Park Street Resumes Competition This Saturday at Chirnside – What to Expect

It’s Sheep Stations!  This Saturday’s Park Street event at Chirnside Park will be the first competitive event since March. You can use MapRun this week, or bring a pen to record light pole numbers on a card.  The start is Rochelle Park, in Rochelle Court (in the north west part of the map). We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you bring a credit or debit card and purchase a Season Pass – details below. If paying by cash, no change will be given.

Park Street competition makes its long awaited return this week, on Saturday afternoon, Monday night, and Wednesday night. At each event there are three different 20-person timeslots offered; you MUST pre-enter by signing up for a timeslot.

Signup sheets, sample maps, and all the other information you need to know, is HERE

Here’s how it will work:

1 – check the Signup Sheet to see whether you are in session 1, 2 or 3.   Check the arrival, start, and departure times for your session, and please stick to those times. If you need to change the time or withdraw your entry, email [email protected], or text 0409135020.

2 – carefully read the Instructions for Participants. These will tell you how to prepare, what to bring, and what to do when you arrive, start, finish, and leave.

3 – have a look at the sample map (no controls), posted on the day of the event. Any special instructions will appear on the map.

4 – if using MapRun, charge up your phone and have the latest version of MapRunF downloaded. If using a control card, you must BYO pen to record which controls you went to, and your start and finish time.

5 – on arrival, you will need to pay your entry fee if you don’t have a Season Pass.  CORRECT CASH ONLY – NO CHANGE GIVEN.  Make sure you have your name checked off the attendance sheet as a starter.

6 – if not using MapRun, take a control card. Write your name and course on front of the card. Write your designated start time on the back of the card.  Do not detach the card stub.

7 – at the finish, have your name checked off the attendance sheet as a finisher. If not using MapRun, write your finish time (HH:MM:SS) from the digital clock on the table. Place your card on the card holder.

8 – if MapRun fails to record a control, Start, or Finish, take a control card when you return. Record your finish time, and tick any controls you wish to claim. Place your card on the card holder.

9 – results for each timeslot will be amalgamated to produce a single set of results for the event. These will be published as usual on  Scorers will combine MapRun and card results for events where MapRun is available.

9 – maps will be added to the Maplink library following each event; you can continue to choose from over 80 maps to use informally any time.

Note: the event on Saturday July 4 will be at Rochelle Park in CHIRNSIDE PARK, not Coburg Lake as fixtured.  The event on Saturday July 18 will be at Sheahans Reserve in BULLEEN, not Brunswick as fixtured. 

No other events are impacted by the return to stage 3 Stay Home directives for the 10 restricted postcodes announced on June 30.  The June 22 restrictions for community sport outside those postcodes have not changed.  Read more here


For the duration of Winter Series (July-September), special Season Passes will be available.

These will not be restricted to club members, but available to non-members also.  You may purchase Season Passes for one or more series, or for a block of time.  You must pay by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex). Our credit card terminal will be at events from July 4-25.  Bank transfer or correct cash accepted but credit card strongly preferred. No cheques.

Two ways to buy:

By series (13 weeks, only valid for the series purchased)

Monday Pass              $45     Wednesday Pass         $45     Saturday Pass             $45

By Month (attend as many events as you want in the month the pass is valid for)

$45/month, or $135 for the full 3 months

Park Street Winter Series Restart - Signup, Instructions, Maps

Sign Up and Get Ready to Hit the Streets

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