in fences, oddly shaped lakes, and some steep embankments, to create plenty of route choice, even on the Easy course.  There were some nice erosion features to get to grips with as well.  Generally the terrain was open and fast, but there were definitely some places where it paid to slow down and pay attention to the map!

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Event 3: May 27 2018 Balt Camp, Bullengarook

Directions: turn north into Carrolls Lane (west of Bullengarook) from the Gisborne-Bacchus Marsh Road, and continue to Firth Road. Melway X909 H11. NO TOILETS AT EVENT

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Event 4: June 17 2018 Emerald Lake, Emerald

Directions: Enter Emerald Lake Park at main entrance and follow orienteering signs to parking.  Melway 127 K4. Toilets available. Note: additional parking fee applies.

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Event 5: July 1 2018 Candlebark Park, Templestowe

Directions: enter Westerfolds Park from Fitzsimons Lane and follow orienteering signs to parking. Melway 33 F1. Toilets available.

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Event 6: July 15 2018 Woodlands, Greenvale

Directions: enter Woodlands Historic Park from Somerton Road. Melway 178 B6. Toilets available.

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Event 7: July 29 2018 Yanakie Block, Kangaroo Ground

Directions: turn into Henley Road from Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, and follow orienteering signs. Melway 272 F10. NO TOILETS AT EVENT.

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Event 8: August 26 2018 Banksia Park, Bulleen

Directions: Enter Banksia Park from Templestowe Road and follow orienteering signs to parking. Melway 32 E5. Toilets available.

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