School Memberships

What are they?

A school membership connects students and teachers with local clubs, events and other orienteering opportunities. A school membership serves as a pathway into full membership.

  • Schools are directly affiliated to a club (not just OV).
  • Schools are given a club contact (coach or memberships officer) and conversely clubs have a direct school contact.
  • Schools receive a newsletter from the OV Schools Officer each term highlighting schools events and results, coaching/training opportunities and local club activities.
  • Teachers (and parents) are invited to attend professional development opportunities (coach accreditation, first aid etc).
  • The membership is free.

 What’s in it for schools?

  • Affiliation with a local club
  • Access to local club coaches and club resources (maps and equipment)
  • Sign up is free and easy (online form)
  • Awareness of local school activities and competitions through term newsletters
  • Awareness of local club activities and training (providing opportunities for your students)

School Membership Sign-Up Form

School Membership

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    Include additional staff or relevant parents as necessary
  • Which club would you like to join?

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