Melbourne Sprint Weekend 2022

12 – 14 March 2022 – 6 exciting races over 3 days


It was a huge long weekend of orienteering, filled with outstanding events! The weekend had a bit of everything – some incredible new school maps, a multi-level sprint, a bush event on a spectacular granite area that had been forgotten about and an incredibly exciting knock-out sprint on the final day.

Results, including winsplits can be found on Eventor.

There are also some fantastic photos on both OA Facebook and OV Facebook.

Bruce Arthur has put together a detailed analysis of the route choices for Manor Lakes College Race 3 Course 1 and Course 2. These courses made excellent use of this incredibly complex campus (filled with countless fences and gates) and his analysis is well worth viewing.

MSW 2022 Maps

All of the MSW 2022 competition maps are now available to view.

Race 1 - La Trobe University

Race 2 - Assumption College

Race 3 - Manor Lakes College

Race 4 - NOL Relay - Gellibrand Hill

Race 4 - MSW - Gellibrand Hill

Race 5 - Knockout - Yarra Valley Grammar

Race 5 - MSW - Yarra Valley Grammar

Race 6 - Knockout Finals - Whitefriars College

Race 6 - MSW - Whitefriars College

Some of the Organisers Memories

All in all this year’s carnival incorporated 11 races, including the NOL relay and the Knock-Out sprint rounds.

Here are some of the memories from the event.

Bib number 101

Ross Barr must be MSW’s number one fan.
This year Ross maintained his record of being the first to enter and scoring the 101 bib. He is getting quite a collection of them now.

Corridors and locker spaces

How many people became challenged with these, finding themselves on the wrong side of a locked door?


Fences and Gates

How many have forgiven Bruce yet for his fantastic use of all the fences and gates at Manor Lakes.

Results Screens

It’s been awhile, like 2 years. Oh so good to see them back.

Knock-Out Sprint competition

The finals were not quite as tight as in 2020, but were just as good to watch, with Aston again taking out the competition in the mens race, and Nea Shingler the womens.  There were some very close finishes in the heats.

Arenas and playgrounds

The arenas for both La Trobe University and Manor Lakes College included playgrounds. We will not forget in a hurry the enjoyment that these provided for both little & big kids alike.


So how did people go?

MSW 2022 incorporated a WRE, NOL round 1, the MSW carnival races, and a Knock-Out day.
The WRE men’s race was won by Aston Key and the women’s by Nea Shingler.  Aston and Nea also took out top points in their classes for the NOL round 1.
In the senior league the VIC Vikings are out front for the men and the CBR Cockatoos for the women.
In the junior league, NSW Stingers are leading the men’s competition and QLD Cyclones the women.
The WRE results and updated world rankings can be viewed on IOF Eventor, and the NOL standings on the OA website.

In the carnival competition we again had the prize bags of goodies for the winners. Some families like the Shinglers and Dents had a car load of these to keep them happy on the drive home. There were also a good number of locals who took out first place.
Patrick Jaffe, M21E, who didn’t seem to quite believe he had won this competition
Gavin Bennette, M40
Denise Pike, W70
Victoria Greenhan, WOpen
Plus we cannot forget to mention that this year Ross Barr also took home the prize for M70.
Full results are HERE.

MSW 2020 took place about two weeks before the country went into the first Covid-19 lockdown.  Now we have successfully completed MSW 2022 when life is hopefully returning to normal. We were happy to see most MSW 2020 participants returning for MSW 2022 and contributing to making it a successful carnival.



View the fantastic video made for MSW entries

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View some tips for MSW 2022 HERE

Relive all the excitement of MSW 2020

Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race Locations

Previous Maps

Click on each map to access higher resolution image


La Trobe University


Woodlands Historic Park


Yarra Valley Grammar



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