Melbourne Park Street Week of History, November 27-30

Enjoy an amazing week of Park Street orienteering when you can also revisit History!  Take yourself back a few years, a few decades, or even a few centuries, by competing at our events this week.

Monday November 27, Glenferrie – step back to a bygone era of grace and charm, as you explore this area full of elegant Victorian and Edwardian residences.  Find out more:

Tuesday November 28, Jack’s Magazine – Pipemakers Park and Jack’s Magazine played an integral role in the industrial and military development of Melbourne.  Explore these important heritage sites while revisiting the map used for the 2022 Park Street Champs.  Find out more:

Wednesday November 29, Camelot Rise – travel back in time to the days of the Knights of the Round Table, in this fun King Arthur-themed suburb – bring your suit of armour!  No less than 38 street names in Glen Waverley have a Camelot-themed name, and Camelot Rise Primary School even has an Excalibur sculpture!  Find out more about this and other street name clusters in Melbourne:

Thursday November 30, Heidelberg Heights – the 1956 Olympic Village was here; the Olympics thrust Melbourne onto the world stage, and they hold many fond memories for those who were lucky enough to be there.  Find out more:


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