Park Street Championship 2023

The 2023 Park Street Championship was held on Thursday February 23 at Springthorpe, hosted by Yarra Valley Orienteering Club.

PRIZES – personalized medals will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters in each category, on the Awards Night on Wednesday March 31.

Park Street Champs 2023 Results

  • Map:  Springthorpe
  • Course planner: Sheila Colls
  • Hosting club:  Yarra Valley Orienteering Club
  • Start location: Village Common, Ernest Jones Drive, Macleod

Congratulations to the winners and placegetters, and our thanks to Sheila, Russell, and Champs Coordinator Michael Stillwell.

Read about the 2022 Park Street Championship.

2023 Age Classes - White Groupings


Running Championships Course
Mens Open A
Mens Senior (40-49 yrs) A
Mens Veteran (50-59 yrs) B
Mens SuperVet (60-69 yrs) C
Mens UltraVet (70+ yrs) C
Womens Open B
Womens Veteran (50-59 yrs) C
Womens SuperVet (60-69 yrs) C
Womens UltraVet (70+ yrs) D
Junior (18 and under – Boys/Girls) C
SubJunior (14 and under – Boys/Girls) D
Power Walking Championships Course
Mens Open PW
Mens SuperVet (50-69yrs) PW
Mens UltraVet (70+ yrs) PW
Womens Open PW
Womens SuperVet (50-69 yrs) PW
Womens UltraVet (70+ yrs) PW


Entry and Eligibility

  • All punching will be contactless and there are no physical control plates.  All Finalists must carry a Blue card.  Competitors may use MapRun6 or MapRunG, or the Blue card, to record punches. Previous versions of MapRun may NOT be used.
  • All participants will be started at the same time. Finish order will be determined by the order in which the Blue card is handed in to the finish official.
  • Prior to the Final, Runners must complete at least 6 events in any running course from any of the listed Park Street events in the 2022-23 Melbourne Orienteering Summer Series booklet.
  • Prior to the Final, Walkers must complete at least 6 events in the PW Course from any of the listed events in the Park Street events in the 2022-23 Melbourne Orienteering Summer Series booklet.
  • Finalists may compete in their age group, in a younger age group, or in an Open category. Juniors may compete in an Open category. Subjuniors may compete in a Junior or Open category.  Age is at 31/12/2022.

Note: (i) the 6 events can be in one series or across several series and

(ii) Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, and Surf Coast Series are included. Macedon Ranges events are NOT included.

Rules of Conduct

The Final is conducted under the rules and conditions of the event of the day, and the following conditions:
  • Starting Instructions – Finalists must adhere to the instructions concerning the collection and management of the maps prior to the GO instruction.
  • No groups – Finalists are expected to participate independently of other event participants.
  • PW Technique – PW Finalists are expected to maintain a walking technique.
  • The Final is part of the Thursday Summer Series and will otherwise operate under the normal rules of that Series, ie 25 controls on the map.

Rules of Conduct for the Final:

  • Contactless punching (MapRun6 or card/pen) will be in place.  No physical control plates.
  • All finalists must carry a Blue card and hand it in at the finish. Finish order is determined by Blue card order. They do not need to be marked at control sites, unless you are not using MapRun.
  • Competitors must go TO or PAST each control feature as described on the map, not just to the “Beep”.
  • Competitors must not enter or cross any area marked as Out of Bounds on the map, regardless of whether it is physically accessible. Doing so will result in Disqualification.
  • Check in as usual on arrival, then complete a Blue card with your name, course, and age class
  • Select the event in MapRun6, but DO NOT press “Go To Start” until instructed.
  • All finalists must be checked in, registered, and ready for the pre-event briefing, by 6.50pm. Late arrivals (finalists and non-finalists) will not be able to register and start until finalists have started.
  • Finalists must not take a map or otherwise examine the course, or begin, before their start time. They will not be able to see the map or controls in MapRun prior to 7pm.
  • All finalists on the same course must start together. There will be three start groups – A/B, C/D, and PW.
  • All finalists will be briefed together, shortly before 7pm, away from the Start.
  • After the briefing, each start group will be called up separately, and will move to the start area.
  • MapRun users press GO TO START as they reach the start area.
  • If you cannot obtain a start beep, notify the starter; start with your group, and record controls manually. Do not delay starting, as your time will not be adjusted.
  • Maps will be handed out face down, and must be placed on the ground until GO is called.
  • On the GO call, turn over the map, and begin your course.
  • On the course, you must go right to the feature, even if you get a “beep” before then. If using a card, you must stand next to the feature while ticking the box.
  • If you don’t obtain a “beep” at one or more controls, do not spend time “chasing” the beep; keep going. The scorer will check your gps track and adjust your result if you were at the right location.
  • At the Finish, cross the FINISH LINE, then walk to the table.  Hand in your Blue card to the official, in finish order. If you missed your Finish beep, you can get it after handing in your card. Results will be based on order across the line, rather than MapRun finish order.
  • You must upload your result to MapRun immediately. You may export and provide a .gpx or Strava track instead.  All results/tracks must be uploaded by 11.59pm on 24.2.2023.
  • The scorer will check MapRun to ensure proximity to control features, no going OOB,  no early starts, and consistent pace maintained for power walkers.

2022 Championships

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