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“Sporting Schools” is a funded sport program provided by the Australian Sports Commission. Funding for orienteering programs is available to primary schools in Victoria. Funding is provided directly to schools from the ASC. Schools nominate a sport usually on a term-to-term basis. Orienteering Victoria currently offers orienteering programs within:

  • Greater Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Ballarat
  • Shepparton & Goulburn Valley
  • the North East
  • Macedon Ranges
  • Bendigo.

A standard OV program might include:

  • Mapping of your school
  • Provision of Lessons
  • Professional development for staff
  • Purchasing a schools orienteering kit

All programs are tailored to your school’s need in discussion with your staff.

More details about the funding process can be found on the Sporting Schools website:



Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport which exercises mind and body. It appeals to non- sporty children as much as those who are already active. Unlike some sports, students won’t be left on the bench or waiting to be passed the ball. In orienteering, they are the ball!

Students can go at their own pace – walk, jog or run. Their competitive juices often flow, it’s not just about speed. They interpret the map and choose the quickest route between control points, which may not necessarily be the shortest route. Many activities are done in pairs so the students get to coach each other, further adding to the learning experience.


Week 1 – Introduction to the sport; Understanding the map

  • Warmup Games
  • Reading the map
  • Map Walk (Campus)

Week 2 – Clover Leaf Courses

  • Fair-play
  • Timing Systems
  • Clover Leaf Courses (Campus)

Week 3 – Score Course and Relay

  • Strategising,
  • Reading the Scale
  • Score Course (Campus)
  • Star Relay (Campus)

Week 4 – Orienteering course

  • Line Course (Campus or local area)

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Sporting Schools Orienteering

Sporting Schools Orienteering

Fee Structure


Mapping The map is our competition arena. You will need a detailed orienteering map of your school grounds. The fieldwork is completed by a contracted professional mapper with a current Working with Children Check. $350 - $650
Orienteering Equipment Kit The equipment kit allows you to run your own orienteering activities beyond the Sporting School Coaching sessions. The kit includes, 20 flags with punches, 100 control cards and a storage box. $330

Coaching Sessions

An ASC accredited orienteering coach (with current WwCC or Teacher Registration) will attend your school and run a series of orienteering activity sessions.

These sessions form a strong basis for entry into and participation in club events and schools championships.

Pre Activity site visit The coach will come to your school to identify what programs and activities are possible within your school grounds, meet staff and confirm session times and any special requirements. $120
First lesson of the day The first activity of the day for a group of up to 30 students to a maximum of 60minutes. The price reflects the staffing costs, travel allowance, planning time and materials. $188
Additional lessons on the same day Additional lessons for groups of up to 30 students to a maximum of 60minutes. $77

More Opportunities

School Community Event After school, Saturday morning, or sports day activity on your school map or at a local park $50 - $188
Excursion Excursion to local park or forest. Skill development or Score Orienteering. Prices vary depending on group size. Maximum size: 350 students. $188 - $953
Professional Development: Coaching Accreditation 2 hour Seminar for up to 20 participants. Level 0 and Level 1 ASC Coaching Accreditation. Feel confident to operate your own school orienteering program. $120 for up to 3 participants $153 for 3+

Please note that Sporting Schools requires that all students involved with the program receive at least 4 sessions with a coach.



School Community Event

Engaging the family is the key to a student’s ongoing participation in organised sports. Immediately following the 4 week program we can run a special event for your students and their parents. This event could be after school or on a Saturday morning on your school map or at a local park. This is a great way for the kids to show off their new skills and share the fun of orienteering with mum and dad. We can also run an orienteering event at your school fair or as part of a sports carnival / house competition.

Park Orienteering and Excursions

As an addition or a substitution for the activities in week 3 or 4 we can provide a session at a local park or forest. These activities can be ran as skill development or score orienteering event. This activity could involve a larger student group (instead of one class at a time).

Professional Development – Level 0 Coaching Accreditation

Orienteering Victoria provides Level 0 and Level 1 ASC Coaching Accreditations. Typically these are large seminars involving 5-20 teaching staff. The Level 0 course usually runs for 2 hours and the Level 1 course is a half day activity involving a forest practicum. These courses can count toward your annual professional development requirements.

Equipment Kit

The equipment kit allows you to run your own orienteering activities beyond the Sporting School Coaching sessions. The kit includes, 20 flags with punches, 100 control cards and a storage box.

Schools Championships

Championships occur throughout the year in Victoria. These events involve students competing against each other in local parks and forests. Between 100 and 900 students (from 5 to 15 schools) participate in each event. Visit our website to find your local championship and view previous results and courses:

From parks and streets to bush and forest - there is an adventure for you.

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