Park Street Champs 2021

The 2021 Park Street Champs are a highlight of February!  Sixty finalists took to the streets of Cavills Corner, on a suitably challenging course which tested clear thinking.


COMPETITION MAP – course planned by Pamela King




Preview Map

Note: no toilets at the arena. Nearest toilets are at the shops on the corner of Stud Road and Somerset Street

Arena Layout

Special Instructions and Start Procedure

At the Final, MapRun will be used; we request all Finalists use MapRun6 or MapRunG, not MapRunF.

All Finalists will start at 7pm in a mass start. All Finalists will carry a Blue Card. This does not need to be marked off at controls, but must show your name, course, and age class; and must be handed in at the Finish. Results are determined by the order that Blue Cards are handed in. Finalists must be checked in, registered and ready for the pre-event callup and briefing by 6.50pm. Please read through the Special Instructions so that you are well prepared on the night!

Non Finalists are very welcome, but we ask you to check in and start between 6.30pm and 6.45pm, so that we can get ourselves ready for the Finals briefing and start. Late arrivals will not be able to register or start until after the Finalists have started.


Park Street Champs 2021

Everything You Need to Know

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