Ballarat Classics – Tipperary Springs, Sunday 19 May

Just like the Aurora, this Sunday’s Tipperary Springs event will let you see a combination of factors that has made the forest high above Sailor’s Creek an absolute joy and pleasure to be in and is thus a moment in time not to be missed. The forest floor is, in many parts, almost devoid of any low down vegetation. Yet the complete covering of leaves gives it a carpet-like feel as you effortlessly glide throughout these areas.

There are 8 courses to give something for everyone. Course 1 are 2 are long and a true challenge. Yet, with the open forest, these courses are not beyond those wanting that extra time in the delightful forest. Course 3 is shorter but still includes much of those challenging aspects.

Course 4 and 5 are shorter but still with reasonably hard navigation. Course 4 has some scrambling but it is reduced as much as possible. Course 5 has tried to avoid all of the difficult scrambling completely.

Course 6 is an intermediate course for those who have done some Orienteering but are still building their skills. That leaves us with two courses for those with limited experience. Course 7 is a little bit longer than Course 8 but the same level of difficulty.

The organisers could go on and on and on about how great the courses, the Orienteering, the event is going to be. But, do you know what! It is actually the forest that is the true spectacle right here, right now. You will see if you come to Tipperary Springs how beautiful it is to run through such open forest. We are loving it and we hope you too, will enjoy this place, and also the wider area of Tipperary Springs, Sailors Creek and Daylesford in the Autumn month of May! Only my humble opinion, but I think Sunday the 19th of May is going to be, in many ways, just as spectacular as seeing the Aurora! Come see for yourself!

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