Park Street Championships 2020

The 2020 Park Street Championship were held on Monday 24 February at Mulgrave, with suitably challenging courses set by Judi Herkes.  The flat course made for speed, but also required plenty of thinking and planning. It was great to see so many competitors really lift their game and race hard.  All medallists and final placings are in the table below.

PRIZES – personalized medals will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters in each category, on the Awards Night on Wednesday April 1st.


2020 Champs Info Flyer

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CategoryGold MedallistSilver MedallistBronze Medallist
Mens OpenBruce Arthur (MF) GOLD Michael Dardis (DR) SILVERPeter Hobbs (DR) BRONZEChris Millard (BK) 4thAndrew Hester (DR) 5thMatthew Grover (DR) 6thPaul Golsworthy (BK) 7thToby Cooper (BK) 8th
Mens Senior (35-44)Paul Monks (YV) GOLDAndrew Turner (BK) SILVERDamian Spencer (DR) BRONZETim Bates (CH) 4th
Mens Veteran (45-54)Steven O'Connell (BK) GOLDAndrew Johnston (NE) SILVERDavid Prentice (NE) BRONZEMartin Kozma (BK) 4th
Mens SuperVet (55-64)Tim Hatley (BK) GOLDIan Dodd (DR) SILVERJeremy Hirst (TK) BRONZEBruce Paterson (AR) 4thWarwick Davis (TK) 5thMark Baxter (NE) 6thStephen Dunbar (BK) 7th
Mens Ultravet (65+)Ted van Geldermalsen (YV) GOLDRick Bailes (NE) SILVERPeter Dalwood (DR) BRONZEMurray Hanna (BK) 4th
Womens OpenVictoria Greenhan (NE) GOLDKatherine Turner (NE) SILVERWendy TAVERNA (CH) BRONZE
Womens Veteran (45-54)Sarah Love (DR) GOLDSue Collard (BK) SILVERGeorgina Macken (YV) dns
Womens Supervet (55+)Carolyn Jackson (BK) GOLDDenise Pike (DR) SILVERDebbie Dodd (DR) BRONZEPhilippa Lohmeyer-Collins (BK) 4th
Boys Junior (u19)Mason Arthur (MF) GOLDJames Love (DR) SILVERLucas Kent (YV) BRONZE
Girls Junior (u19)Sophie Taverna (CH) GOLD
Mens PW OpenDavid Stillwell (NE) GOLDAndrew Hunter (BK) SILVER
Mens Supervet PW (55+)Ian Greenwood (DR) GOLDMark Hammond (NE) SILVERIan McLean (BRONZE)Geoff Adams (BK) dns
Mens Ultravet PW (65+)Ron Frederick (NE) GOLDBarry Giles (NE) SILVERHans Damen (BK) BRONZEMIchael Stillwell (NE) 4th
Womens Open PWMelanie Kent (YV) GOLDRosalind King (DR) SILVERLauris Stirling (BRONZE)Martine Barrott (NE) 4th
Womens Supervet PW (55-64)Sylvia McLean (TK) GOLDMuriel Neilson (DR) SILVERChristine Palmer (DR) BRONZE
Womens Ultravet PW (65+)Elizabeth Hatley (BK) GOLDHelen Kerley (DR) SILVERLyn Green (YV) BRONZEPam King (DR) 4th


You could feel the excitement building as the Finalists arrived from all over Melbourne, Geelong, and the Macedon Ranges, bringing together the best competitors from all of our Series, ready and eager to race head to head for the right to become a 2020 Champion! With over 60 Finalists, participation swelled to over 120, as we all lined up, maps under foot, awaiting the GO call.

Turning over maps, some tore off headlong onto the course, while others took a few more seconds to plan. With a truly thought provoking course set beautifully by Judi, turns out that the second approach was the one that paid off; all courses could be shortened by a few hundred metres for those who made the right decisions, kept focused, and planned ahead.

The top three on A course, and the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallists in Mens Open, were Bruce reclaiming his crown), Michael in his strongest performance for the summer, and Peter, who had the form during the season. It was amazing to see the whole field really lifting and racing hard all the way, and there was no pack running happening as the course ensured that everyone chose different options. Paul and Steven were Gold Medallists in Mens Senior and Mens Vets.

On B course, the Junior Boys, Mens Supervets, and Womens Open were all on show. Mason was first to claim the Junior title. Next were the Supervets, with Tim narrowly holding off Ian, and Jeremy just behind in Bronze. Victoria finished very strongly to take Womens Open. Ted, Sarah and Rick were the quickest on C course, giving Ted and Rick Gold and Silver in Mens Ultravets, and Sarah the title on Womens Vets. Sophie finished fast in fourth to win Junior Girls. The top three on D were Womens Ultravets winner Carolyn, followed by Chris and Matt.

