Orienteering and Stage 3 Restrictions, from July 9 – UPDATE July 17

July 17 – the Victorian Government has updated the advice for daily exercise under the current Stage 3 (Stay Home) restrictions.  The current lockdown of metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire is intended to reduce movement of, and interaction between people as much as possible, due to the rapid rate of community transmission now being experienced.

Some of the key points related to sport and exercise are:

  • You should not travel further than you need to. Victorians must use common sense and consideration when it comes to their activities and stay close to home when they can. Lives are counting on it.
  • You cannot drive a long way from your home to do these activities, if they can be done closer to home.

Read more about the current DHHS restrictions for sport and exercise here.

When using Maplink or DIY maps, choose locations that are close to where you live; do not spend an unreasonable amount of time travelling to, or undertaking, daily exercise. There are hundreds of maps and courses covering metropolitan Melbourne so there are plenty of options available.  If there are no maps close to you, contact us at [email protected], and we’ll find some in your local area.

Set-Send-Share – keep setting courses for MapLink.  Find out more here

July 7 – the Victorian Government today announced a return to Stay Home (Stage 3) Restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne for the next 6 weeks.  Statement from the Premier

What this means for orienteering:

  • All organised orienteering events and activities in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are POSTPONED OR CANCELLED, effective from July 8 until these restrictions are eased.
  • Bendigo and other regional events may continue, but no-one residing in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire can attend.
  • There will be no MelBushO events this year, as even with restrictions easing, it will not be possible to have permits processed in time. The program will be held over until 2021.
  • There will be no Park Street Winter Series in 2020.  If community sport is allowed to resume before the end of September, the restart will be on the same informal basis as the just-completed Preseason. We will look to restart with Summer Series at the start of October.
  • MapLink and the DIY Library will continue, and we encourage people to set courses, send them to [email protected], and we’ll share them with everyone to use for exercise over the next 6 weeks.

The Orienteering Victoria Return to Sport Guidelines have been updated effective from July 9. These guidelines preclude residents of Melbourne or the Mitchell Shire from attending any organised orienteering event or activity until further notice.

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