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  • Saturday’s Kurunjang Sprint into Spring event is a SI Air event

    If you own a SIAC stick, don't forget to bring it along and register for the event with it! Read the article to find out more detail on the event, including parking.

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  • Sprint Into Spring on Saturday and Macedon Sprint on Sunday

    Another fantastic weekend of sprint action coming up, at Kurunjang on Saturday and Gisborne on Sunday.

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  • Sprint into Spring starts with two events this weekend – Enter on Day is Available

    Sprint into Spring series begins with two events this weekend, the first on Friday evening, then the second on Saturday afternoon. Maximise your points towards winning a series jersey by attending one or both of these events. Payment by cash or card available.

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  • Melbourne City Race Weekend

    Results and Splits are posted from the first Melbourne City Race. How did you go?

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  • Sprint into Spring – Will you be trying to win one of the jerseys this year?

    Then, in case you haven’t realised, please note that this year’s Sprint into Spring series will begin with two events on the same weekend. So, to maximise your points and chances of winning a jersey, you will want to attend one or both of these events.

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  • Melbourne Sprint Weekend 2020 Embargoes

    The competition areas for the Melbourne Sprint Weekend 2020 are now embargoed until the completion of the Melbourne Sprint Weekend, 6.00pm Monday 9th March 2020 and are listed in this news item.

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  • Sprint into Spring Returns in October

    Sprint into Spring returns in October for its seventh season. Planning is well underway with venues confirmed. Place them in your calendar now.

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  • WMOC Wrap

    This year twelve Victorians (plus at least two more for the open competition) made their way across to Riga, Latvia for the World Masters competition.

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  • Monash Indoor Outdoor Sprint Results and Photos

    Were you part of the action? If you were, you'll know how amazing it was. If not - don't miss it next time! Read on for results and photos

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