The Twelve Days of StreetO – and the winners are …

Introducing Melbourne’s TWELVE DAYS OF STREETO!

That’s right – we have one dozen Park Street events between Monday 19 December, and Thursday 5 January.  Over these 12 events, we’ll hold a “Mini MEFTY” contest.  For every one that you compete at, you’ll score 10 points towards your Santa Score.  The competitor/s with the highest Santa Score wins free entry to all four events in the Surf Coast Series; anyone with a Santa Score of 100 points or more, gets free entry to any two Park Street events between January 21 and 31.

Check out who had the highest Santa Scores – they will all be winning free entries!

12 Santa Points:  Mel Kent – a perfect score!

11 Santa Points: Lucas Kent, Steven O’Connell

10 Santa Points: Noel McVey

Santa called in to Kingsville to hand out the maps

Here’s a Christmas StreetO song to get you in the festive mood (with apologies to Partridges in Pear Trees)

On The Twelfth Day Of Streeto, The Setter Gave To Me …

  • Twelve Controls On C Course,
  • Eleven Fire Hydrants,
  • Ten Metre Contours,
  • Nine No Through Road Signs,
  • Eight Working Light Poles,
  • Seven Parks With Playgrounds,
  • Six Southwest Corners,
  • Five Dead End Courts,
  • Four Level Crossings,
  • Three Fence Ends,
  • Two Distinctive Trees,
  • And A One Minute Late Penalty!

Here are the events that made up THE TWELVE DAYS OF STREETO:


  • Mon 19/12 – Dandenong Creek
  • Tue 20/12 – Kingsville
  • Wed 21/12 – Yarran Dheran


  • Mon 26/12 – Yarraman
  • Tue 27/12 – Royal Park
  • Wed 28/12 – Deepdene
  • Thu 29/12 – Donvale Pines


  • Mon 2/1/23 – Middle Brighton
  • Tue 3/1/23 – Cherry Lake
  • Wed 4/1/23 – Belmore Parklands
  • Thu 5/1/23 – Bundoora Parade

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