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Return to Sport – orienteering activity resumes on Monday June 1!

Park Street Pre-Season Reboot sessions will commence three times a week, for 2 groups of 20 participants.  Other small group training sessions are being planned as well. All activities between June 1-21 must be outdoors, non-contact, and non-competitive.  Physical distancing and hand hygiene measures must be followed at all times.  Our Return to Sport plan provides comprehensive guidelines for organisers and participants about how to provide, and take part in, safe events.

As Victorian Government restrictions ease further, we will offer larger events. Planning is well underway for MelbushO to resume as soon as possible, pending government announcements and confirmation of dates and permits.

Read the OV Return to Sport information here.

Find out more about the further easing of restrictions for sport and exercise here.

OV Return to Sport

Starting back safely from June 1

Read more here

Exercise Safely, Stay Local and Keep Your Distance

Orienteering Victoria has put together some options for our members to exercise locally. To find out more visit the following pages:
DIY Library

When exercising remember to follow a few simple measures to keep yourself and others safe and healthy:

  • If you’re feeling unwell, stay home
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home and as soon as you return
  • Exercise and train informally with no more than 10 people
  • Avoid contact with others.  Stay at least 2 metres away
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth


11 May – Easing of Restrictions in Victoria, Step 1

The Department of Health and Human Services has released FAQs on the easing of restrictions, effective from 11.59pm on Tuesday 12 May, until at least 31 May.  Sport and exercise can resume if:

  • you can keep your distance (at least 1.5 metres apart), you are not doing your activities indoors and they are not competitive: and
  • you can do them with a maximum of 10 people.

Sport and recreation FAQs

Further to that, VicSport has provided additional information and clarification on this page:


Orienteering in Victoria is able to resume training only under Step 1, but is planning for our return to sport under later steps, in line with DHHS directives. Read more about our Return to Sport plans here

6 April – What are Victorians allowed to do?

The Department of Health and Human Services has updated the ‘Stay at home’ and ‘Restricted activities’ directions – frequently asked questions. The comprehensive guide on what you can do / cannot do can be found HERE.

31 March  – A message from Carl Dalheim, President Orienteering Victoria

Hi folks,
My experience from 37 years working with large corporations in Europe and Australia has taught me that an important message needs to be delivered once. To that end, OV is trying to bring options to our members but always based upon the correct assumption that every Victorian understands the message from the Premier and the Chief Health Officer. At the risk of contradicting myself by giving health advice – all Victorians should stay at home; and when exercising, do that locally.
At this stage I don’t anticipate sport to restart in Victoria for many months. From an Orienteering Victoria perspective we are managing this month to month, with the latest update being all events listed for April have been either postponed or cancelled. However it is recognised that the Eppalock 3-Day Weekend planned for Queens Birthday Weekend will be impacted. If OV is able to run an event at this time, it will be in a different format and location to that advertised.
There have been questions relating to the Orienteering Victoria finances and lack of income with events cancelled. I am working with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions on OV’s financials and the impact of COVID-19. All Sporting Associations including Orienteering Victoria have completed surveys that capture finances. I am optimistic of receiving financial support – however, the resignation of the Executive Officer has removed by far our largest expense. OV will go in to a period of stasis; and I believe we are in a sound position for the moment.
OV is open to advertising any content or activity you wish to lead that you believe is of value, as long as it is in the guidelines dictated by the Government and OA, and follows the OV policies inclusive of our Social Media policy. But, my personal recommendation is no visitors/visiting, stay home unless shopping or exercising locally and look after each other as many are losing their jobs.

31 March – Announcement of stage 3 restrictions in Victoria

Police Minister Lisa Neville
“Unless you are getting medical help, unless you are getting food and essential services, unless you are attending for work and education [where you cannot do that from home] and unless you are exercising you must stay home,”
A full list of the Victorian Government rules, including updates to the DHHS Directions, can be found HERE

22 March – OA Communication to all States

As you will be aware, there have been a number of further developments today. In particular, the Federal Government has advised against all non-essential domestic travel, and Victoria, NSW and ACT have advised of shutdowns of non-essential activities in their states (with other jurisdictions likely to follow in the near future).
Although, to our knowledge, no formal recommendations have yet been made with respect to outdoor sport, OA regrettably finds it necessary in light of today’s developments to recommend that State Associations suspend all remaining organised orienteering events. We are aware that some States have already done so.
We are aware that a number of State Associations are pursuing permanent/virtual course options to allow people to train individually during this period, and encourage the use of such options within the bounds of any restrictions which may be imposed (which may vary from region to region). Experience overseas is that attitudes have varied widely from place to place, with individual outdoor exercise in parks and forests encouraged in some countries and heavily restricted in others.
You may also have seen reports of Federal Government support to small businesses. On our reading of the media release (https://www.pm.gov.au/media/supporting-australian-workers-and-business), we believe that State Associations (and OA) who employ staff and report taxes through the PAYG system should be eligible for this support. If we obtain any more specific information we will pass it on.
We have heard from most State Associations in favour of staging the AGM as a virtual meeting. Once the agreement of all States is received, we will formalise a time and date for the meeting.
Blair Trewin, President Orienteering Australia

22 March – Orienteering Victoria event cancellation notice

Following today’s announcement by the Premier of Victoria of plans to effectively shut down all non-essential services in the State, all orienteering events are CANCELLED until further notice, effective immediately.
More detailed government announcements will be made on Monday March 23 regarding the parameters  of the shutdown, and these will determine our next steps. Orienteering Victoria has contingency plans ready to go, that will permit orienteers to self train if that is allowable, and stay connected to our sport and to each other.
Watch this space.
Carl Dalheim, President, Orienteering Victoria

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