Park Street Course Setter of the Year 2023 Winner and Special Announcement

The 2023 Park Street Course Setter of the Year has been awarded to Michael Hubbert.  At a special event at Safety Beach on Sunday August 26, it was announced that this prestigious annual award would henceforth be named The Michael Hubbert Award for Park Street Course Setter of the Year.

By popular acclaim, the course that was used for the event, which Mike prepared, was declared the inaugural winner of this award.  It had everything you would expect from a “Mike course” – lots of options and route choices, tricky (some might say devious), with emphasis on thinking – and ultimately rewarding, satisfying and fun for everyone who took part.

Mike was the champion for, and main driver of, a project to create over a dozen maps on the Mornington Peninsula, from Mt Martha to Sorrento.  Mike has set many of the courses for the Sunday Mornington Peninsula Series, and has supported Mel every step of the way.  Happily, the series will continue, with an organising group formed to continue, with the same enthusiasm shown by Mike.

The 2023 CSOTY award is not only for the Safety Beach event, but to acknowledge Mike’s incredible contribution over decades, to Park Street in Melbourne and beyond.   To see a small selection of courses that Mike set, both in Melbourne and on the Peninsula, click here.  There is also a collection of photos of Mike, and from the day at Safety Beach.


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