Park Street Summer Series Overall Results and Course Setter of the Year

In lieu of the Awards Night that would have been held this week, we’re delighted to announce the winner of the Park Street Course Setter of the Year – Martine Barrot, for her Waterford Valley course.  Judged by the most qualified person we know, MEFTY winner Stuart McWilliam applied a rigorous points system to reach his decision, and commended Martine for the high number of options for all running and power walking courses, and her clear map presentation. Martine will (eventually) receive a Park Street season ticket as her prize.

Stuart ranked the shortlisted maps as follows:

  • Finalists: Mark Besley for Knox Fields; Merv Trease for Koonung Crossing
  • Semi Finalists: Denise Pike for Coomoora, Vic Sedunary for Macleod-Rosanna, Peter Collins for Kew East
  • Shortlisted: Ben Fullard for Bunjil Run; Ruth Goddard for Greswell Hill; Robert Hudson for Dandenong Creek

Three Millennium Club Legend certificates are ready to be presented, to Barry Giles, Steven O’Connell, and Ewen Templeton.

In order to give recognition to those certificate winners who have been unable to receive their award, we’ve published the names of winners and placegetters for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Summer Series (Thursday certificates were awarded).

Certificates have been printed, and will be stored safely until such time as we can hold presentations.

Congratulations everyone, and we certainly hope we’ll be able to hold at least part of our Winter Series.

MONDAY SUMMER SERIES 2019-20 – Best 12 scores of a possible 22 events counted

Division First Second Third
A1 Andrew Hester (1200) Toby Cooper (1189) Steven O’Connell (1183)
B1 Ted van Geldermalsen (1184) Jay Kerley (1182) Bruce Paterson (1181)
B2 Geoff Hudson (1119) Mark Besley (1091) Stuart McWilliam (1086)
C1 Eric Davidson (1176) Ray Howe (1167) Dale Howe (1125)
D1 Debbie Dodd (1197) Peter Yeates (1183) Joel Crothers (1167)
PW1 Dave Stillwell (1200) Garry Brodie (1178) Andrew Hunter (1175)
PW2 Lauris Stirling (1143) Martine Barrot (1124) Rob Beaman (1093)
PW3 Pam King (1077) Michael Stillwell (1057) Suzanne O’Callaghan (1047)
PW4 Greg Tamblyn (1069) Andrea Jackson (1007) Henk de Jong (992)
PW5 Michael Hubbert (984) Schon Hudson (978) Gwennyth Baker (968)


TUESDAY SUMMER SERIES 2, 2020 – Best 6 scores of a possible 11 events counted

Division First Second Third
A1 Chris Millard (600) Stephen Collins (582) eq 2nd Jeremy Hirst (582) eq 2nd
B1 Fredrik Johansson (598) Rodney Phillips (587) Edward Bucknall (581)
C1 Tony Bird (599) Aaron DeBuhr (588) eq 2nd Stuart McWilliam (588) eq 2nd
D1 John Gavens (599) Rachel Mallia (579) Brooke Ayres (575)
PW1 Tim Karla (600) Jo Torr (594) Maria Main (584)
PW2 Geoff Adams (555) eq 1st Connie Gardner (555) eq 1st Elly and Les Goding (531) eq 3rd
PW3 Bernice Deveson (518) Andrew Worsley (501) Des Gregory (490)


WEDNESDAY SUMMER SERIES 2019-20 – Best 13 scores from a possible 23 events counted

Division First Second Third
A1 Peter Hobbs (1298) Michael Dardis (1282) Paul Monks (1274)
A2 Steven O’Connell (1244) Matthew Grover (1233) Alicia Dymowski (1215)
B1 Tim Hatley (1300) Bruce Paterson (1278) Jay Kerley (1272)
B2 Peter Mallen (1243) Rick Bailes (1213) John Grover (1205)
B3 Ian Parry (1158) Ken James (1130) Josie Yeatman (774)
C1 Ian Dodd (1193) Damian Spencer (951) Martin Steer (894)
C2 David Knight (1223) Eric Davidson (1214) Matthew King (1192)
C3 Mark Besley (1159) Ray Howe (1157) Stuart McWilliamd (1151)
D1 Ewen Templeton (1282) Debbie Dodd (1266) Peter Yeates (1252)
D2 Jenelle Templeton (1212) Kevin Morris (1170) Pam King (1154)
E Peter Cole (690) Oliver Trone (494) Liam Royston (490)
PW1 Dave Stillwell (1299) Mark Hammond (1271) Elizabeth Hatley (1265)
PW2 Lauris Stirling (1238) Helen Kerley (1226) Sherrill Harding (1206)
PW3 Greg Tamblyn (1167) Noel MVey (1143) Bernie Shuttleworth (1139)
PW4 Michael Hubbert (1078) Allan Miller (1045) Schon Hudson (1038)

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