SI Bookings

This page has been created to provide a summary of bookings for OV owned SI equipment (hardware).

Commercial event organisers (e.g. adventure race operators) who are interested in possibly using OV Sportident systems on a single event (lease) basis are invited to contact Ian Dodd for further details.

Current location

Where is all the OV SI equipment currently located?

Most of what's left is at Ian Dodd's in Melbourne (Eastern suburbs) - see below.

The old PCs and A4 printer are still for sale.  For further info contact Ian Dodd.

A photo or two of how to pack the controls in the yellow cases: Yellow cases.pdf

 Item  Location         

Blue Bremco BMP044 Dolly Trolley

Jim Russell's
Was to move heavy battery but also useful for moving water bottles etc around flater arena areas.
  • Size = 800mmL x 500mmW x 550mmH
  • SWL = 250Kg
  • Weight of Unit 30Kgs
  • Powder coated blue finish
  • Removable handle on one end
  • 220mm diameter pneumatic castors
Signed red painted control stands (clear*2, check*2, start*1 (holds two controls), finish*1 (holds two controls), download*1)Ian Dodd's
These stands do not fit the O-Lynx Radio units
A4 (results) Printer/Scanner/Fax
Ian Dodd'sA bit dirty but believed to still work but cannot be reliably used at an event without independent power supply
Ian Dodd's
Laptop OV1 Ian Dodd's Battery replaced recently but cannot be reliably used at an event without independent power supply
Laptop OV2 Ian Dodd'sBattery replaced recently but cannot be reliably used at an event without independent power supply
Laptop OV3 Ian Dodd's Less used but old battery and cannot be reliably used at an event without independent power supply
Splits rollsIan Dodd'sStocks of both 80mm (large) and 55mm (SIME) held
Electrical extension cables and power boardsIan Dodd's
Splits PrinterIan Dodd'sCannot be used at an event without independent power supply
Tablet OV5 "Touch"
Ian Dodd'sUse for events that do not have pre-entry and have many EODs, ie. MelBush and Sprints.  Does not require external power. O-Lynx Touch installed.
Convertible Tablet/Lightweight touch screen notebook OV 6 "Red"
Ian Dodd's

New Win 10 notebook with detachable touch screen tablet.  Does not require external power.  O-Lynx Touch installed.

Note that a State Archive (database/register) with over 700 sticks and owners' names (as needed for touch screen entry) is available via Dropbox.

"Admin" control units:

Clear*2, Check*2, Start*4, Finish*4, Download/card reader*4 (USB cable), (Blue) SI-Master "Timelord"*1

Purple sticks and accessories

Ian Dodd's

This set can be split in half such that 2 events in different locations can be run concurrently or two separate starts can be run.

Spare control units (#205; 15 unlabelled)

Ian Dodd's

SET 1 - Labelled field control units (#100*2, #101-#150, spares*2 (#205 & #206))  Total 54 units

Ian Dodd's

All in CASE 1

SET 2 - Labelled field control units (#100*2, #151-#200, spares*2(#203 & #204)) Total 54 units

Ian Dodd's

All in CASE 2
Hire Sticks - 43 sticks currently available - use this OV SI Hire Cards List to allocate the hire sticks

Ian Dodd's

You will need more than this number of sticks for newcomer events such as MelBushO; borrow from a club with SI gear


You lose it; you pay for it!  Any damage or loss will be charged to the last club known to have had the gear.  This includes removal of duct tape residue or damage to labels or cases or controls packed dirty or wet.  Clubs will be fined for all misuse and loss of gear, whether it was the fault of club members or just bad luck.


Please ensure you have checked availability of controls (and their numbering) before you print maps/condes.  Note that all Victorian controls were re-numbered in 2013 and again recently so do not assume you know what is available - read the details above!  Setting a course with one set of controls (101-150 OR 151-200) only will simplify your event.  Clubs are gradually removing numbers from stands so this may no longer be an issue - check with your club equipment manager.


Before you can use the SI gear on-the-day ensure you:

  • obtain a battery (BKV and NEV have one)
  • check the results printer has ink in it.  The printer is a HP Inkjet model that uses HP564 cartridges.  Only black ink is needed to print results.
  • check you have enough paper rolls for the splits printers.
  • have a supply of cable ties to attach controls if necessary (DO NOT USE ANY VARIETY OF STICKY TAPE ON CONTROLS BOXES AND DO NOT RE-LABEL THEM)
  • note that the beeping clocks are not kept with the SI gear (contact Ian Dodd to find out how to get one of them)

Future bookings

Coming events in the next 12 months.  Contact Ian to make a booking: Email the SportIdent Coordinator

 Dates needed
 Equipment manager
 Gear needed
Fri 3rd Nov and Fri 17th Nov 2017Schools Champs
Peta Whitford

Controls set #2