Power Walkers threw up some extremely close results. Dave pipped Andrew by a point – 63 to 62 – giving him the Mens Open crown and Andrew the Silver medal. Mel also scored 62 for a clear win in Womens Open. The other Gold Medal winners were Ron, Ian, Sylvia and Liz.


Schedule of Qualifying Events
DateMap and Location
Wednesday 12 FebruaryRuffey Lake - Zerbes Reserve, off Blackburn Road, Doncaster East, Melway 34 B10
Wednesday 12 FebruaryWoodend - Information Centre, High Street, Woodend (VicRoads 633 Q5)
Thursday 13 FebruaryWaltzing Matilda - Coolabah Park, Grovedale, Melway 465 D8
Monday 17 FebruaryTirhatuan Park - off Kriegel Way, Dandenong North, Melway 81 F8
Tuesday 18 FebruaryMaribyrnong Parklands - Aberfeldie Park, Bruce Street, Aberfeldie, Melway 28 D6
Wednesday 19 FebruaryKoonung Crossing - Koonung Park, Furneaux Grove, Bulleen, Melway 32 F10
Thursday 20 FebruaryNorris Bank - RMIT Bundoora West, McKimmies Road, Bundoora, Melway 9 K7

Further Qualifying Details

Qualifying Places

Running ChampionshipsCourseNumber of Finalists
Mens OpenA6*
Mens Senior (35-44 yrs)A5*
Mens Veteran (45-54 yrs)A5*
Mens SuperVet (55-64 yrs)B5*
Mens UltraVet (65+ yrs)C5*
Womens OpenB7
Womens Veteran (45-54 yrs)C5*
Womens SuperVet (55+ yrs)D5*
Boys Junior (Under 19 yrs)B7
Girls Junior (Under 19 yrs)C7
Power Walking ChampionshipsCourseNumber of Finalists
Mens OpenPW5*
Mens SuperVet (55-64 yrs)PW5*
Mens UltraVet (65+ yrs)PW5*
Womens OpenPW5*
Womens SuperVet (55-64 yrs)PW5*
Womens UltraVet (65+ yrs)PW5*

 *Can be 1 or 2 more depending on the Geelong and Macedon Ranges Qualifiers choices.

Other Details

  1. Candidates for the Qualifying places will be identified by using and submitting a BLUE PRINT SCORECARD at the finish of their event (NO BLUE PRINT SCORECARD = NO CONSIDERATION FOR QUALIFYING PLACES)
  2. The allocated qualifying places for the Wednesday series will be spread across two Qualifying Events. If places in the 1st Qualifying Event are not filled then they will be made available in the 2nd Qualifying Event. If places are still available after all Qualifying Events have been completed then the Championship controller has discretionary power to fill the vacancies with other eligible candidates (eg course setters, runners-up etc).
  3. Qualifying Events and Championship Finals will be conducted as per the usual Course conditions for each of the scheduled Summer Series events, OR as modified or extended by the Controller. However, all Qualifying events will use control plates and punch cards, rather than the MapRun smartphone app.

Entry and Eligibility


  • Entry for qualifiers is automatic by completing and using the Championship BLUE PRINT control card on the day. Punches on this card must be used to record scores.
  • Prior to the Final, Runners must complete at least 6 events in any running course from any of the listed events in the 2019-20 Melbourne PAS Orienteering Summer Series booklet.
  • Prior to the Final, Walkers must complete at least 6 events in the PW Course from any of the listed events in the 2019-20 Melbourne PAS Orienteering Summer Series booklet.

Note: (i) the 6 events can be in one series or across several series and

(ii) Geelong, Macedon Ranges and Surf Coast Series are included.

  • Finalists must be financial members of Orienteering Victoria or financial members of a club affiliated with Orienteering Victoria.
  • Participants can only qualify for one Final.
  • Participants can opt to qualify in an age group below their normal age group or in an Open category.

2020 FINALISTS will be published on this page.

Special Conditions for the Final

Additional Conditions for the Finals
The Final is conducted under the rules and conditions of the event of the day, and the following conditions:
(1) Punch Marks – at least 50% of each control punch mark must be recorded in the correct square on the control card (on the line is in) otherwise the control will not count.
(2) Starting Instructions – Finalists must adhere to the instructions concerning the collection and management of the maps prior to the GO instruction.
(3) No Groups – Finalists are expected to participate independently of other event participants.
(4) PW Technique – PW Finalists are expected to maintain a walking technique.
(5) The Final is part of the Monday Summer Series and will otherwise operate under the normal rules of that Series.

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