Mountain Bike Orienteering

Combine the fun and excitement of a mountain bike ride with map reading, route choice and the buzz of competition - come and try Mountain Bike Orienteering. Using specially prepared maps, riders navigate a network of tracks to controls. Each rider decides for themselves the route they will take, and the person who completes the course in the fastest time is the winner.

Mountain Bike orienteering is predominantly held in Autumn through to early Summer. Events are held throughout Victoria, with the main series being:

  • Vic MTBO: this series has courses for all and events across the region.  Experience the excitement of riding through some of Victoria’s best forests.
  • Summer MTBO: an accessible series on Saturday evenings, catering for both new and experienced participants.
  • The Victorian MTBO Championships are held each year, typically in Autumn. These are open to all, providing the opportunity to test yourself against your peers or to simply give another excuse to get out on your bike.




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From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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