2021 Victorian MTBO Championships Run and Won; Series Standings Round 1

This weekend saw the Victorian MTBO Champs run successfully at Maryborough and Dunolly. Despite the weather being particularly cold, the sun did shine for a good part of the weekend’s events, and there was no rain.

The weekend started on Saturday morning with the Sprint from the Maryborough Education Centre, using part of the Flat Creek map (from the 2019 Aus Champs) and adjacent Bristol Hill map. Bristol Hill never fails to challenge as riders discovered when they flipped their map mid course over to the Bristol Hill side and there before them was a maze of spaghetti type track networks to try and stay on top of. Not sure if anyone had a clean run, but some did better than others.

Then it was onto the Middle distance race in the afternoon on the Tullaroop map on the NE edge of Maryborough. The race started in a different location to 2019 and the map included more northern areas not used in 2019. Again, a very complex area of forest with riders needing to take due care as some tracks through lightly forested areas are quite indistinct.

The Long distance race was held on the Sunday morning on the Dunolly Forest map. This area is perfect long distance map with the track network not being quite so intense, but there were plenty of route choice decisions to be made to choose the best routes.

Full results are available on Eventor and splits are on WinSplits

Victoria has a very solid lead over NSW, Canberra and SA in the National Masters Teams competition after round 1.

2021 National MTBO Series Individual Standings after R1

2021 National MTBO Series ELITE/JUNIOR Standings after R1

2021 National MTBO Series MASTERS Standings after R1

The Victorian MTBO Championships have been held since 1997!  All the winners have been recorded, and the newly updated Honour Boards are here

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