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  • JWOC Day Five – Relays

    For the relay, the first and second legs were of equal length but leg 3 was further for both courses.  There was a run through and great spectator control and a 1k loop after the run through. The girls had 5.6k or 6.2 for leg 3 and the guys had 7.1 and 8.1 for last leg.

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  • JWOC Middle Final – A Tough Event on a Tough Map

    The middle final was held on an even more brutal section of Hungarian Labyrinth. No runner achieved the predicted winnings times of 28 minutes and every girl has pink somewhere on their splits. 

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  • MelbushO at Woodlands, Sunday July 15

    When there are kangaroos on the hop, and planes roaring overhead, you know its Woodlands!

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  • WMOC Long Final – Two Victorians in the A Final

    The WMOC Long Final is due to be held today, Friday, in the classic Grib Forest, which is the second largest in Denmark. Blair and Tony have made the A finals.

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  • JWOC Middle Qualification Races – Aston into A Final

    David's Blog continues... As always, the Middle qualification has three parallel heats with the top 20 in each going through to the A final and next 20 the B final etc. Predicted winning times were 22 minutes but in the end were more like 25.

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  • JWOC Sprint – David’s Blog

    It was a great sprint course with so many varied urban environments, little traps, lots of route choice and cafes and ice cream bars to sit at and watch.  A huge score board, a run through, five radio controls and about 27degrees all afternoon. We spectators were allowed to wander all over the course and there were bikes and pedestrians to dodge.

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  • JWOC Long Distance – David’s blog

    The first in series of blogs from David Jaffe - our resident Journo at JWOC. The map was on a mostly flat area of wind formed central plane sand dunes – part forested but with some open areas with little humps and hillocks of sand...

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  • Natasha Key Wins Gold at WMOC – updated

    Natasha wins Gold at the WMOC sprint.

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  • WMOC Sprint Final Today

    Today the final is being held at Christiansborg Castle and live results will be available. Victoria has 4 competitors running in the A finals after Tash won her heat, Tony placed 2nd, Warren 3rd and Alison 8th.

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