Park Street Winter Series 2023


  • Pick up a printed fixture at an event (from March)
  • Download and print your own Winter fixture (coming soon)
  • Find event details via our online Coming Events pages
  • Check Eventor  (events are uploaded in batches, a month or so ahead of time)
  • Download calendar files (csv) from here    TIP: edit the csv file to exclude series that you aren’t attending, before importing to your calendar


The Winter Series starts in April, and finishes at the end of September (the non daylight savings period).

Find out more about what happens at events by reading the Participant Guidelines.


At weeknight events, you can register and start any time between 6.30pm and 7.00pm. Courses close at 8.10pm.  At Saturday afternoon events, you can register and start any time between 1.30pm and 2.00pm. Courses close at 3.10pm.  On Sunday morning events, register from 10.45am, and start at 11.00am.  Courses close at 12.10pm.

There is no requirement to pre-enter online. When you arrive, use the OTrack Event Entry form to register for the event.  Show the confirmation screen to Registration. We recommend adding the OTrack page to your phone screen, for fast, easy event entry.

Find out more about OTrack

We’ll assist you at Registration if needed, and can check in on your behalf if you don’t have a Smartphone.

All events will use MapRun6; you can opt to use a control card (BYO pen) instead at most events. Make sure you have MapRun6 on your phone, or MapRunG on your Garmin. Find out more about MapRun

Payment – you can purchase a Season Pass (club members only) or a MultiPass (upfront payment by credit card for multiple events, valid at any series). These are available online via secure Square payment – ask for the link by emailing   You can also pay by cash – please bring the correct amount, and notes are strongly preferred over coins.

Can’t make it to an event?  Event maps are published online, for unofficial use (no results).

Download the event maps for Anytime use

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