Bush Training Westerfolds Park – Maps Online for Anytime Use

It was a great day at Westerfolds for our bush training session, using the permanent course markers.  There were three line courses to choose from, as well as a 60 minute Score course. Each course required a variety of techniques, including route choice, contouring, aiming off, compass bearing, and control picking.  It also gave people a chance to learn about control description symbols.  Our thanks to Yarra Valley Orienteering Club for making the map available.

The courses have been added to our DIY Library – head to the Bush Maps folder, and look for “Westerfolds Training June 13 All Courses“. You’ll find a 4-page pdf – choose your course, and print off the revelant page.  Note – the courses all start and finish near the large picnic shelter at the Porter Street entrance, but Porter Street itself will be closed from June 16 for a month – so use the Fitzsimons Lane main entrance and choose one of the other car parks to start and finish at.  The Line course lengths are approx 5.5 km; 3.5 km; and 2.5 km.  The Score course is 60 minutes, with each control worth 20 points.

Controls are permanent course markers (ie numbered wooden posts), but courses have been designed from “scratch”.  There is no wooden post at Control 31.


Groups must not exceed 10 people.  On arrival, come straight to Registration. Check in, take a map, complete your course, check out at Registration, and head for home.

You must wear a mask outdoors unless running/jogging, and you must carry a mask at all times.

Please note:

  • You must reside within 25 km of Westerfolds Park
  • You must not be unwell with Covid symptoms; have been to an exposure site; waiting for a test result; or otherwise required to quarantine or isolate.

Queries: [email protected]

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