Park Street Results for Monday and Wednesday Winter Series 1

The first half of the Park Street Winter season is done and dusted, with Series 2 kicking off this week at Mullauna (Monday) and Tally Ho (Wednesday). Congratulations to the prize winners! There were some very close results and some excellent competition, with some results decided by a single point, after 13 weeks!  Thanks to all our course setters, MapRun admins, and scorers.

Monday – full results here

Run 60 – Arthur Sorenson, Ian Davies, Andrew Johnstone

Run 45 – Ricky Thackray, Tim Hatley, Bruce Paterson

PW65 – Dave Stillwell, Eric Davidson, Ros King

Wednesday – full results here

Run 60 Div 1 – Ricky Thackray, Andrew Baker, Paul Monks

Run 60 Div 2 – Mandy Brand, Geoff Hudson, Ken James

Run 45 Div 1 – Tim Hatley, Bruce Paterson, Peter Grover

Run 45 Div 2 – Debbie Dodd, Peter Dalwood, Peter Yeates

PW65 Div 1 – Dave Stillwell, Eric Davidson, Mark Hammond

PW65 Div 2 – Phil Torode, Martine Barrot, Peter Kempster

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